Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Taking a break here for exam

it've been a while i didn't update my blog.. due to my exam coming soon.. all my hobby stuff have to stop for a while after my exam over.. need more concentration to my exam..

something have to continue regarding to my blog after my exam over on next friday..

1) have to take and upload photo for action pose of MG Blue Frame Second Revise that i have just completed..

2) planning for the next kit.. may go onto MG GN-X or MG Mk2 Gundam or HGUC series.. have plan for the color as well.. maximize the usage for airbrush set.. hehe

3) pick some of the interesting coverage of all the Hobby magazines and Dengeki Magazines that i have to upload here..

4) since i have change the new template for my blog (wider).. going to re-design the header soon..

5) all the pictures that link to my gunpla have to re-arrange..

wow.. hope i can cope all of this task for my blog soon.. will start during chinese new year since.. i have nothing to do on chinese new year.. chinese new year for kid is fun but for adult is holiday.. also family re-union..

so that my next month task..

from now on i may not upload anything until my exam over on next Friday which is 5th feb 2010..

i will be back!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hobby Japan Magazines December 09 issue

i should get this magazines (Hobby Japan) before i start paint this kit!!!!!.. damn.. by the time i got it.. i'm already half done on this MG astray and this magazine cover up complete painting scheme on MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise and also modifying this kit to Astray Red Frame too

now i only left weapon not paint yet.. going to finish it soon..
the metallic color on the leg.. so.. how does it look like?.. i'm quite satisfy with it and not planning to make any panel line on it.. afraid on spoiling the paint..
the modification to MG Red Frame and also MG shin Musha..
alright.. i can learn more dyamic pose from here actually.. for different weapion.. gorgeous..
all the i mean those thruster from the tactical in flight form was painted with orange color.. i'm thinking of copying it..
like i said.. dynamic pose..
the MG red frame modified from MG astray blue frame and also NG 1/100 red frame..
the most significant different is the head unit.. especially the back side.. the backpack and the feet as well.. also.. the shoulders.. the gerbera was following the PG fromat..
i was wondering that will the MG Red Frame Kai that coming soon will release together with the beam rifle and also the shield.. astray's rifle is damn cool.. nicer that strike version..

always think to own some HGUC series.. still planning.. maybe will start with UC series..
the complete color scheme for BB Senshi Sangokuden Dom.. damn.. quite complicated.. but this is a nice kit to get too..
full armor O gundam.. feels a bit like the NT-1 the gundam Alex.. when is Bandai going to release it in MG version.. i bet it will have a tremendous articultion if it release in MG form..

an interesting page on the left side.. a DIY spray booth.. in simple way.. click on to the picture and enlarge it to check it out..

drawing on gundam with gundam marker??? look at the shield of the dynames.. too bad i don't know japanese..
collect them all???.. i'm still looking for the movie which is release on 12th Dec 2009.. anyone can help me? send me the link.. thx..

alright.. thats all for the magazine..

i'm planning on uploading some interesting coverage from all the magazines i bought now.. most were from Dengeki Hobby and some are from Hobby Japan.. but i need more time.. still got two more issue have not upload yet.. also from Dengeki and Hobby Japan.. i think it the September or October issue..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the step and parts i hate most

the biggest part of the gundam is coming.. i mean the legs which contain lot of parts.. so my compressor going to work longer hour than before.. hope it can stand long enough.. i'm headache on setting up so many different parts to the sticks.. this is the step that i hate most.. the step that prepare for painting.. why.. it takes a lot of time.. and by the time i'm finish this step.. dark cloud approaching and start.. raining.. how i'm going to paint?.. zzz

so.. just hope there will be a good weather on tomorrow morning.. pray..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 9 part 2

it've been a while.. not that free these few days.. working on the paint for the kit.. work plus study.. really tired.. and now only have time to update a bit on the painting progress..

since this post still under painting so i named the title "MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 9 part 2".. basically i'm on the process which about 60 % done.. still left the legs plus feets and the tactical arm have not paint.. have to make some correction on the palms.. and the complete result may have two different metallic blue.. sound weird right.. i will tell the reason from the picture below here..

first.. got the cap of the done.. i mean recover from the disaster.. should show the disaster picture of the cap.. then.. i don't dare to coat it anymore.. basically what i have for the problem is the mixture of the thinner and the flat coat is a bit not balance.. too much thinner and made all the panel line smear.. other part of the head have the same problem too but it not that significant so i decided to leave it as the part is too small to be repair..
the arm is painted but not the palm.. planning to use hand brush instead of airbrush since i have apply the white color gundam marker to the palm.. i don't want to spoil it.. i can tell you using the white color gundam marker is just so hard.. have to apply few layer to make it look nice..
another disaster here.. forgot to fx the panel line.. result.. the panel line is too thick and i coated it.. damn.. i'm so stupid.. i should check it first.. the pelvis color was my favorite.. other than the body.. all other blue color part was using Mr. Color metallic blue.. but the color of the Mr. Color metallic blue bring a bit of green color.. i mean it doesn't look exactly like blue but like dark blue mix with a bit of green.. the sea color.. XD
my favorite angle.. one more problem happen here is the sticker that i use for the eyes.. i spoil it and thats why it doesn't look nice.. i think i better learn how to paint the eyes..
notice there are two circle.. number one is the color that i mix with gaia gloss blue and Mr. Color metallic blue (thinner too).. the ratio for the gaia gloss blue is higher.. thats why the body doesn't look that shiny but with a accurate blue color.. and i paint the body without surfacer so the color of the body is.. very.. blue.. haha (don't know how to describe)..

number two is the Mr.color metallic blue painted on surfacer..

i like both color actually but i decide other part will only do on single color which is Mr.color metallic blue so i don't have to headache for the mixture of the paint.. haha

to be continue..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise WIP 9

time to update a bit on my MG Astray here.. took me few days to test on the airbrush and finally i use it on this kit.. i start with the head unit which is the first picture.. i'm using the gaia flat coat at first for all the white color but again.. nothing come out from the airbrush so i add more thinner and as the result.. the flat coat wipe out all the panel line.. the part that affected is the top which is the cap of the head.. learn this mistake and re-mix the paint again.. things works better later.. for the cap?. i re-paint it and it still look not nice.. panel line the cap again and leave it..

then is the gaia blue color.. i mix it with Mr.color metallic blue.. the result is quite nice.. better than the original blue but i have not enough metallic blue mix on it.. so the shiny effect is not strong enough as you can see from the pictures.

thats all for the body and head unit.. will update other soon..

to be continue..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

higher is better

have any problem of taking photo during the crowd?.. bring your own chair.. or.. get a small stairs.. what i realize is most of the time during some important event or got some hot chicks like models reach to public especially in mall.. we will see a lot of photographer reach to the event to get some nice shots.. for what?.. don't know.. maybe just for hobby i guess.. and this is what i found that day at Tropicana City Mall.. since so much photographer is trying to get a nice spot for great angle.. these photographers are smart.. bring his own stair.. some just bring a small chair.. the left one even worse.. use the chair provided from the event.. for?.. stay higher with a zoom lens to get a close up shots.. so.. if you having problem of taking photo during the crowd.. get your own chairs or stairs..

Air Brush second test

alright.. finally.. got some time to conduct the second test at this morning under a bright sunny light.. so nice.. but so hot even in the morning.. luckily things still work according to my schedule.. complete the test today with a successful result.. i mean the paint that turn out still can be accepted eventhough it is not that even..

alright.. here we are.. i'm guess i'm using the right ratio of the paint.. 1:1 ratio for the thinner and the gaia blue..
the other part.. the paint for this part is a bit not even.. trying with bigger pressure actually.. but not enough big i guess..
ok.. fresh come out after paint.. and the paint dry quite fast..

the place that i use to prepare the paint.. 'stone' table outside my house.. can use it to prepare stuff for paint but definitely can't use for paint here.. or else.. i will kill by my mother..
the empty bottle use for mixing the paint and the thinner.. so dirty and need a lot of thinner to clean it.. you can use this to create the measurement to mix the paint..
i shake too much while i test the paint.. asa result.. the whole airbrush get dirty too.. and again.. need thinner to clean it and i was so stupid of using the Mr.Color's thinner to clean it.. heres the tips.. for cleaning the tools.. use those cheap thinnerfor cleaning and use expensive thinner for mixing the paint..
what is this?.. tissue..

so.. thats all for the second test.. will start to paint on the kit this Saturday..

Monday, January 11, 2010

toy shop in tropicana city mall

alright.. went to Tropicana City Mall for work yesterday.. work at the center court.. and a significant toy shop appear in my eyes.. locate at the top floor.. i can't remember which floor but same floor with the cinema.. so the first it caught my eyes while i'm in front the shop is.. not the 1/1 terminator yet.. but a lot of expensive figure.. they even display 1/160 chogokin macross unit.. some of it.. not dare to take too much photo as the seller over there seems no happy that i take the photo of their figure.. damn stupid.. never mind..

basically this shop sell some figure (those expensive and rare also can found there), transformer, and also lego.. the shop name called BrickBoy Toy.. so i guess mainly the product are more on lego.. if i'm not wrong.. this should be the shop at Times Square KL 7th floor last time and have a brancg in Mid Valley Garden at the top floor too.. too bad they didn't sell any gunpla.. even those gundam figure seems can't find too..

so the thing that make me come back for the photo after i work was this.. the 1/1 scale terminator.. i guess this is the T-700 right.. man.. i never see 1/1 terminater in my life before even the movie have start more than ten years ago.. i'm still remember the first time i watch terminator movie was the Terminator 2 : Judgement Day.. sexy Arny.. and luckily Astro (Malaysia TV broadcaster.. i guess i use the right name.. broadcaster) still airing some of the terminator series like the first terminator movie which i forgot the theme (if i'm not wrong, it should called 'The Terminator').. my favourite terminator? not T-X but.. T-1000.. haha.. from the second movie.. too bad there is a glass that make those reflection hard to see..
mm.. hope i can see a 1/1 scale predator too.. but i do some 1/1 scale alien but build by those screw and gear.. and they don't allow me to take the photo.. the weird thing is that 1/1 scale alien figure was outside some of the apparel shop as decoration.. you can find it at Sungei Wang plaza somewhere in ground floor..

the strike of the empire!!!!! in lego form.. i think i have post this before..
another cool thing from lego for starwar..
Joe the haze!!! still haven't got time to watch Masked Rider Black RX.. planning to watch the Masker Rider Black first but those quality is too bad and the fashion is too old.. make me feel bore..
wait a minute.. if i'm not wrong.. this should be 1/1 scale Master Yoda too.. bah.. not study about starwar much.. so i don't know the height of Master Yoda but i'm quite interested on Starwars.. at least i watch all six episode and my favourite episode? the third episode which is the latest and the born of Darth Vader..
blue ironman.. this thing is cool.. new movie coming soon.. and one of the ironman in the second movie seems like have the same color with this ironman figure.. no information about this figure.. close to the Mark 3 scale i guess..

thats all..


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