Friday, February 27, 2009

Sd Sangokuden Lu Xun

my favorite finally out.. i don't know his name was Lu Xun but when i first saw this character inside the Dengeki Hobby magazine i fall in love too.. never thought it can tranform at first until saw the post about this kit from mm.. i didn't follow the exact color scheme cause some if the red color part that need white color really hard to paint by white Gundam marker.. additional gold color to some white color part.. didn't bother about the weapon much since it quite hard to paint with marker.. just don't wan to use the industry spray color any more.. the result really a pain.. there are some problem with its articulation too.. the helm was too big and the chest armor was too small.. both part attach to the body.. the head seems can;t turn much.. mm.. i think thats all.. check the pics..

Sd Sangokuden Gelgoog

i'm really have no idea that what is the name of this gelgoog in the Sangokuden series.. now i'm buying most of the Sangokuden series was because of the badge that come with it so can put it all on my bag.. i feel it look quite cool.. i mean the bag.. seriously.. didn't put much effort on this kit.. the painting job was quite worse.. didn't apply any top coat since the top coat that i use always come out with a very disappointed result.. have no more money to apply better top coat yet..check the pics..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FEB's Loot

so.. these are what i got this month.. but have no time to build all until march.. my mid term is coming soon.. able to build those Sd kit only.. as for the MG Shinanju.. need to wait until mid term over.. need to get more info before apply those golden sticker on this kit which takes time.. got the poster from Jee(the shop owner for the Grafitty toys) at times square.. the metal medallion was come with the MG Shinanju.. i think that was a limited item that come along.. have notice that last month when i get my OO raiser.. mm.. Sd Zeta plus coming soon on next post..

Friday, February 6, 2009

1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh

time to present.... my fatty 1/100 virtue or can called it the thin nadleeh.. i'm really don't know how to pronouns nadleeh.. weird name for weird gundam i guess.. and this fat virtue.. it really fat.. big ass, big chest, big legs.. feel like a dom trooper.. but it is an gundam.. didn't expect anything from this kit so nothing much to feel disappointed to this kit.. but the weight of the big GN rifle really a problem to the palm.. the joint of the palm just can't support it..

i'm just realize that most of the double o kit have more part in clear plastic as compare to the 1/100 seed / destiny model.. love the clear part.. cover all the sticker flaws..

another thing have to mention here.. the pc runner.. as what i experience from the 1/100 oo kit.. all of them come with different type of pc runner.. not like seed / destiny kit which most of the 1/100 kit have the same pc runner.. and this kit got a lot of unused part from the pc runner.. wonder why it got so many unused part at the pc runner..

GN drive des.. i feel this is the longest GN drive among four celestial being gundam at the 1st season.. even more part than the Exia GN drive.. and the grey color part can be move to attach the back pack.. cool..

ok.. if you watch this kit's anime.. the pilot of this kit was look so gay.. especially the face.. if you didn't watch the anime.. the first time you look at the character that pilot this kit will think that is a girl.. in fact the pilot of this kit is a male.. and even the face of this kit also look gay.. why??? look at the hair.. whats wrong with the hair??? why gundam need hair??? and the hair have no function in the anime at all.. i would like to take off the hair and transform it back to virtue with the mask.. mask??? you will know what i mean if you have this kit..

i'm just don't like the design of the waist.. the whole kit was so thin but why the waist was so big.. it just make it look so weird..

wanna reveal why the leg of virtue so big.. this is the secret.. an very old secret that had been reveal.. haha..

this is the part that i hate most.. i don't mind to do panel line.. but not that much.. look at the leg of virtue.. just a single piece and it so many part that need to fix with panel line.. this is just the leg.. there are few more part at other side.. because nadleeh part need panel line as well..

at first i was wondering what is this.. so.. this is an .. some kind of GN particle compressor.. ah!!! don't care..

so this is what its look like when virtue take off it back pack.. look at the gray part..

my favourite part.. the big ass.. this is the part that i like most from virtue.. too bad it is the ass of this kit.. lets check some action pose..

too bad.. the 1/100 nadleeh doesn't come with the its special GN beam rifle and GN shield.. that GN beam rifle was my another favourite weapon from this kit..

a little bit of custom transformation for this kit by me.. i like the nadleeh look like this more.. haha..

overall.. nothing much say about this kit.. just another oo kit..


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