Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bakuc 2010 Malaysia


before the main topic of this title start.. i have to say something.. I"M BACK!!!.. yes.. seven6398 is back online.. system all green.. "seven6398" 開始 "launch"!!!..

ok.. so.. now.. back to the topic.. Bakuc 2010 Malaysia.. the show was start few days ago but only got time to take some photos yesterday.. have to plan to get a camera before go to the show..
well.. this time.. not much PG.. most of the entry was MG unicorn.. some MG astray as well.. not much HG 1/144 as well.. in fact.. not much entry this time.. even Sd Sangokuden series is not much too.. but one thing great is most of the works are great.. not just get the kit assemble without putting any efforts and make an entry.. again.. stupid plastic.. most of the entry come with own display box will have another layer of plastic from the shelf.. made me extremely hard to take photo without polarizing filter.. too much reflection!!!

for those who plan to shop there.. well too bad.. not like last two show which have a lot of gunpla in great price.. in fact most of it still in retail price.. but what i notice is NG 1/100 blue frame selling at RM 48.. guess it for clearance..

test shot before going in..
before went down to the show.. saw this.. for kamen rider's fans.. remember the date..

like i said.. the price is not that great for most of the gunpla..
first.. start with some GSD battle scene.. both MG Destiny and MG SF.. NG 1/100 Legend in as well.. all kit are painted..

too bad.. should have it pose better than this..

only two MG Astray BF in this time.. this is the first one..

the only MG astray red frame kai that come with custom part longherin..

MG ZZ or MG Zeta???
MG SF's backpack???

one awesome MG unicorn.. using IWSP pack.. some missile part from VF-25 armor messiah..

this are my favorite.. haha..
this even cooler..
the custome sticker that come with MG Musha MK II come in two types?
silver or white..
Gundam UC product line.. not complete actually..
simple but clean.. custome display base..
cool post.. really looks like deathschyte gundam.. haha..

the only MG Strike custom like hazzle series..

another custom paint MG unicorn with custom beam magnum..
custom paint MG Shin Musha

the second MG astray BF.. this one have it gatling gun customize..

sacrificing MG SF wing for weapon??? another entry use Destiny's wing.. zzz.. seed series gundam just use as customize part..

again.. only one Zaku spotted.. with some great diorama..
HGUC Unicorn..

WTF!!! pahlawan gundam.. don't tell me this is the next series of SD..

some special parts for Sd Sangokuden series..

life size huh?

i gotta picture of the DJ this time..

and they show some Gunpla tutorial video as well..


one thing i noticed are those display boxes from the entries is also custom made.. the owner must spend a lot for this one..
and this.. i remember the box is from somewhere else..

zerogunz's work here..

hey.. Howard Khor's work here too.. too bad i don't which one is him.. i should take a picture of him.. didn't Julius Lim's work this time.. maybe he is too busy working for this PG MK 2..

and that is the trick for lighting effect..
i guess this is the coolest MG Unicorn custom done here.. with Nu's color scheme, HWS parts and face.. O raizer's wing.. cool..

and the coolest one will be this one.. look at the shining red.. custom job on the wings.. it is freaking awesome.. XN raizer blade.. masurao chest armor.. gosh.. this entry caught a lot of attention.. but i guess.. too much works on this kit.. some of the panel line are not painted well..

and that is how he or.. she.. hide the display stand..

well.. i have high hop that this will be the winners if no more other entry in that day.. bloody wing.. haha..

thats it.. last shot from the event.. and byebye..
went to Times Square to get some paint.. and saw this while heading to carpark.. the new Terminator figure.. Arny on the Police bike.. i guess this is the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine's version.. since this Arny is in short hair.. the Terminator 1's version of Arny have long hair eventhough he do have ride the police bike in the first movie..

and another new figure from "the spirit" not interested on the character from that movie but interest on the actress.. haha.. Scarlett johansson.. haha..
and at last.. this fat guy is me in Delifrance.. too tired and hungry..
and this is what i got.. black steel and primary black.. will use it on the MG GN-X..

hope you all enjoy..

tired.. off to sleep..


Zoidiect Archaea said...

woah, nice and clear photos you got here~ i had saw some photos at Zero-G but like not all of them

and i loled at pahlawan sangokuden........someone had gone too much

chrismandesign said...

hehehe... stupendous field report... not many gunpla offers but awesome gunpla displays & personalizations... actually this makes the exhibition worths while... it’ll pass a long time till just one exhibition like this happens here... a lot of picks, man !!! E.N.V.Y. =PPPP

seven6398 said...

Zoidiect: thx.. not use to visit Zero-G.. not use to forum.. haha..

Chris: yeah.. lot of high skill works here even tough the entries may not much.. what is E.N.V.Y. ???

chrismandesign said...

E.N.V.Y. ??? that means: envy is eating me... LOL =PPPPP

white angel said...

waaaaaa why does the event has to be when i am not in KL? waaaa thanks for the pics bro

Kuching will have our own event in these few days i hope it will be somewhere near as great as the BAKUC=s

Jacques said...

Insightful coverage there, you've even gotten photos that were not included in Zero-G.

I like the MG Z/ZZ best, I had a double take when I thought I seen it wrongly before realising it's a mix between both. I'll picked that for the winning entry if I was asked to choose one.

seven6398 said...

fairul: no problem.. the event held till this week.. you still got time.. remember to show us some photos of the event in Kuching..

Jacques: haha.. the work for the MG Z/ZZ is awesome.. eventhough the red wing look more attractive.. the standard and the skill of the MG Z/ZZ is perfect.. like it got no flaw..

H.Ex said...

LOL.. "Pahlawan Sangokuden" is interesting.

I forsee that someone else might do a "1 Malaysia" Gundam next (probably using 1.5 Gundam kit since the name already sounds close XD )

Nice coverage btw! :)

David John Shewsbury said...

Wow... though "not may" but from the photos that you pose, I think it's quite OK, not that bad...

I guess not many people can meet the deadline to do custom work (and painting) on their Gundams or maybe not many have the guts to even try to compete....

There are plenty of people have/do GunPlaKits but maybe only 30% to 40% of them that really do the extra stuff - the rest just do straight assemble and be happy with it (though nothing wrong with that as well) due to lack of skills, tools, money, time and whatever reason...

By the way, is it on weekend or weekdays? Maybe I'm wrong but I don't see too many people there... or maybe you just didn't bother to take photos of the crowd...

Nice coverage though... glad to see it in your blog...

seven6398 said...

Hex: nice to meet you.. erm.. one Malaysia.. as what i know there is a show going on somewhere with this theme but quite hard to relate it to gunpla..

David: like what the pro modeler said.. great works take a lot of time.. if rushing the work for competition.. the work will never perfect.. well.. there are really not much promodeler in here.. not like HK or JP.. and those who really pro have gone to even higher level competition.. well.. i think that explain why there are so few pro modeler works in this competition..

the show start from weekdays till weekend.. i took those photos on the third day.. that's why the crowd is that much and not much offer for gunpla too..

btw.. thx.. and nice to meet you here..


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