Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some Updates

Last post for this month. 

Some update on current project, most of the main part done. 

What left?

-Hyper Mega Launcher
-Chest and Waist armor
-Side skirt
-Some other missile pod

Once all that complete, the first part for the review should be complete. I was thinking of having three parts for the review but it might be too short for each part. So, have to delay the first part of the review which I need to complete the entire kit first. I need at least a week to complete the pre-assemble process usually but now, I able to reach this assemble process for just 3 days (not include un-boxing but still hanging around with HK Drama). I think it should be the time for me to increase the speed of assemble process so I can complete and customize at least one kit per-month. Hopefully I can bring this to the November BAKUC Malaysia but I'm still not sure when is the exact date. Anyone from Malaysia can tell me?

Monday, August 29, 2011

GK Collaboration in Seven6398

Last month, I had added GK (gundam kit) banner in my site. GK was a online hobby shop located in Hong Kong which is the sister company of Ishop2go. Remember that I wrote that there will some transformation going on for Seven6398, it is not the transformation of layout but it is the structure or the profile of Seven6398.

Starting from September 2011, will become GK new official site for reviewing gundam model kit. MG FAZZ was the first gundam model kit that Seven6398 review for GK. I'm very thankful to GK for giving me this opportunity to me for cooperating with each other.
What is this collaboration about?

Basically, Seven6398 will help to review one gundam model kit per-month for GK. On top of that, Seven6398 or me will also help to share news and new plamo product in the future through here, facebook and other related blog.
How about the operation in will still in normal operation but there will be more sidebar added to link with GK and Ishop2go. Gunpla customization will be remained. Actually, will not change much but will have additional shopping link, review kit and maybe some event soon. 

Is a online shop for gunpla?

No, but there will be link for you to purchase gunpla directly from GK or Ishop2go.

In near future, Seven6398 will also review some other modeller tools or resin kit but it still on planning. So, stay tune for this. I'm preparing for some exciting stuff here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Non-grade 1/100 Astray Red Frame Custom (with custom Flight pack)

Done?. Yes. It took me about a month to complete this thing. Well, it consider another big mod from me since I modified some of the part such as re-building the neck, extending the chest, adding parts to wings and more. So, lets check the list of the material and work done:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Big ONE

after adopting three orphans.. time for the big this few days ago.. had been planing to get this long time ago.. align with my ZZ collection.. i still left MG hyakushiki now.. which i plan to get it long time ago.. expansion of the sentinel series to MG EX-S.. no plan for that yet as the kit might a bit challenging for me for now.. going to build this soon.. means i will delay my MG Astray red frame again..

(you might noticed that some of the content in the side bar removed and the navigation in the blog might change a bit, there might some little changes done to this blog. Major transformation might coming, soon) stay tune..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New lootz

alright.. time to expand the thrones' collection.. saw some great deal from Graffiti Toys.. and RM 100 for three second hand throne units.. Throne Eins, Throne Zwei and Archee Gundam.. it was formerly own by a amateur modeler.. the seller told me that he want to paint it but it seems he don't have enough experience on it.. so.. things get pretty mess up especially the Throne Zwei.. i'm not sure what type of paint he use but it seems he either use hand brush or gundam marker with direct paint to the large surface.. the Throne Eins is not that bad.. and the Archee gundam was safe from the disaster but he still selling it.. and i am the adopter for this three orphans now.. haha

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gunpla + Tools + Photography = Blog post or 3 in one hobby

I attend a product training few days ago and also saw some great modeler in the internet with well prepare tools.. and of course.. some awesome works.. and all these made me realize want thing which i'm going to share it in this post.. it also remind me there are lot of thing i need to add to this hobby..

you might found that my photography style change a bit in terms of lighting recently.. the MG Rezel custom was my first try for the new lighting set up.. compare to the latest work.. MC Hi-nu Gundoom.. yes.. i'm agree that the lighting set up in the pictures for MG Rezel Custom were too dark.. so.. the first thing i need to add in my hobby is more lighting set up equipment for better lighting.. i often heard about light box.. i guess that is one of the great where i also can build it myself.. and found a lot of lighting tools.. i mean cheap LED light and also torch light which can provide different types of lighting.. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom COMPLETE!!!!!

excited?.. yes.. definitely yes.. feel like just complete a highly detail customize kit.. in fact.. it is.. but not that advance.. i mean the plastic quality, joint and others.. first.. lets check out the material summary..

-Mr.Color White
-Mr.Color Flat White
-Mr.Color black metal
-Mr.Color metallic blue
-Mr.Color character blue
-Mr.Color cobalt blue
-Mr.Surfacer 1200
-Gundam Marker for panel line and hydraulics
-Decal (only one piece on the shield)


-White (mixture of Flat white and normal white)
-Blue (mixture of metallic, cobalt and character blue)
-Black (some of it are un-paint and some of it from metal black)
-Gold and Silver gundam markers
-Panel line gundam marker

Saturday, August 6, 2011


finally.. re-supply.. time to continue my work.. and this time.. i promise.. i promise.. and i promise.. i will get one project done by next week.. no more delay.. and i should have enough supply for the next kit too.. going to do some crazy masking job later.. zzz.. bing beng bang boom.. off.. 


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