Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MG Strike IWSP

OMG.. i forgot to edit the picture before upload it to here.. and one more thing that i forgot is to clean all those nubs mark clearly..

so.. if i'm not wrong.. the IWSP stand for Intelligent Weapon Striker Pack which is the combination of Sword Striker, Launch Striker and Aile Striker.. not that intelligent actually.. why???

the back pack was too big.. maybe it can provide enough power to move fast with more thruster but the size just reduce the mobility.. and even the back pack size was big.. it just can't carry all weapon..

machine gun shield with boomerang.. i like this shield because of the machine gun.. but the boomerang.. the join is just very loose.. so i didn't put it on in all of the pics.. and the weight of this shield just too heavy..

as all the the Strike design.. the wrist with ball type joint always cause a lot of trouble when the kit attach with some heavy back pack like IWSP and Aile Striker.. it just can't turn nicely because of the back armor plate from the wrist.. and with IWSP machine gun shield.. the weight of that shield always pull the whole upper body down to left side due to the weak ball type joint wrist..

i've been having a lot of problem in terms of weight when posing this kit and i still have another Strike E with IWSP pack to go.. orgh!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

1/100 Exia

What do you think about the first picture? haha.. try something new to here.. even created some blur picture.. try to make it look like in motion.. (scroll down for that kind of shots)

alright.. lets talk about the kit

this look like the inner frame of he body but without any detail and no cockpit..

the GN Drive.. main engine for this MS.. notice that this kit have no thruster.. so imagine it.. using this GN Drive to perform floating on air.. moving at high speed .. bla bla bla.. unbelievable.. for me.. nonsense.. but i still like it.. i mean the idea.. create no pollution.. environmental friendly MS.. XD

here show the length of GN Drive..

the most impressive part.. compare to the second piture.. everything in second picture looks like all cover up.. quite a lot of part for the body..

ok.. it is not complete yet.. look thinner here.. and the design for the whole head actually as detail as MG and the number of part also almost same as MG..

the rest are action pics..

the pose where trans-arm mode activated.. (i won't buy the trans-arm version because it look like pink gundam) and (unless somebody buy for me) hehe..

remember the last few scene in Final Fantasy 7 advent children movie.. haha.. trying to create the same thing since this MS also got seven sword.. using polystyrene (i'm not sure is this the right word to use)

these are the blur "motion" picture i tried to create.. mm.. maybe i need more experience on this kind of picture or a better camera or some skill to use photo editing soft ware..

everybody was talking this kit was as good as MG or almost same like MG.. mm.. i can't imagine what they said was true.. the design, number of part and articulation was as good as MG.. just lack of detail of some of the part that design like it have inner frame.. especially the body and legs.. legs.. the part that i don't like most.. why.. because the size was too big and looks like carrot cut pant.. some more it's design for the legs doesn't look good in terms of aerodynamic form.. one more flaws here is when the GN Blade attach to the legs.. it just make the legs open wide to create some dynamic pose.. and it's joint was quite loose.. the conclusion is.. i like the upper body part but not the lower body part..


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