Saturday, August 30, 2008

MG Strike Rouge

Feels like want to upload things today.. just had my car crush by others.. T_T.. ok.. that's for story at other post.. get back..

This was the 3rd MG in my collection after my 1st MG Aile strike.. guess what.. when i saw this kit.. the price is RM 126( about 4200 yen).. same with 1/100 Astray gold frame amatsu.. but i didn't buy it.. then i forget the price of this kit and order it from other shop in Sungei Wang few weeks later.. 6th floor.. called Stardust something.. forgot about the name.. and it cause me RM 168( about 5500 yen) "feel like being cheated".. Damn!!! some more.. the owner for that shop was quite LCLY (lan si lan yong = bad behaviour and attitude) and still selling me at a very high price.. GOD DAMN HIM!!! his name called Wilson..

since i have assemble my MG Aile Strike.. made a lot of mistake.. especially on decal.. i become more careful for this kit.. but after i finish assemble this kit.. a year later.. still not satisfy and take out everything like the last picture for some correction before having these picture..

the articulation.. simple and quite easy to pose.. colour was quite nice.. especially the shield.. black and red.. better than the normal strike's shield.. the joint for the wings for aile striker.. quite loose.. but still better then my MG Aile strike which can be said.. totally spoil.. check it..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

MG Launch Strike

Another strike pack.. Launch Striker pack.. interesting.. i do love big gun.. like plasma beam cannon.. and then the machine gun.. missile pack.. overall of this Launch Striker.. my word will be.. "ok kua".. (kua = maybe)hehe..

first of all.. the joint for the this big gun.. not enough flexible and quite loose.. when i want to make a pose together with both hand.. quite hard.. maybe just me.. this is for the left hand..

As for the right hand.. or right shoulder.. for the machine gun and missile pack.. quite hard to assemble.. it quite similiar with the Duel's armor on shoulder.. i mean the way it attach but one thing.. for this strike.. harder.. i'm really cant find anymore pose for this kit.. so the picture.. lesser.. mm.. maybe i should do some close up.. here is the pictres

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MG Sword Strike

alright.. this is it.. my favourite pack in strike.. big sword.. boomerang.. hook.. the sword quite similiar to the MG Nu beam saber.. got some small beam under the whole sword (again, don't know how to describe).. articulation will be normal as a MG.. for sure this kit easy to pose.. but it got one thing that we all must take note.. (i guess).. about the hook.. it store behind the elbow but not like the shield from aile strike pack which come with a additional joint to make it store at the side of the left hand.. and the hook is too thin.. i guess many people realize this.. nothing much can said about Sword Striker since it's structure quite simple..

i make some shot together with 1/100 Blitz.. the fighting scene.. but don't have the one which Sword Strike cut into Blitz body la.. why??? i don't dare to create some shot which it need to damage the kit.. if i do.. for sure i'll get extra kit then.. the same kit i mean.. these are pictures..


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