Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MG Strike Freedom full burst part 2

this is not a new kit.. thats why i call it part two.. the back pack has top coated with some cheap industry top coat.. which give a very bad result.. all the inner part that exposed out.. i have use gold gundam marker to make it look better.. and the gold color faded as time goes by.. so.. what did i did??? re-paint it before taking photo on it.. i have a lot of white color base gundam and this give me a lot of trouble.. remeber those sprue marks after we cut the part from the runners.. i use the sand paper to clean that part and leave the surface a bit rough wihout painting it.. and .. vow LA!!! those part become yellow color.. why???.. it was the dust.. i use thinner to clean it and still left it unpaint.. the shoulder armor getting loose for its join and all the beam rifle stickers starting to come off like our old toys (transformers).. really worry that it will happen to my sinanju too.. as i play with the pose and i finally realize that the leg can't really pose as dynamic as MG Infinite Justice.. the beam shield was totally a crap(cheap part).. as most of the joint getting loose.. create a pose with shield really a nightmare for me.. the energy shield that come with NG 1/100 Destiny looks a lot better.. the beam saber.. i hate curve beam saber.. especially those kit that can combine both of its beam saber.. it just look weird.. back to the sprue marks.. on the dark blue color parts especially the wings.. i did a big mistake there.. i use those stationary highlight which is dark green color to cover those sprue marks.. and it look like crap.. man.. should i just buy another MG Strike Freedom and build it with the lowest number of mistakes like what i did to my MG Freedom..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

just an update for my room

nothing to show much here.. just a update of my room.. most of my gunpla just got remove from the shelf into another shelf(i guess what it called) with some glass with wooden part as the door to prevent dust on my gunpla.. too bad that the rest that can't fit in will have to move into their box again.. some of the boxes have hiden.. like this..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MG Strike E IWSP

alright.. this is the seventh strike to post here.. the Strike E with IWSP.. old photos and new pics together.. it got not much different from the Strike Noir.. just the color scheme and the pack.. but still i prefer Strike Noir.. the Strike Noir pack have the similar function to IWSP but it's design is more compact and aerodynamic.. and lighter.. the most important thing.. haha..

as i said.. the body is Strike E which same as the body from Strike Noir.. so it does come with all weapons from the Strike Noir.. and the grand slam for the IWSP.. no point right it can't carry so many weapon at the same time and as i remember.. the beam rifle that same as Duel doesn't exist in the Stargazer or the mange if i'm not wrong.. i do read some seed astray manga from Dengeki Hobby Magazine.. taiwan or Hong Kong version.. and i found the story was quite stupid and the action as well.. a lot of unnecessary actions inside the manga.. maybe it because i don't know how to read or understand chinese word.. japanese neither.. i'm a chinese but can't read chinese.. what a shame.. but i'm able to speak chinese.. hehe.. seems like i'm getting out of topic..

plenty of decals and small stickers for this kit but i feel it's not hard to apply for this kit after i go through quite number of seed/destiny MG.. i didn't take the picture for some of the weapon.. the duel beam rifle and the grand slam.. lazy.. hehe.. so.. enjoyed the pics.. no WIP part for this kit.. forgot to take photo that time.. i built this kit long time ago..


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