Friday, February 26, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 7

OH SHIT!!! i made a terrible mistake on choosing the color for the dark green.. it suppose to be blueish dark green.. but i got it paint in metallic green.. i'm realized it after i complete paint the whole kit and compare to the manual.. somehow i still love this metallic green even though now i have all the color wrong.. such as yellowish orange or dark yellow become light yellow..

still have some minor detail need to work on.. here show the before and after paint picture..

before paint..
after paint..

to be continue..

Monday, February 22, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 6

got the whole kit assembled now.. look at it.. the color ruin everything.. argh!!!!

actually i got the whole disassemble again and prepare for the prime.. things went pretty well for the surfacer..

first i don't have to set up my paint area outside my house (side of the road in front my house).. my mom provide me a better place which next to the car porch and even set up all the newspaper for me.. YA HOO!!!.. at least i don't have to set up my own umbrella during strong sunlight at my new paint area.. and my mom set up for me eventhough she always mumbling at me all the time when i paint my stuff.. i guess she actually understand me and concern about my health toward all those chemical stuff from the paint.. and also concern i spoil her grill!!! XD..

anybody try leave the surfacer unpaint as one of the color? i'm asking it because i'm planning to do that as i don't have any grey color now and lazy to go and get one..

one last topic i'm going to share in this post is part time job and study are coming back.. i think i'm not able to post as fast as what i done this month.. 20++ post this month where i usually post 10++ a month.. hopefully i can maintain the posting speed after my study and part time job back..

to be continue..

HG Calamity WIP 5

all the weapon is done now..

i like this kit so much actually is because of its weapon.. eventhough it doesn't come with any melee range weapon such as beam saber but it still can fight perfectly for close range battle.. in the PSP gundam seed versus game.. most of the weapon can use to knock enemy down whenever the enemy close to this MS by using the back and chest cannon or the bazooka..

first we start with the back cannon.. it normally will fire together with the chest cannon in one of the PSP gundam seed versus game.. in the game the cannon actually is more flexible which can fire spread by move horizontall way but in this kit.. the cannon only can move vertical way.. need to get some red pen with tiny head for some detailing here..

the bazooka is my favourite.. i was thinking how should i paint it.. what color should i use or just left it with the metallic steel black..

shield is another good weapon to use in this MS too.. part of deffending.. it comes with beam gun.. since most of the weapon for this MS is either bazooka and cannon which the attack speed is to slow.. beam gun use to cover this flaw.. that is why i said this MS's weapon is so intelligent..

but still this MS have one big flaw is the mobility is so slow due to lack of thruster unit.. when it battle on earth.. it must need Raider to move fast againts the gravity.. at space.. it can't fast due to lack of thruster.. so the best way for this MS to battle is stay further from the battle and use all its long range weapon..

to be continue..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 4

this WIP will cover the waist unit and legs unit..

basically the waist have nothing much to say.. like old HG which use ball joint type for the legs.. the front plate is stick together for both side (left and right) and doesn't come in ball joint type like HGUC Rezel which means it can't be separated or else.. cry..

a beautiful simple leg.. somehow i feel if the leg store with missile pack like those from Ginn isn't that make it look more furious.. the ankle joint is quite flexible actually..
not sure what the f**king wrong with the picture uploader.. i rotate all the photo to horizontal yet it upload in vertical no matter how i try..
the part that i left.. should put it together with the picture above to show all the parts for legs.. always make this mistake.. even in HG..

to be continue..

HG Calamity WIP 3

the third WIP which will cover the arms and shoulders..

the shoulders are so wide like qubeley style.. and the structure is quite simple too..

honestly.. i hate the arms design.. maybe it too short and bulk..

the palm is quite fragile..the plate armor behind the palm connect directly to the fingers.. not like those in HGUC or MG..

to be continue..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 2

since the process of assembling this kit is simple.. i'm going to combine two assembling process together which are the chest (body) and the head parts..

first for the chest.. need quite a lot of paint here.. have no idea how to paint the plasma beam cannon in center of the chest yet.. any suggestion?.. i never try paint this type of area before..

head is more simple.. panel line is enough.. individual parts wil have individual color..
handsome?.. XD

to be continue..

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ DVD

this is what i watch currently.. Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.. bought it from Popular Bookshop in JUSCO Cheras Selatan.. original price was RM 69.90 but it only sell at RM 39.90 .. i guess this is the original one.. but as i see the picture printed on the disc.. those pictures are just like download and print from internet.. and when i watch the last few episode of the first disc.. stuck like hell.. so.. i have no idea should i still call this a original disc or what.. never mind.. the packaging was so nice.. those picture inside the disc is quite interesting too..

the audio not only come in japanese but also come in cantonese.. like watching those japanese anime during 90s in TV which also speak cantonese in those series..

HG Calamity WIP 1

alright.. from the new project second wave.. the first one i start first.. HG Calamity.. RM 50 for this.. i guess it worth it.. since it is an old HG.. i saw it together with HG Raider actually but i'm just don't have the feeling of buying it together.. maybe will get the HG Raider together with HG Forbidden at some good price when i saw it..

this is the first WIP which will include the box art and runners.. total of five runners including the polycap runner.. only five!!! i check the manual and the structure was unbelievable simple.. never mind.. more easy to paint..

yeap.. i'm going to paint this kit.. at first i never thought to paint this kit but when i open the box and see the runners.. it killing me.. the color for the kit was completely different from what i saw from manual.. that is why i show some of the pictures of the manual.. here is the list of the color:

-original color was super dark green but it come in dark green
-original color was dark green but it come in light green
-original color was medium grey but it come in light grey
-original color was yellow but it come in orange
-original color was red but it come with dark red

so much work to do on this kit.. argh!!!.. never mind.. since the structure is simple.. i guess the painting part will be quite easy..

not much pose or dynamic pose can be made by this kit..

some screenshot which normally can see from some old HG seed model and also recommended kit together..

look at the CG style calamity.. gorgeus..

this is the solution of the super dark green and the dark green.. for the yellow and red will depends on the gaia color..

to be continue..

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Project Second wave

actually these kits were arrive same week with HGUC rezel but have no time to prepare this post since chinese new year that time..

so.. here is it:

-HG Calamity
-HG Masurao
-MG Mk2 A.E.U.G version

RM 50 for the HG Calamity, i guess the price quite low and HG Raider was next to it but i'm just don't have the feeling of buying both together.. maybe will buy it next month when i found the HG Forbidden together..

to bad that i miss the timing for painting the part left for the HGUC Rezel.. hope i can complete the part for MA mode for HGUC Rezel soon..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

HGUC Rezel

alright.. done.. for the mobile suit parts..

here are the color that i use:

- gaia gloss blue
- gaia gloss red
- gaia gloss yellow
- gaia gloss white
- Mr.color metallic black steel
- Mr.color gold
- black color panel line

i use three days to finish the painting actually.. as i mention from the last post in comment that my actual work is faster than what i post here.. some of the parts like the tight and the backpack was not painted properly as i paint all that part at night and outdoor.. visibility for color differentiation was so low.. by the time i check it.. it is already too late because i have apply the marking and decal and also the panel.. if i want to fix it back.. it will take me alot more work and time..

i use all the foil stickers and some markings as well.. lets check the pics..

show some of the markings here
the panel line is not easy to rub off once it applied on the paint.. it is not easy to apply the panel line on the paint as well.. it will dry off the ink from head of gundam marker and need to wait for a while until the gundam marker recover.. the fastest way is to use the gundam marker on other surface if the head of the gundam marker dry..

this is the mesh pipe that i'm talking about from the last post.. i thought it was a hydraulic pump and plan to paint it with gold and silver gundam markers.. but i give up on it.. first is because i'm lazy.. second is i like the metallic black steel color effect here..
painted the thruster with gold color.. and the Mr.color gold is not easy to handle as well.. the gold powder in the liquid sometime will separated when it mix with thinner.. especially in the airbrush small tank.. and when it separated.. the gold color will not come out but just the liquid with thinner that have no color which will spoil the parts that have painted.. the only way to overcome is use the finger to block the head of the airbrush to let the air go back to the tank and blow (mix) the color and thinner in the airbrush tank.. one more thing about this Mr.color gold is it not easy to clean it up from the airbrush tank and also the small empty bottle use for mixing the paint and thinner..

this is the part that i mention above.. i didn't paint the white color well..

all the grey color part was painted with Mr. metallic black stell.. especailly the beam rifle..

action pose.. on the ground first..

i painted the the part under the feet in gold color as well.. just for fun.. no reason..

try copy this pose from the box art..

my favourite angle and pose..

alright.. thats all for here..


Here are some WIP links:

WIP 1: boxart and runners

WIP 2: Chest unit

WIP 3: head unit

WIP 4: arms unit

WIP 5: legs unit

WIP 6: waist unit

WIP 7: thruster units

WIP 8: weapon and shield

WIP 9: snapfit complete (before paint)

WIP 10: painted before detailing

The end..


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