Monday, December 28, 2009

Cloth for figure or doll

my last post of this month and also for this year.. 2009.. something that not related to my hobby.. but look quite interesting to me.. it was some cloth and accessory for dolls i found in Mid Valley Megamall.. maybe it can work for some figure too..

was working for a shoot view print (SVP) job over there.. then found this stuff at ground floor in between Center court and South Court.. lazy to carry the camera around while i'm in break which i use to visit some hobby and toys shops.. also some anime and manga shop.. should take some picture about that stuff.. i went to the North Court which have one shop that selling a lot of stuff related to Table War Game.. those mini figure of Table War Game really awesome.. like those Dawn Of War.. a lot of player there are very skillful of building diorama too.. saw some of their work over there.. hope i can meet them and get some advise..

close up for those evening gown.. so many types of them..
they even sell those furniture as well.. barbie doll world!!!

this picture is from another stall next to it.. Christmas stuff.. oh ya.. i took this picture just on the Christmas..

Joker, Ironman and Matrix

went to Times Square that day.. found this in XL shop.. they moved from Times Square 4th floor to 7th floor..

first.. i saw this.. quite new i guess.. Matrix Revolution figure or diorama.. APU attack by spider.. damn nice.. the detail is awesome.. wonder how much is this..
then saw this Ironman figure.. Mk 1, Mk 2 and Mk 3.. about RM5++ for the Mk 3.. but i like the Mk 1 most.. more detail and complicated structure..
the third version of the Joker from the Dark Night movie.. those figure made by (is it hot toys from Hong Kong) really detail.. especially the face and hair..

they got more figure there but the price for other stuff really expensive.. especially gunpla.. but they do have a lot of figure..
was going to Times Square that day.. found this in XL shop.. they move from Times Square 4th floor to 7th floor..

Sunday, December 27, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 8

time for the weapons.. the tactical arm, magazines and other armor shneider.. i decide to separate the pictures for the parts of tactical arm here due to a lot of parts there..

start with the part for sword arm.. i don't know the name of this weapon actually.. luckily it stated in the manual.. this is the interesting part for this kit as i never see this weapon for astray blue frame second L in manga or anime..
half complete sword arm with thruster on top..
parts for the thrusters.. feel a bit weird here.. prefer the 1/100 astray blue frame second L version which have the square shape thrusters whereas this one come in oval shape..
parts for the handle.. quite impressive.. the MG Astray red frame kai have the similar type also.. but the MG astray red frame kai have additional handle on the back for the bow purpose..
parts for the gatling gun.. it short but look better than the gatling gun on IWSP strike's shield.. reason is because lesser nub marks can be seen from this one..
the complete thruster..

the complete tactical arm.. it is so big..
so i put my hand in to show the scale or size.. i guess it even bigger than those revoltech figure right.. i didn't collect any revoltech so not sure about the size but planning for collecting reveltech arbalest and laveitein from Full Metal Panic.. (anyone know the title for the third season??? is it called fumoffu?)
magazines and armor shneiders..
i didn't realize this is actually a magazines which put slot to the tactical arm one the tactical arm transform to gatling gun form.. i thought it is a wing in 1/100 astray blue frame second L.. XD
i watch one of the video clip in youtube which show the tactical arm in flight form fire it gatling gun even the magazines is not in.. i was like.. "'-_- ..
as i said from the previous post.. the armor shneider for this kit look a lot more better than the MG strike's armor shneider.. but it can't be fold like those from MG strike's armor shneider.. whatever.. i still like this one..

to be continue..

Friday, December 25, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 7

going to complete pre-assembling process soon.. only left weapon not done yet..

most of the joint for the plate armor are in ball joint type..

nothing special about this waist unit.. but the tight joint in between the whole legs and waist quite stiff.. if not careful handling it.. it may easily break.. thats all for here..

to be continue..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 6

for the legs and feets unit..

for its feets.. there are two blade which called Armor Schneider in the manual.. much like strike gundam.. but astray armor shneider look much more cooler.. should show those that hold by hand type.. but i like the sliding armor shneider which is under the feet and the others was back of the feet..

plenty of detail under the feet.. with the metalic color.. it just look nice..

sliding shneider..
complete feet..
the most complicated MG legs i seen before.. i mean it got a lot of parts.. if you going to collect MG astray variation.. get prepare for this..
notice that there are two things look like a screw for the joint.. never see this kind of joint in other MG before.. i mean from the MG i made so far.. pretty impressive here.. and if you lost this two screw.. say bye bye to the legs..
the other side which is the slot for the screw.. the detail for the legs is quite a lot too.. and there are few hydraulic pump which we can play with the gundam marker to make it look more detail..
complete legs without the feets..
thats all for the legs and feets.. sure this is the part that will make me headache for painting..

to be continue..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 5

shoulder unit.. smaller then the 1/100 astray blue frame version..

but most of the part are molded into separate color as show in the picture above.. in 1/100 version.. those part in each red color circle were molded together in white color whereas here have separated into blue and white color part..

part for number 2 doesn't exist in 1/100 version.. the whole part was omit with part 1 and part 3 which show by using the yellow arrow in 1/100 version.. i didn't notice all of this at all when i building the 1/100 version until i check it from .. here for the picture from review..

the complete one.. quite a lot of panel needed here..

to be continue..

Monday, December 21, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 4

arms.. more detail than the NG version.. means more panel line needed.. or use shading to make it look significant.. have to paint those finger too.. i thought there will separated part mold on those fingers.. zzz

notice that the nub marks in the red circle was different from normal.. anyone have assemble 1/100 akatsuki or 1/100 astray gold frame amatsu will know what i want to show easily.. this type of nub marks can be easily hide after assemble tha part together because the connectors from the runners are connect to the inside of the part..

forgot to put the palm in to show the painted fingers..

to be continue..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 3

head unit.. not much special here.. no other special gimmick.. some parts just too small.. and i left it with the runners first until i start my painting process..

the part for the top of the head.. argh.. should i just call forehead???.. it seems longer than the 1/100 version.. and the V-fin shaper too.. for the 1/100 version.. it doesn't show the head CIWS whereas in this MG version show it.. the 'U' shape part under the chin is not movable like the 1/100 version.. so it will not easily drop out or the joint broken due to posing as compare to the 1/100 version..

Friday, December 18, 2009

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 2

alright.. the usual beginning of MG seed series gunpla.. start assemble with the chest.. then head.. arm.. leg.. waist.. then.. weapon or backpack.. damn.. it got a lot of blue color parts.. it will be quite difficult for painting..

look at the parts.. it contained a lot of tiny parts.. and since Astray have most of the inner frame expose out.. not much plate armor is going to use on the chest..
the part that use to connect to the nect.. as what i see here is it got plenty of detail.. panel line will be very difficult to apply here..
the cockpit.. so far i was quite impress with all the detail of each part.. again.. painting is pretty hard unless you use to paint tiny thing which require better skill for it.. and the shape for this part is look quite similar to MG Exia..

done.. i'm not going to put it all together yet.. i need to separate all the part after i apply decal on the white color parts for painting..

part of the review of the this MG kit in this post.. something i want to share it out..

i'm just check out NK's blog and find out there are many new release which suit my taste coming soon.. fantastic but.. damn.. Bandai is going to release a lot of stuff which a lot of people dream of very fast..

HG reborn gundam trans-arm.. the normal version release out which look much more better in my opinion and i haven't see livonze use it in the anime..

HG Susanowo trans-arm.. HG masurao just release.. better wait for HG masurao trans-arm version..

HG 00 seven sword.. i was hoping this come in gunpla too instead of figure type.. and it come true even just in 1/144 scale..

damn.. all this MS are my favorite.. it make me want to collect HG 1/144 series too since i'm don't really like to collect 1/144 scale model.. due to the size and a lot of detailing needed..

and another surprise was the MG Astray Red Frame Kai.. wait a minute.. isn't Astray red frame's pilot is Lowe Guele.. who the heck is "Kai" or what does that mean?

i also saw the Hong Kong Gundam expo photo.. hope Q will post more about that.. and i saw dengeki actually have made one MG Astray red frame.. i guess that is the custom type.. and the normal type which i mention above is going to release at February at the price of 5250 yen.. even more expensive than MG Atray Blue Frame Second Revise which have more part than the Astray Red Frame.. is the price and the "Kai" word bring the meaning of the MG Astray Red Frame Kai is going to release with some special equipment like the flight pack (that will be awesome)?..


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