Monday, March 21, 2011

New Header and Banners

created some new banners and header.. added with one old banner as well..

erm.. for those who had me in your link or do not have my link.. feel free to take one of this banners and display it.. i will put all of this at the end of the right side bar..


Tom said...

I like how clean the new banner looks. You got an outline of Strike Freedom from the Seed Destiny Opening?

NAZREE said...

mind to share the secret of the name SEVEN6398??

seven6398 said...

Tom: thx.. the outline is not from the opening.. found it in google when i type "gundam seed logo".. then i draw the line in powerpoint
and re-create it so it can have it own shape instead of square shape (i don't have photoshop)..

Nazree: ok.. "seven" is from the alphabet "Z" actually.. both look similar.. and why "Z".. since in my childhood time.. everyone is talking bout scoring "A".. i was thinking how bout "Z" huh.. why i use "seven" instead of "7"?. don't want all in numbers.. and "6398" is my car plate number which give a total of "26".. in chinese pronunciation of "26" also mean easy job.. hehe

Q said...

Sorry if it sounds a bit random, but I've received an email from you with a link yesterday, which is also sent to 8 other people. Is the link legit, or has your email account been compromised? I need to make sure of this with you before I can do anything about it.

seven6398 said...

Q: that is spam.. i think my account infected by virus.. will change my password later.. i receive lot of similar mail from other as well.. you can ignore it..

Q said...

@ seven6398:
Email deleted. Thanks for verifying!


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