Saturday, April 24, 2010

HG Reborn WIP 1

finally i have some time to touch on this kit.. it always my favorite antagonist mobile suit where it equip all my favorite weapon inside.. as the design for this kit.. unique for the MS mode but ungly on the MA mode.. it make me want to buy the predecessor too.. not too soon.. i'm just irder a PG OO raiser.. will make a post for that once i get it.. maybe next week.. argh!!! so exited.. back to here.. as this is one of the antagonist boss's MS.. it sure strong..

first.. the weapon.. come with fangs.. my favorite weapon as it can create gang bang attack where opponent hard to focus on one target and give the opportunity to this MS to attack while the opponent defending the attack from the fangs.. then the normal beam rifle and shield.. i few this is the basic weapon that a MS should have like the army carrying a M16 and wearing armor.. i notice there is a big beam cannon from the MA mode.. beam cannon combine with fangs.. remind me of Strike freedom (the abdomen plasma beam cannon and its dragoons).. this MS come with two beam saber too.. long range, medium range and short range battle?.. no longer a problem for this MS.. part of that.. with twin drive system like the OO raiser which equip with trans-arm system and the mind control pilot Ribbons.. it just make it as perfect as qubeley.. and the mobility is totally awesome..

as from the scene from OO gundam S2 anime.. it is so hard to defeat this MS as it can take down Arios in berserk mode in few second and cherudim in damage condition.. even OO raiser need Ptolemaios 2 to provide cover only able to damage the reborn gundam but it still stand.. one bad thing to celestial being is this MS take down all the MS from Celestial being as the first killed was the seraphim and the last MS was the OO raiser..

alright.. enough about the anime and this MS..

the boxart look dynamic but it stretch too much on the MS mode.. like the fish eye mode.. haha

look at the right picture of the box.. it tell you that this kit require quite a lot of paint actually..

total of seven runner including PC runner and some foil stickers..
color guide.. which i won't follow..
i'm still looking for a nice background like this for picture.. outside my house??? zzz..

to be continue..


divinelight said...

good, a Reborns Gundam.

I like this too, but series of new gunpla doesn't allow me to buy this kit, even 1.5 Gundam (prefer Avalance Exia next June)

seven6398 said...

divinelight: the new HG avalance exia looks really attractive.. but with the amount of parts.. i'm sure it will cost a lot.. we can get all of it.. just the matter of time and money for it..


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