Friday, October 31, 2008

End of the month

Still got nothing to post except this.. my salary isn't here yet and my favourite MG Infinite Justice not here yet.. got no mood for other kit.. and my V ( i mean my car called myvi) is going to need fund.. and the fund is going to take from my salary.. going to cut my gunpla budget to half.. OH MY GOD!!!.. feels like it killing me.. it've been always like this.. every time i clear some "loan".. for sure there are something come to get my extra money.. BUDGETING!!!

OH!!! my lovely gunpla..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MG Strike Noir

i got nothing to say.. i can see the potential of this kit to pose.. and even heard that this kit can make a lot of great pose.. but i'm just can't think to make any pose.. it is a very steady kit.. just normal standing pose.. it look cool enough.. in term of the balance from the back pack.. no complain.. thinking of using it's colour scheme for my MG Freedom..

the weapons was as advance and more compact as compare to IWSP back pack (the combination of all striker pack).. the machine gun from the head is a lot better than normal strike.. i mean it molded separately so it do not need paint for the machine gun..

it come with a lot of weapon which can't be store at the body at the same time.. so stupid.. pistol beam rifle was one of my favourite.. and even it come with different palms for different weapon.. the normal MG palm can do everything actually.. i'm just love this kit so much and never regret of buying it..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Malaysian Taxi again

ok.. today.. i took cab to college again.. this time the price that offer by the driver still ok even it is not run by meter.. but about RM 1 more than usual lah.. since i was in rush and quite hard to take taxi with a good price at mid valley.. then i have no choice.. come on man.. in order to get a taxi at mid valley.. you need to queue up and wait.. and sometimes.. the taxi that reach your turn may not offer what you want so you just need to go to the other taxi behind the taxi at your turn.. of course you don't need to queue again.. but that is the problem.. because the taxi that reach your turn or the taxi behind may not offer what you want too.. and sometimes there may a premier taxi which charge more due to the taxi was a car that something we called a little bit of luxury type.. (it just a Perdana V6 and other car that the type of more luxury are very very rare you can get).. i think we can get a taxi that using Camry or maybe some car in that range often and charge a fair price at some other country like Taiwan or Thailand.. but this is Malaysia..

alright here is the next thing i want to talk about.. one thing that i found very common for most of the taxi drivers in Malaysia.. they are very interested on politic.. i mean they do care a lot thing that happen in the government.. i guess they always have the latest update just after the media got the news.. and we can actually get a lot of comment about the government or politician from them.. how i know??? yesterday.. the cab that i took.. the taxi driver was a malay and his radio was turn to some politician debate channel.. today.. the other taxi driver which was a indian complain a lot and most are about the government and politician.. cute huh.. and guess what.. some of the chinese and indian taxi driver are well educated .. i was curious why they want to be a taxi driver since they are well educated.. i'm not mean that they just told me that they are well educated but in fact they not.. but is it they have frustrated to this damn messy society in Malaysia and just want to be an ordinary driver??? just want to get rid from the problem that created by something big???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Malaysia Taxi Drivers

have you take any taxi in Malaysia.. especially in KL.. i guess most Malaysian did.. and guess what.. i found something funny, nonsense and stupid here.. alright.. first.. there are two types of taxi drivers in Malaysia.. run on meter and not run of meter.. taxi driver who not run on meter.. i would say "fukk u" to them if they charge me more higher than the normal rate in that place.. of course i'm not going to say that in front of them.. haven't experience whack by whole bunch of taxi drivers meh???.. the taxi driver that run on meter.. please be careful if you don't know about the road and direction.. must ask them how to get to the place and imagine the any building near there or the map if you can.. if you really can't do that.. i'll suggest you to take the train or the bus..

ok.. here is the story.. my car was sent for service few days.. so i have to take public transport to college.. its very far from my home to college.. always need to change few different types of public transport to reach the college if i want to reach more faster and pay less.. so.. i take the bus to reach KL and going to change to another bus to my college which in Damansara.. as a Malaysian.. will always know that public transport in Malaysia for sure are always not that reliable and most are control by government.. so i decided instead of change to another bus which i need to wait for long time.. i take cab will be a lot faster.. since i know the road.. if i can get a taxi that run on meter.. it save me a lot of time and money.. so.. i reach to the first cab.. in KL Sentral near to the bus station.. i ask the place and do they charge on meter??? i called this first taxi.. and he answer me honestly.. it will charge me RM 25 for me to reach my college and he suggest me to get the taxi which will charge by meter near the monorail station "Brickfield" (quite near to KL Sentral, about less than 5 minutes walk).. so.. guess i'll just get a taxi from there.. and then.. another taxi driver ask me in an very very impolite manner "you need a taxi??" after about 20 steps away from the first taxi.. i ignore him at first but then.. since i'm in rush.. i'm just ask him how much and tell him about the place i want to go.. "RM 20", the second taxi driver answered.. then i'm just answered him back "ok", and i walked away.. then he yell and try to convince me ( or CHEAT ME) from my back ( not very loud by annoying) and said.. " it is the normal price charge from here".. what a stupid and rude taxi driver.. i'm just don't kno how to describe that situation.. their mother didn't teach them don't simply yell at the public.. fine.. just don't want to argue with him since there are many same type taxi driver around.. better not mess with them.. like i said "haven't experience whack by whole bunch of taxi drivers meh???".. ok then.. finally i reach the third cab which charge by following the meter machine or something.. and it only cost me no more than RM 6 from KL Sentral to my college at Damansara... first taxi.. RM25.. Second taxi.. RM 20.. third taxi.. RM 6.. which one will you choose.. come on man.. WHAT THE FUKING WRONG WITH MALAYSIA TAXI DRIVERS HAPPEN???

SO.. my conclusion is.. it can cost you less if you know how to deal with Malaysia Taxi driver.. and one last question.. isn't taxi driver should follow the meter machine to charge their passengers???

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sd guan yu

holy shit!!! my top coat spoil the entire kit.. tell more about that later.. at first.. i was thinking what gundam will use for this famous hero.. i don't have any idea until i saw the leg looks like zz gundam.. guess zz gundam may suit this because it huge enough like the characteristic of Guan Yu which is very strong..

third pic.. for me it looks great.. haven't apply top coat on it yet.. means not "chut si" yet.. it means the bad things not happen yet in chinese.. but look at the last two pictures..

i was prepared for everything that need for top coat.. but the time was not allow me to make something better.. it is all about my nephew.. my mom was sick so i need to take care of him and.. baby always cry or make some noise when they sleep and suddenly awake.. and that was the time i'm half way applying the top coat.. so.. i gotta done it quickly without any checking or er.. something.. and end up... haizzz

i'm just don't have mood to take any photo of it anymore.. now i'm working on his brother.. Chang fei

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Canon launching new product

damn.. just come back from work.. work for 14 hour a day.. really exhausted.. but still quite enjoy since it just a event that don't need push sales.. solve my headache problem for that.. and the most important things.. lesser stress..

mm.. quite enjoy.. playing with a lot of Canon new launching product.. what it is??? .. lets go to the photo

ok.. this is me.. with the cover from some lousy lamp.. looks like doreamon " i forget how it spell" hand..

this is not the new one but the most expensive stuff here.. lens with the machine.. machine with the man.. and machine with man and hobby.. hehe.. "hobby means my hobby la".. you will know what my hobby through my blog.. ever imagine getting your 1/100 or 1/144 gundam with one shot from this big bad ass "EOS 1Ds Mk 3 with EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM ( sorry for the fault word but i'm still going to put it) and print it out in a.. mm.. maybe 10 feet by 10 feet picture??? it gonna be awesome if you know how to use the camera.. don't misunderstand.. this is not mine.. it just a demo unit from the event.. EOS 1Ds Mk 3 with EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM??? cost for about RM 37k man.. how i'm going to afford it.. it just a dream that will never come true for me to own it.. oh ya.. this big bad ass got 21 megapixel and full frame with dual DIGIC 3 processor and ISO burst up to 6400 with the noise level like ISO 1600 or maybe ISO 800 in your normal compact camera.. why you need ISO 25600 if the camera can't come up with low noise level picture??? the only answer is.. " Wai loh!!!" in chinese means feel cool to have that much of ISO.. my friend told me..

this is my colleague.. he is more pro than me.. even the way he holding it a lot better compare to me right.. that is the EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM lens with EOS 1Ds Mk 3 if i'm not wrong.. and also the speedlight 580EX 2..

i think this just become my boss's dream.. since he own a EOS 5D and this is EOS 5D Mk 2.. and this is the new product which also have 21 megapixel with full frame but with one DIGIC 4 processor "the latest processor for canon" and also provide a ISO 6400 with very low noise level??? it gonna be fun.. i mean if my boss going to change his camera to this.. haha.. and guess what.. this EOS 5D Mk 2 can do video recording and in high definition with HDMI output.. and also face detection in it liveview function.. god.. what the fuking wrong with the professional camera industries.. do they have nothing to add more instead of moving some technologies from some camera to another camera.. when i heard about Nikon DSLR D90 have the video recording in it.. i was asking myself.. what for??? now people are going to ask me this question soon.. so.. i gotta answer like i'm selling the normal compact digital camera la..

ok.. this is something i'm more familiar with.. consider the semi-pro range in DSLR.. not bad.. this EOS 50D.. the replacement of its successor EOS 40D.. about 15 megapixel with also DIGIC processor but no video recording la.. still got face detection and... guess what.. it come together with the new kit lens package.. the EFS 18-200mm IS.. i'm not a publisher from any media.. so.. my critic may won't have border line.. EFS 18-200.. a good lens??? i don't think so.. it is only for some lazy or stupid DSLR user who concern about zoom or can't afford many lenses people (there are some more actually).. as for Canon.. i think it is a good product to prevent people buying third party or compatible lenses which almost the same range like Tamron and Sigma.. ut these type of lenses are quite convenient.. like i said.. don't need to change the lenses frequently for different purpose and also don't need to carry too much lenses since this lens may solve a lot of problem.. actually brands are doing the same thing..

a lot of people are waiting for this.. i think.. the Canon Powershot G 10.. a good camera which have most of the DSLR features.. but still the performance can't be match.. as for me.. i would say this is the product have no competitor in it's range.. because i can't find some thing similar to this range from other brand.. especially the quality of the pictures.. i mean the range but not this Powershot G 10 ar.. why.. i have not test this myself.. got no time for it.. small, slim and compact size camera??? oh come man and.. GURL!!! you want some great thing??? you want some beautiful pictures.. you need to sacrifice the beauty of the design of the camera.. what for if you have the most beautiful design of the camera and the worst picture provide by the beautiful design camera.. at last you will only face the photo but not the design of the camera.. PLEASE!!! don't be cheated by the LCD screen of the camera.. you want to know how good is the camera.. print some photo out from that camera.. or at least you check the photo from the camera in an 19 inch LCD..

most people favourite.. a camera with a lot of zoom.. and it called the Canon Powershot SX1 is and Powershot SX10 is.. may i ask something here.. do you really need a long optical zoom while you just capturing normal portrait photo or some landscape photo??? as for myself.. i think 3 to 4 times optical zoom will be more than enough for me.. and please.. if you are demanding for some high optical zoom camera.. don't think you want some thing that is slim.. why hold it by yourself at the maximum zoom.. the answer will be there.. if you don't have chance to hold it.. then ask yourself.. will it logic if a slim camera that provide high optical zoom but do not provide a perfect grip due to the design of the camera is too slim.. will provide you a steady picture??? my answer.. again.. i don't think so.. what about image stabilizer??? my answer will be more simple.. please go to get some information about image stabilizer.. especially the structure of it before you ask "what about image stabilizer".. anti-shake??? come on man.. if you know camera.. the word of "anti-shake" does not exist..

does this look cute??? some people said it look like a radio and some said it look like a rice-cooker.. actually it is a printer.. but even myself.. i laugh at the design as well.. but the design really help a lot.. will tell more about this at the next post..

Most picture will look quite blur due to i'm using camera from the handphone.. damn.. forgot to bring my own camera..

Saturday, October 4, 2008


just some kits from the part of my display shelf.. damn.. almost got no place to put all this kit.. and just a part( all the kits from the last picture).. i have spend about rm 800 for these.. ooo..

mm.. lets go back to the display shelf.. the original colour of the shelf was in brown.. i use mahjong paper as the background and A4 paper at the side to make the view brighter..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

MG Zeta Complete

wow wow wow.. my expectation to this kit was quite low at first.. due to it's fragile joint.. it make me feel that it is not a good kit that can pose even the articulation was quite good.. in fact.. the result exceed my expectation..

the box pose will be the easiest..

the mega launcher was my favourite.. it is a lot easy to pose than the beam rifle from MG Strike Freedom which can combine.. and the clip from the palm help a lot and stronger than MG Strike Freedom.. so no matter hold by single or both hand also won't cause any problem..

i have no idea of the pose from the beam saber.. so just do some normal slash pose..

finally i'm able to understand the manual and do the tranformation.. but now i'm headache to transform it back to mobile suit mode.. it quite complicated.. especially the wings..

mm.. i'm thinking of buying MG Zeta unicorn ver. so i can have both MG Zeta display for both MA and MS mode.. looking forward on it.. mm.. just hope i can get it soon..


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