Saturday, February 26, 2011

PG OO Raiser Metallic Ver.V Complete!!!

TA DA!!! this big freak ass kit is a paint eater!!!.. why?.. i show you the list of the paint i use for it here:

-3.5/4 of 400 ML Mr.hobby thinner
-1 3/4 of Mr.hobby 1200 surfacer
-1 1/2 bottle of Mr.Hobby metal Silver Chrome
-1 bottle of Mr.Hobby metal alluminium
-1 1/2 bottle of Mr.Hobby Metallic Blue
-2 1/2 bottle of Mr.Hobby steel (black)
-little bit of Mr.Hobby gold, metallic red and clear orange

OMG.. here had cost me more than RM 100 to paint this kit.. well.. the result is quite satisfy but not to the impress level at all due to my lazyness and rushing to complete it.. it should have complete during the chinese new year but due to my allocation on time and money for it totally mess up.. i can only complete now.. well.. the silver chrome or the metal color that i work on this kit is pretty satisfy for me actually.. but i lazy to apply the top coat on it (should add in the gloss coat due to not enough money and time for the paint).. hence.. i made lot of scratches when i handle it in the re-assemble after paint process and posing process.. quite regret about it but i have no choice.. dragging to long for a project will easily make me frustrated and might give up on the project or re-do the whole thing.. that is the bad side of me.. will try to throw that away from me.. just imagine.. i have need six time painting process which each take me more than 3 hours to complete it.. then i still have to work on the marking and decal which another painful process because more scratches made during that time.. and i totally give up on the dry decal.. those who follow my blog here know my nightmare on dry decal (again.. my wallet can't afford water slide decal and i can't find it in my place).. i give up on the markings for O raiser too..

alright.. enough for the painting and markings.. lets get back to the kit itself.. well i discovered one flaw.. one of the most annoying flaw of this kit.. it is the joint in between the tights and the arms to the chest.. for a normal joint, it will have the male side and the female side (i describe it like the cable connector.. XD).. the male side is too short.. it make the the arms hard to connect to the chest.. as for the tight.. the problem occurred in between the tight ( nothing to do with the waist).. again.. the male side are too short and whenever i try to move the legs.. the weight of the legs pull the entire legs out.. damn.. other than that.. the whole thing got no problem to me.. but move on to the photography process..

i will explain here.. i never take photo for a PG kit in my home.. it really need a big space to set up a large backdrop.. at least A2 to A1 paper size.. i use a banner during the photography session for this kit which have the A3 width.. it is so hard to take the photo of this kit when it attach with O raiser.. the lock gimmick come with this kit seems quite promising to overcome the weigh issue but it had one draw back.. it got 3 locks each arm.. every time i try to move the arms.. i have unlock each lock one by one to get the arm bend.. quite annoying.. i'm rather it make with gear type without the lock.. i know it is not good for long term but we do not always play with the kit once it complete right.. we are not kid and kid seldom get a PG as a toy..

due to the space, locks and scratches.. i totally give up on posing this kit eventhough i know this kit is well articulated.. i'm going to share some thought on gunpla photography technique here.. if you read from Z in, it tell you that some gundam is very pose-able and some are not.. so.. there are two types of photography style can be use here.. first.. pose plus angle for the very pose-able gunpla and angle for not much pose-able gunpla.. i try the first one but i give up due the reasons i mentioned.. locks and scratches.. then.. i don't have enough space to set up a big back drop.. so.. the second type fail as well.. any alternative.. live it in standing pose and capture as much picture from different angle as i can.. but it still fail.. the first time i fail in photography process badly after the MG ZZ.. but never mind.. i found some of the modeler like DC23 and fitchenfoo like to capture their work with not much pose also.. even though the kit they use is well articulated.. maybe it was due to their kit attach to the diorama.. alright.. enough for everything and now let the pictures tell the story.. enjoy..

now.. tired.. but preparing for another kit.. what is it? will show on the next post..

stay tune..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your wait is over ( some additional stuff)

yeah yeah yeah.. MG OO raiser.. wait.. i will come to that later but first let me show some interesting stuff..

alright.. this is what i want to talk about.. plamo Transformers from Transformers Movie?.. i was stunt when i saw this news from Mecha Guy a.k.a Gundam Guy.. i thought it was impossible to create such complicated structure of the robot in to plamo.. even the Leader class version can't release in a accurate proportion with sufficient articulation.. i'm not a transformer guy (transformer collector).. so i will only use my gundam expectation on those Transformers toy (sorry that i called it toy cause i don't know what should i call it, no offend here).. so.. what will happen to this release?. from the picture.. it tell me that it going to be well articulated and the proportion can be very accurate as well.. with the assistance and existence of new technology which is the some kind of CG software involve in the design as shown from the picture.. i'm quite positive on this release.. and with the price tag that cost more than 5000 yen.. it shouldn't disappointing me.. am i getting it?.. let see the finish product review by other first.. maybe.. and also.. if my wallet let me do so.. haha.. 

alright.. back to topic.. something that exciting us a lot.. not for those who interested on Metal build version maybe.. hehe.. just kidding.. nothing funny huh.. never mind.. 

well.. should i said that this kit is expected to be release soon from most of us right.. just.. not so soon.. since MG Exia and MG Quanta is out to ease our desperation of this kit.. i never thought this kit is announced so early.. i was thinking the biggest possibility of the release date of this kit should come in the end of the year when we are totally give up that it will release in this year (ok.. it's my personal assumption again).. so.. it definitely good news for us.. alright enough for the release stuff.. lets get into the kit.. 

from the pictures.. proportion is alright.. i was so impressed with the proportion design on the 1/100 Metal Build OO seven sword gundam.. and i'm so afraid that this will suffer the same proportion problem from the PG.. luckily.. the picture tell me what i'm worry is not necessary.. detail?.. similar to PG also.. luckily PG was release first.. so.. like the PG astray red frame release before MG Astray red frame release.. the release of PG come first give the benefit that the MG version can share some detail from the PG version.. just look at the tight and torso.. you know what i mean.. the proportion is almost same as the 1/100 Metal Build OO seven sword gundam.. that is the shoulders design i'm talking about which does not have in PG version.. the shoulders of this MG version is higher than the chest and the chest size is not that wide.. that is what i called dynamic shoulder design.. most of the modeler who like to mold their kit should get what i mean too.. hehe.. simple illustration of dynamic look... just study from the DX Impact kit.. 

alright.. another exciting release.. from wing series.. wait.. where is my MG Heavyarm.. how the hell is this thing cut queue.. fine.. since this is another great MS design Gundam.. it will be great to see it release earlier ..  i thought it will come after the five protagonist gundam (wing, deathscyhte, heavyarm, shenlong and sandrock) receive MG treatment.. but it might not that bad for me for this release because after the five protagonist gundam  receive MG treatment.. this kit might not release in MG format if that five release not doing well and Bandai may switch plan and focus on other series(my personal assumption again).. always remind me virsago with its look..
HA!!! this is the additional stuff i'm talking about.. found it from the link below.. 

armor Zeta.. not FAZZ but FAZ.. look at it.. i wish i have this kit with this kind of armor.. even in HGUC.. good enough for me.. brilliant work.. follow the link for more..

that's it for today..

next post going to be exciting post.. stay tune..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1/144 Alteisen WIP 1 (with some teaser)

while other people exciting with the new release from Bandai.. i still have to post this before i'm going to make a post about the new release.. yeah.. my thought again.. lets continue on this..

well.. before i start building gundam model kit.. i actually don't know much there are also other model kit manufacturer like this kotobukiya, aoshima, tamiya, hasegawa and others.. so.. after i get into it.. i only realize there are so many other model kit from different manufacturer other than from Bandai and some military model kit manufacturers.. and my first impression about kotobukiya SRW kit?.. lots of parts and i heard from my friend that the parts can be as thin as RM0.05 cent coin.. since there are so many thin parts.. it is quite hard to build and handle.. and may easy crack or spoil the kit.. so.. ever since that.. i don't dare much on buying kotobukiya kit until i got my building skill polish.. but now.. i don't care anymore.. after look at the design of these SRW kit.. and knew more about the detail of these model kit series.. i have confident to build them and even paint them.. and the design of these kit really awesome (i can't use other word to describe it).. 

alright.. i never build a 1/144 SRW kit before.. so.. until now.. i can't say much about this kit.. from what i see from the box and the parts.. it is very similar to a normal Bandai kit.. but the size of this 1/144 SRW kit is even bigger than the large 1/144 HGUC kit from Bandai.. i saw the finish product of 1/100 Alteisen in Times Square that day in the Games Arena new shop on 7th floor.. damn.. it is huge.. the size even bigger than the 1/72 VF25 kit.. and i'm not sure about the articulation for this kit as well.. but as seen from the box and some other image from internet.. the proportion of this kit is accurate enough but if it slightly slimmer might improve the articulation and the dynamic look just like what the member of do on this kit.. alright.. lets check out the photo..

total of 14 runner come with it.. lets check on the manual for more detail..
it doesn't need much paint to detail up the complete kit actually.. the color separation of the kit is not bad.. more detail on the parts share up later..

only few pages for the assemble process.. i'm quite surprise on the manual.. it looks like it so simple.. but i don't think so.. even there are not much pages made for the manual.. we will see..

WHOALA!!! this is the teaser i'm talking about.. PG OO raiser metallic version.V ( V = me ).. still left few process to go on for this kit.. and this babe really burn me lot of money for buying the paint.. ARGH!!!

my opinion or thought on the new release next.. guess i don't have to just mention the new release as there are many blogs outside there have share it out.. 

stay tune and enjoy the show.. the post..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good news and Bad news and my thought on MG Shenlong

first.. good news.. money in.. paint in.. finally i can continue on the PG OO raiser.. bought metallic red and blue today.. and thinner.. without thinner.. i can't do anything!!!.. got myself the Mr.Metal color also.. but i didn't realize that Mr.metalcolor available in many type.. the type i used before was the silver chrome.. i bought the aluminium type today and i thought it was the same silver chrome.. me = stupid.. don't worry.. the result is not bad.. and it is more easy to paint than i expected.. but a layer of top coat is a must.. because the paint can easily scratch or even wipe off with.. just.. fingers..

one more news.. gamers arena (toy and hobby shop) is going to move from the 5th floor to 7th floor in Times Square.. maybe it share the same faith with the which formerly located on 4th floor move to 7th floor later.. well.. the only reason that i think of is the raise of rental fees.. other than that?.. maybe Times Square management want to locate all the toy and hobby shops on 7th floor.. if this is real.. then Grafity Toys might share the same faith.. i don't mind if all of them move into 7th floor.. as long as they keep their shop open.. i'm happy with it.. it getting hard to get paint in Kuala Lumpur for model kit without order from online shop..

ah.. some of the progress on the inner frame.. the black steel color that i mentioned in previous post.. nice..
here come the bad news.. i got myself a Hobby Magazine yesterday and i was curious that why Dengeki Hobby magazine not available recently.. i was told by the seller from the newspaper stall that his supplier doesn't import any more chinese version Dengeki Hobby Magazine.. i was.. WHY???.. is this real?.. you tell me..
some teaser for the silver chrome paint mi with aluminium paint..

so.. MG Shenlong.. i forgot to post this in this post.. luckily Chris remind me.. haha.. got title but no content.. again.. silly = me..

well.. i'm quite happy seeing the release of shenlong gundam in MG format.. which means that our favorite heavy arm coming soon in MG as what the show (some kind of toy exhibition in Japan) imply us.. but after i saw the picture from this review and comparison posted by Gundam Guy.. something cross my mind.. first.. why cant the right arm of the MG version cannot be extent like the NG version.. where are the orbs from the shoulders.. feels like the design is not that right.. not as what we seen from the anime.. maybe due to it release is a EW version.. just like some of the special version MG.. deathscythe EW version and wing ver.ka.. so.. is this indicating there will be another real MG shenlong gundam coming soon like the MG deathschyte EW to MG Deatchscythe hell custom version?.. feels like it is not the time to get this yet.. for me.. not to influence other not to buy this kit.. but i feel weird about the release of this kit base in its design.. but what ever it is.. i'm still waiting for the MG heavyarm.. no matter which version.. hehe..

ah my thought on the alteisen or SRW that suppose to come in this post.. don't worry.. it will come next..


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