Monday, June 30, 2008

more MG Wing gundam ver. ka

Basically.. this kit is almost same like MG Wing zero custom.. just the colour, back pack, and weapon different.. so not much comment on this.. still the same problem.. big gun small palm.. hard to balance..

One issue.. i'm not sure it is good or bad to this kit.. too much decal.. and most of it were very tiny.. the process of applying decals almost longer than assemble this kit.. and just one mistake could spoil your whole piece of the decal.. i learn this lesson long time ago when i first make my MG freedom.. then i bought another MG freedom.. mostly due to the decal problem..

Transformation.. quite simple.. and the shape of Wing gundam ver.ka MA mode.. impressive..

more Wing gundam zero custom

what can i say about this kit??? An angel.. i never thought of collecting Wing series at first.. but since that time i like to collect MG (master grade) so much.. and this the series that only got two MG kit to complete.. so i just bought it at price rm 135 in times square 5th floor.. graffity toy.. but i start it with Wing ver. ka with the price less than rm 120 after 30% off at JUSCO..

My opinion about this kit.. overall is ok.. quite satisfy with its articulation.. most of the part.. the only thing that i hate about this kit is the gun.. big gun.. it doesn't come with any lock or some thing.. since the palm is so small and the gun is so big.. it just very hard to balance it..

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

MG Wing

more gundam wing.. i'm just hope there will be more master grade for wing series..

More individual picture for these two soon..

MG Wing

Sliding cockpit.. one of my favourite for the wing gundam.. even freedom and strike freedom don't have this..

How i'm going to display my thing???

SO.. these are part of my model kit.. thought can take some picture in a shiny morning but end up.. it is an cloudy morning.. check out all my MG strike.. its not complete yet.. still miss one aile strike since i use my aile strike transform into launch strike.. why.. my aile striker spoil.. so.. planing to get a new one next month since i also need to get another strike for all those striker pack..

M y room

This is my room.. quite messy.. but quite satisfy.. just need more furnitures to replace the old one and make the room look nicer.. planning to get a L shape table to replace my computer's table and the table next to it.. saving money for it.. but money doesn't cause much problem since i still can handle it.. what i mean is.. everytime i need to do any big or medium changes in my room.. just need to get approval from my minister of bla bla bla( i don't know what you all called but i know it start with the word minister) A.K.A your mom.. i tel you a little bit of story bout the approval later..

Second picture.. one of the part of my room that i don't like.. too much thing on the cupboard.. and everything just quite messy.. and most of it are not mine

See that book shelf??? or a multi purpose display shelf.. i called it.. this is my story of my approval.. i bought it in JUSCO about RM 109.. quite cheap.. or should i say great value of money.. haha.. after that.. i bring it back to my home.. i show it to my mom and tel her the price.. for sure she scold me because that time i'm really run out of money but still spend on this book shelf.. when she know about the size and the design.. she started to ask "how you going to fit it into since your room is small?" .. then.. it is the time where i come up with all the measurement and plan to convince her.. if i fail.. i will be in deep trouble.. what trouble it is.. i'm not going to tell.. but at last.. she assemble the whole thing with me.. and she just keep remind me one thing.. "don't ever think to put my model kit into it, it will generate more dust".. damn.. that my main purpose of buying this book shelf.. but at last i put some into it since there are few empty spaces..

Few display shelf use to display my model kit.. have been receiving a lot of complain since that part should be use to keep our books.. but i decided to remove it and put all my stuff into it.. that is the only place that i can keep all my model kit and its not dusty.. but now.. as you can see.. i almost use up all the space inside..

Hopefully.. i can have a larger room soon.. and i will decorate it myself..

Friday, June 27, 2008

MG Nu RX-93 V gundam

my first gundam post.. MG Nu rx-93.. one of the big MG gundam.. not include the zeon series la.. a very very impressive kit.. especially the inner frame of the leg.. mesh pipe.. bazooka.. my favourite.. the reason i put this kit as the first gundam post.. it is the my first amuro ray MS.. i did not own any rx-78 yet.. and i heard a lot of it.. it sound very cool..

so.. here the bad things.. what are the things that make me feel disappointed about this kit.. compare to the look of HGUC series.. i feel this look too fat.. eventhough its legs inner frame is very nice as i mention but one thing.. it just cant make a lot of great pose at all.. as you see that some of the pose .. you can only see the pose for upper part of the this kit.. it because the legs not as posable as the kit like MG strike or other kit.. it got a bazooka.. but one thing.. the palm just hard to hold it.. even it's beam rifle.. so.. the most nicer pose for this kit.. just make a standing pose..

planning to get a hi-nu soon..


ok.. things have change all the time.. from writing our daily life in a diary to writing it into a blog or maybe your own website.. but most of the time.. there are a lot of thing which cant describe or express to be exact through our word that we wrote.. so.. in 19 century.. somebody invented a thing.. called camera.. hey man.. think a bout it.. one picture explain your whole story.. or maybe few.. like me.. currently.. like to use my phone camera to capture some of the interesting or funny thing and post here or in my friendster to share with other.. ever think that you can become a model like the poster you saw shopping complex, advertisement board, etc.. come on man.. you can make your own.. just grab a camera and make the same pose.. then ask somebody take a shot for you.. you dun need a expensive camera.. just a 2 megapixel camera phone.. it sound stupid but quite funny and.. maybe you will become famous after some one look at your picture.. haha.. who know right.. i'm not mean me la..

hey hey hey.. my gunpla friends.. gotta write some silly thing here.. have you all think whats the reason of taking so much picture of gundam kit and post to some where else??? damn.. not to show off but i'm glad that i found few.. first.. i like to display my model kit many different poses.. dude of course i'm not going to buy ten same model kit for ten poses.. my mom will whack me till she cant recognize me (beat me until a ma tou mm ying tak).. so how do i make it.. take ten shot.. i mean camera la.. for different post of your model kit and put it on to your screen saver.. sound stupid right.. but thats my way to enjoy my life.. second.. receiving comment from the people that have the same interest with me.. that feeling is.. damn good!!! so.. my friend.. dun think i'm (...)(whatever) because i always post all my model kit into friendster or here..

that picure(400d).. is not my camera.. but i'm going to get one soon.. hey.. almost forget to say.. i do sell camera.. so if anyone looking for camera and good price.. can call me if you know my number..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


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