Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom

first.. i think for those who follow the WIPs will know that this kit should have larger back wings when it complete.. well.. i will tell the story why it complete without additional wings later..

so.. here is the summary of the work..

additional pla plate armors on:

-waist front skirt


-pla plate 0.5mm
-surfacer 1000
-Mr.color gloss black
-Mr.color orange
-Gaia red (mix with Mr.color orange to create darker orange)
-Mr.color gray
-Mr.color white (mix with Mr.color gray, Mr.color white and Mr.color black for weapons)

i'm not using much color for this color scheme.. the color scheme will just look simple.. enjoy the pics..

i didn't make much pose on this kit also.. the reason is also my lesson from this kit.. i didn't concern much on the articulation when i adding the armors.. lots of failure occurred in this kit which have made me wrap up on this kit so fast.. i have think of rebuild the additional wings as well but i'm just to bored to stuck in this kit and rather move on to next kit..

so.. here is the reason why i didn't put on the wings..
first.. the measurement of each part of the wings are not consistent.. means that the size can't fit well.. i'm still try to accept it.. and try to sand it.. i didn't sand it well on the surface which cause the surface look scratch badly.. i thought i can use the surfacer to cover it.. but it isn't work.. even after i applied few layer of surfacer and paint.. GDI (god damn it).. and the painted original back pack looks even better than these wings.. so.. i decided to left the wings and keep the back pack in the original shape..

hope you guys enjoy..

and this.. is the original look..

Monday, October 25, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 7

phase 2.. completed.. approaching to phase 3 soon..

problem occurred in phase 2.. additional armors near ankle using base black color causing the orange color darker.. and only realized that the additional armor blocking the movement of the feet.. argh..

additional armors for the chest and shoulders.. going to paint it tomorrow.. in phase 3..

ZAFT soldier: how dare you capture ZAFT Mobile Suit and paint it in your pussy redish color scheme?
Xist: you will pay for what you did to me..
ZAFT: i shall kill you and make you shut up..

to be continue..

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Back!!! again

so.. nothing much about this post.. just.. i'm back.. and its time to work on all my pending job here.. finally all exam and assignment over.. but going to busy again soon.. but thats for few weeks later..

so this is what i'm doing now.. rebuilding back the chest armor and sanding other parts for painting.. regarding on the seamlines from previous.. since i have painted the whole thing.. i don't know how to do it.. so.. need you guys help me again?..

and the worse part is.. my 2GB card dead.. it is the biggest capacity memory card i'm have.. luckily i don't need big capacity card and i still got few 1 GB to use.. haha

will update more soon..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 6

first phase.. complete..

haha.. the first part of painting complete.. it's been a while that i didn't touch my airbrush and compressor.. lot of dust.. even at the nozzle.. which make me hard to paint at first and create lot of bubble on the surface.. luckily it was happen during the surfacer process and most of the parts can be recover after i fixed the airbrush and apply another layer of surfacer on it.. but the worse part are the pla plate.. i sand all the pla plate parts but most of the paint screw up at the edge of the pla plate.. i don't know why.. any help?..

i feel that the front chest armor that i created was not nice after the painting process.. so i plan to make another one soon.. but do you think that this way look nicer?..

two questions here.. need your help..

will be back..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bandai moving at speed of light

haha.. wow wow wow.. speed of light.. tons of new gunpla being showed from Bandai in the 50th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show 2010.. not talking about the PG Strike Freedom that have announced couple of week ago or those HG from the OO movie series.. before the prototype out.. the real color model is ready to show.. Bandai must have boosting up the speed for its new gunpla for the show.. part of that.. just after the release of MG Deathcschyte.. the prototype custom version have been made out.. this is crazy.. if you a gunpla follower like Dalong.. prepare to burn your wallet and take few month of holidays to work on them if all of it release at the same time.. XD.. i hope i can do that..

so.. first start with the PG Strike Freedom.. i guess lot of you know about it.. it's like another grand PG launch out with some people say.. the largest PG ever (after the wing expand).. and the price.. expensive than the PG OO raiser which is also another huge and famous PG with a lot of unique gimmick.. i guess a lot of people still asking what about the gold inner frame inside.. ok.. scroll down and look at the picture..
not this.. further down for the inner frame.. but before that.. mm.. nice articulation.. do you all realize most of people that own a PG doesn't pose it much.. i mean in dynamic way.. i never build a PG or pose a PG before but i definitely sure that most people doesn't pose their PG in dynamic way was due to the weight issue.. but not the articulation issue.. don't relate this to the old PG cause i don't know much on it..
well.. at the edited photo.. it look awesome in its dynamic pose but after seeing this picture.. you can see it is not easy to pose the kit at the previous picture..
like the old style gimmick.. open up the plate armor to show the inner frame.. haha.. this is cool..
i wish i can make a base like that in all my display shelf.. living the room in dim light environment with this kind of light glowing under the kit.. omg..

well.. from the pictures.. i'm still not clear what color is that.. bronze?.. brown yellow???.. i don't see it is gold.. or gold plated.. can someone define it for me?.. hehe.. well thats all for the PG Strike Freedom..

moving on.. this is another reason i said Bandai moving fast.. the MG wing series gundam.. instead of showing one by one.. all was showed and with the complete color as well.. even faster than showing the the four HG OO series for CB side..
this is my favorite one.. but i can't find the picture with gatling gun yet.. but heavyarm is always my favorite in the Wing series..
i remember i was given the 1/144 clear color HG custom version.. it was from my friend.. old school friend during my primary school.. too bad that time he lost the blade.. and the worse part is i lost the entire kit except the shield.. mm.. this look cool too but i'm more favor to the custom version which have slimmer proportion..
no comment on this.. but seldom see MG with long close combat weapon such as lance or spear..
and i guess this is one hell kit that everyone wishing for.. i already saw some one build it with the current released MG Deatchschyte and added custom wing on it.. follow this link .. i don' know how he do it.. with the 1/100 version or the custom scratch build for the wings..

and the fourth reason is.. yup.. most of it know it will come since it just another variation of rezel with few different parts.. but not that fast.. will jegan come in the same speed behind.. hehe..
and this.. another unexpected i guess.. guess the MG OO Qant is too boring.. so..its opponent.. GN-X fifth version coming in with MG version soon.. and tsuki still haven't finish his MG GN-X.. haha..
and the boxart of MG OO QAN(T) is out.. so fast.. just in few weeks after the kit announce.. the prototype is done within two weeks after it announced for MG version and now the boxart come in in third week?..

wish i have this kind of display base or stand too.. recently working on my pla-plate and scribing skill.. hope i can master it as soon as possible and proceed to the next stage.. diorama.. haha

so.. i guess thats all.. my personal opinion on these new release.. again.. i'm still feel its like too fast of all these kit announce.. not judging it a good news or a bad news.. but just not use to it.. feels like someone suddently treat you too good.. haha..

all images are from are from G.G and gunjap .. check out there for more picture about other HG such as the HGAW DX.. awesome kit.. another fast growing series in HGAW line..

there is one video show in G.G which show the wing gimmick of the PG Strike Freedom.. check it out..

coming back soon..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

lesson for gunpla photograhy

first.. before go in to topic.. some update about the author of this blog.. me.. having exam these two weeks.. so.. can't actually do anything on my gunpla stuff.. just sitting here reading all the news come from G.G after the ending Nk's Blog.. found that Gunjap provide news as well..

so.. found this at G.G.. the title was "how to photograph a gundam exhibition".. interesting.. I've been asking around how to get this type of photos and seems that most of my colleague can't answer me that because they focus on portrait shots or landscape shots rather than this tiny little gunpla shots... i thought it all due to the flash and shutter speed to create this kind of shots means at least i have to get a semi pro camera with hot shoe or a DSLR.. but after seeing this method.. guess my little digital IXUS 55 can do this kind of effect as well..

so.. these are the material needed for the set up.. the only thing i'm concern is how much will the light cost? and where can i get it cheaper.. i've been thinking of table lamp..
so.. first lesson.. direction of the light.. mm.. thats cool..
so.. if you want dim light or lower the brightness.. add a filter on it.. looks like some kind of paper..
then.. to make the light effect more even.. add a reflector at the back.. and now.. most of the shadow reduce..

see. you only need a normal digital camera there.. and a tripod..

i'm not sure what set up is this.. but it definitely a expensive set up.. not talking about the camera but where to get all this stand and so many bulb..
i guess the top white thingy stuff is also another reflector to even the brightness and reduce the shadow.. alright..done here..

pictures are from G.G..

back to study..


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