Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seven6398 ver.2

Wait, this is not a ending post for Seven6398 but it just a ending post for this blog. 

Well, there are many blog about gunpla shutting down recently, its like leaving it "unattended". Well, there are many stages in our life. From kid to teenage, young adult, adult and etc etc etc........ As we move into different stages, our lifestyle change such as.... income (hurray!!!) and also time on spending for different stuff. As some of you that still following my blogs, you might notice that i have not been very active recently such as lesser post per-month, slower progress on completing gunpla as well as miscellaneous update around here. All I can say is I had move to from my college life to working life now and as usual, lesser time spend on other thing than working but have more "resources" to acquire hobby stuff. It is unavoidable, we have to adapt but remain what we still can and where we want it to be. 

Damn, it really sounds like I'm going to end For your information, Seven6398 will not die as long as I'm here. Its just a move from one account to another but 80% of the stuff will remain the same. Its just like move the soul from one body to another body. So, for more information about where it move and the detail after it move, please follow this link:


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