Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bakuc Malaysia 2010 November

so.. before you start viewing the pictures.. i want to share my stupid story regarding on the camera to take all these photos.. i had been calling my friends who have DSLR to borrow me since morming.. cause i don't think my IXUS going to produce good photo in this lighting environment.. all my closest friend? can't help.. either too far aways from me or they need to use it.. but.. i'm so lucky that one of my friend that work in a camera kiosk able to borrow me a DSLR.. and he ask me to pick one.. i thought i'm going to use 1000D but end up.. he ask me to take the 550D.. let me tell you.. this camera work perfect for me in this event.. gotta thank him a lot..

so.. hajime masta..

let the 1/12? or 1/13 unicorn gundam welcome us into the event..
the stage which they going to use this Sunday.. 

notice anything different?.. they use the new display shelf.. still maintain two level but clear glass on the top level which give the light on top penetrate through the top level display and light up the display below.. thats great.. perfect lighting for photo.. but this thing a bit high.. those that display on top.. hard for me to get a nice angle for it.. 
and they even brought the 1st generation gunpla i guess.. i didn't take the pictures of the latest upcoming gunpla.. reason?.. that is not important here as you all can see it from the internet and.. the camera running out of juice.. 

so.. the participants works.. enjoy.. 

i think most of you will say this is the champion right.. Mr. Julius Lim..

and.. another champion here..

let me tell you what.. my bias opinion about this.. he may have a lot of money for this diorama.. but the only thing caught my eye is the cannon ball frame which is the two pictures above..

i purposely take this 1/100 figure closely cause the paint job on it remind me the.. KAMEN RIDER.. G3 for the blue color one.. haha..

i called this the ironman idea.. when ironman assemble or disassemble it's armor base.. haha

optimus? "you get into the wrong field and you're in the wrong scale , Prime"..

again.. someone dump his money again..

you know what.. the guy who make this.. he use the material from the printer.. i was like wtf.. awesome..
and the LED light is incredible.. the mirror base.. remind me the SEMA show for the muscle..

this is my favorite..

this is the tough one.. how could they display this diorama on the upper level.. it is so hard for me to take this photo with my height.. haha..

well.. the great part is the amount of detail in this diorama and the railway..

this is my favorite too.. hot sexy pose banshee unicorn.. 

well.. the most funny thing i heard in this event is a father keep on cheat on his kid that all this need to be assemble and hard to assemble so that he don't need to buy it for his kid and bother by his kid to assemble it.. haha.. 

and two Samsung guys watching me and said "mm.. he can't take a nice photo even he had a DSLR, to make it perfect.. he at least need a polarizing filter to do it due to the reflection".. omg.. just add more contrast on the setting and take the photo underexpose will reduce or remove the reflection.. that is in my mind.. the polarizing filter or the neutral density filter will just use to decrease the exposure to eliminate the reflection which same as decreasing the exposure  in the camera setting.. well.. that is my bias opinion again.. 

hope you guys enjoy..  


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