Monday, May 30, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom

YEAH!!!.. since everyone getting one.. i don't want to miss one too.. haha.. since the seller told me it is limited edition with wing effect.. i do get a lot of information before getting it.. like the scale which is slightly bigger than 1/144 version but it still stated the scale is 1/144.. i haven't build it yet but i can tell something about the structure from other review now.. i mean in briefly.. most of the part are not molded separately.. even though the details are great but the structure seems more simple than the original Bandai HGUC Nu or Hi-Nu.. the size is bigger with more detail but less complicated.. erm.. how will you judge it?.. for me.. i would say the reason fall on the price tag.. if i want to get a conversion kit that as detail as this with complicated awesome inner structure.. the price might at RM 200+ for a 1/144 kit..  

the boxart here is fine.. but not the rocket/bazooka launcher.. not sure why..

the box come with two sided boxart.. is this from China too?.. i think they are smarter in terms of copyright now.. rather than giving what Bandai give us.. they give us more.. but still.. there are something missing.. such as the molding method for the parts.. like i said.. if it come out with more detail and complicated structure.. it "might" beat Bandai.. but there is one problem with this kit which also the backfire of its specialty.. the details on this kit.. with the amount of details offered from this kit.. there are nothing much left for modification.. some of you might think it do not need to.. but not for some modeler.. 

i was wondering where is this "MC" manufacturer from?.. and the detail of this manufacturer.. but i do hope it release more kit in this type.. and better quality of plastic.. but i'm not too sure about the plastic of this kit yet.. let see what i can i review more soon after my exam.. 

thats all for this month.. and this is the surprise i'm talking about.. never thought i will get "bootleg" kit again.. but this is not a ordinary bootleg but might be the threat for third party gunpla modifier like G-system or vp-model.. haha

Bakuc 2011 ( at MICC The Mines)

first.. it is not the surprise that i want to show out as the previous post.. but it is a surprise for me as this event was held at The Mines.. somewhere near Serdang and also.. my home which locate at Sungai Long.. drive less than 10 minutes to reach there.. but i found a bit disappointed on how the event set up.. as i told from the organizer.. the reason that they held it here is because they can't get the space from Sungei Wang in Kuala Lumpur.. the second disappointment will be the event held under some kind of book fair or festival and it is not a single held event by Litt Tak themselves.. i was wondering how prize presentation held in this small booth..  the entries are not much too.. i only take those pictures with customization or painted kit.. so.. only 40++ picture show here.. 

few things that are more "positive" there are the limited good and some great promotion on the old kit.. scroll down and you will find what i'm talking about here..

this guy must have stole the wing or feather from eagle.. haha..
but i think he is using the NG version that the MG version..
i remember i saw this in some site before.. "EMcreation"?.. i can't find it..
ZD's kit.

ANA wing?
i never thought kong ming can become "cloud" too.. haha.. great idea here..

the base look familiar right.. remember there is a MG unicorn standing on this base last Bakuc.. hehe.. i took more picture on it.. feel that it would one of the best reference on building own mechanical base..
it have become winner in my judgement when i have my first "browse" for the entire event..

it is a PG!!!

it remind me the sangokuden talgesse Ryofu.. Lu Bu.. haha..

these are the discount item i want to share it out.. MG gundam Alex/NT-1 for only RM 99..
it use to be RM 60 but only RM 53 here.. you can save RM 7.. haha...
limited items..
and only RM 80 for this RG Aile Strike.. if not because of my wallet running out of money..  i will definitely get one there..

they even have a corner that showing some artwork with "malay" description on the sangokuden weapon..
new series?.. RM 8 for fast build sangokuden kit.. damn.. when will this series end.. i starting to feel  bored about this series.. haha..

so.. surprise.. coming soon.. tonight maybe.. hehe.. enjoy the pics..

Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY your own empty bottle for painting

having problem on spending too much for empty bottle just because of airbrush painting?.. frustrated on cleaning up the same empty bottle for paint and thinner mixture?.. need more empty bottle for paint and thinner mixture? here is the solution to save some money.. 

what i want to share here is about cleaning up the bottle after finish using the paint inside it.. then you can have this empty bottle for paint and thinner mixture.. just think about it what will you plan on the empty bottle that used to contain paint inside?.. i use to keep it and plan for this but i got no time to do it.. what about you? keep it or just throw it away?.. recycle?.. how? scroll down.. its easy.. 

most of these are empty bottle..
i bought a plastic drawer to store them.. too bad.. i got it wrong size and i have to fit the surfacer bottle horizontally.. and the plastic quality is almost same as.. the bootleg gunpla.. 
the empty bottle after clean up..
so.. the picture above is the solution.. the quickest and also the LAZY way to clean lot of empty paint bottle.. get a bucket.. put in all the empty bottles and pour thinner on it.. just get some industry use thinner from the hard ware shop.. strong or medium strong type.. i use two bottle here and each of it cost RM3.. i use to use it for cleaning my airbrush after the painting process.. leave it for one day.. remember to cover up the bucket cause the smell from the thinner?.. bad.. and not good for health too.. i feel headache during the cleaning process.. forget about the color of the thinner inside the bucket.. it mix with lot of different paint from the remaining paint inside the bottle.. which is not usable.. 

after that.. clean all these empty bottle until with a cloth.. if there are remaining paint inside the bottle.. the best liquid to clean it will be the "spirit".. i think it consider some kind of weaker thinner.. also RM 3 a bottle.. since the normal thinner will leave some remaining thinner after you wipe it and become even worse if use too much strong thinners.. spirit will be the most recommend liquid to clean it up.. after all the wiping process.. VowLA!!!.. you get your empty bottle.. the whole process is same as cleaning up the empty bottle but empty paint bottle is slightly harder to clean since it use to only contain paint whereas empty bottle normally will have thinner mix with paint inside it.. 

next post?.. i got some surprise for you all.. not something new.. just.. it seldom come from me..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MG Rezel WIP 2

as i said, once i add on the first piece, i can't resist to add in the second piece.. ended up the whole chest unit complete in just one day.. normally i will take more than a day to complete this area.. but with new pla-plate cutting method.. i mean new for me.. this method is simple.. combining small piece of pla-plate and create the shape i want..

adding V-fin to the head.. but not sure will it affect the transformation or not..

adding some drilling job as well..

alright.. thats all for now.. will try to finish up the backpack as soon as possible..

Stay tune..


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