Thursday, July 28, 2011


with 8 days of absent from the blog.. it seems a bit unhealthy for the blogs.. i try make at least one post every week but seems like i failed last week.. from the previous post.. you can see that i'm having problem with my paint supply and most of my projects stucked.. i can start another new project until my paint issues solve actually.. but having too much new projects is unhealthy to my current gunpla building process too.. about the hangar i'm building?.. i need to move it into paint process for more encouragement.. haha.. but again.. i don't have enough surfacer.. one good thing is most of these issues will be solve by next week.. and all the project should continue by next week..  

so what i'm doing recently?.. reading up all the post from you guys.. you might find weird that why i actively visit your site recently (for those who "blog").. 

that's all for this month.. see you all on August.. and lastly.. i want to share this out.. 

damn.. this GPB-D unicorn look damn good.. make me want to paint one in MG version..

picture from 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom WIP 3

alright.. i'm stuck again.. running out of blue this time.. and the blue color recipe required at least two types of blue color which is the cobalt blue and character blue.. might add metallic if you want to.. damn.. 

facing another problem now.. whenever i try to draw panel line on this lacquer paint.. once i do a mistake.. that's it.. i can't do anything other than re-paint the whole thing.. and this kit require lots of panel line.. the worse part is.. seamline.. it was all contribute by the inner part joint.. damn.. any help for me?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hangar Dio WIP 1

not much done here.. still in beginning stage.. it will be the base for my current project.. i think of this idea long time ago.. since the mechanical chain base for kotobukiya is too small and can cost a lot if i want to get the right size i want by combining few of them.. i have decided to build my own version.. again.. i try to search as many types of hanger interior design as possible from the google.. but i don't post my references here this time.. try on copying different skill from different modelers and put everything together.. still got long way to go..

the worse part is i'm still stuck with all my current project that require paint.. the part that i hate most.. "stuck"!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Substitute for Pla-plate

i'm sure most of us know that other than Tamiya pla-plate.. we can add other type of plastic material to our gunpla for customization or building diorama.. but finding a suitable type might be a bit hard.. i saw some modeler use some kind of card to scratch out katana.. and.. it look great.. So.. why we need substitute for Tamiya pla-plate?.  the reason is simple.. price.. it cost about RM 30 for five piece of 364mm x 254 mm Tamiya pla-plate no matter in 0.2mm thickness or 0.5 thickness.. so.. it cost about RM 6 per-piece.. the good thing is.. it came in different type of thickness and all this thickness were show in its package.. you will know which type of pla-plate you want.. it create the standard that we can easily follow and create what we want.. why not use pla-plate?.

the answer is here.. i think of this substitute after i purchased the Tamiya 0.2mm clear version pla-plate.. i found that the quality of 0.2mm tamiya pla-plate is quite similar to my college assignment cover (the cover is more softer actually).. so i went to the stationery shop and found something in the picture..  size is about 290mm x 210mm.. thickness unknown  (should be around 0.2mm).. semi-gloss surface.. and guess how much it cost?.. RM per piece.. six time cheaper than the Tamiya pla-plate.. even though it slightly smaller but imaging the cost of paying Tamiya pla-plate compare to this.. SIX TIMES!!!..
when i try to cut it out.. it seems easier since semi-gloss surface.. and react quite good to the Mr.Cement glue.. but there is one problem with this "book cover" as the replacement for Tamiya pla-plate.. it is more fragile.. inelastic.. not suitable for cutter..

I'm going to build something from this material soon.. check the next post..

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Layout design


Alright.. after two days.. new layout with some additional function plug in.. you might notice there are some weird changes these two days as it is under renovation.. something pops out and something disappear.. 

you might feel the navigation is a bit different now as most of the link for my gunpla collection.. compiled and slot into different page.. i wanted to make this style long time ago but i don't have time to learn it.. and finally.. it's done.. 

there is also a new link section for gunpla community website.. found a lot of great things there.. works, tutorial.. anything..

as for the header.. still the same logo, artlines, and words.. but i try to match the header background as part of the entire blog background.. i'm using powerpoint to design and create it out.. so.. not much function i can use from there when i want to save the entire thing become a pictures.. of course.. if possible.. i hope the background of the header is transparent and only words and logo left.. and the planet won't look out of shape too.. but i'm really got no idea how to do it.. so.. i use half day to adjust the size of the of the header to match the background.. there should be other way that can make this done faster.. 

most of the words might seems too small and the color too dim.. but i feel it is more comfortable to view or read.. hope you all like it..

and this will be the new banner..

and i receive some surprise from google.. when i searching pictures for my blog.. the background of google suddenly pops out like this.. and i realize we can actually change the photo we want.. cool

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another Gundam Thought

alright.. i'm sure we all read most of the latest news about gundam and gunpla.. and this post.. will mainly focus on two topics which is the new gundam series called Gundam Age and Gundam The Origin.. 

First.. i was thinking that how many years we have waiting for another new gundam series after Gundam 00 (Gundam UC not counted since it is part of the UC).. erm.. two years?.. one and the half?.. and after that.. giving us the Gundam Age.. most of us feel disappointed about this new series where it appear that the story more like a children cartoon than military adult anime.. i guess Sunrise, Bandai or the the series creator realize it.. when i saw this announcement.. it remind me that there was a Sd gundam series released before where the story, character and other stuff are more toward to children.. so.. is this the cycle?..what ever it is.. we don't know how good this new gundam series can be.. so.. i will not comment anything on it but base on what i saw.. the main gundam more like gundam O with changing form ability which like Kamen Rider Black Rx (normal for., mechanical form and hydro form).. XD.. than the unknown alien.. similar to Vajra in Macross Frontier.. and just like Gundam 00.. merchant item flowing out before the actual series release.. and it even possible to receive MG treatment soon.. and the Megasize already rolling out.. i was wondering that if there are many people don't like this new series.. who will buy it merchant item.. unless the story from the series able to convince those collector.. i'm sure Bandai realize this.. so.. we might have hope that this series will not fail us.. or else.. it will fail it merchant item too..

so.. second topic.. "Gundam The Origin" will be animated.. erm.. so.. it will be the original Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 story right.. and this means.. it is high possibility that not much new Gundam will be design out since it "had been design out".. so.. the only new gundam design that we will receive will from Gundam Age.. and that's it.. i'm a bit confuse on this "Gundam The Origin" series (I'm even confuse that how should i call this series).. so.. Sunrise is going to make the Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 into high quality anime or re-make the whole story out with similar quality like Gundam UC.. we all know that the Mobile Suit Gundam 0079's shape right.. haha.. I was hoping for other thing actually.. but if there is another gundam series coming around the same time with Gundam Age.. nobody will watch Gundam Age if the series is better than Gundam Age.. nobody will watch this new gundam series if it worse that Gundam Age.. if we able to think like this.. and with the indication of the "6/25" banner which show RX-78 face.. we should know how will it turn out.. we just need confirmation..  and now we have it.. 

What do i think about the coming gunpla release?.. erm.. Don't know.. will post it when i get more information about the coming release..

Non-grade 1/100 Astray red frame (the Resurrection project) Stage 1

alright.. instead of using WIP 1.. i called this as stage one.. since it is a resurrection process.. from the previous post.. i list down different version of this kit from HG 1/144 to PG 1/160.. and the last picture show some of it process.. in this post.. there will be a picture showing the the completion of of stage 1 and some comparison of this stage with the original version..

copy this pose from PG version.. as i told you.. even though this kit suffer some "proportionate" problem.. it still can pose well..
seems like the artline version is better than the real kit..
alright.. time for the difference.. the picture above is.. before..
and here is.. after.. neck fixed.. chest fixed.. shoulders fixed.. not much work done on the legs.. since it is quite similar to the PG version except the rounded knees design.. and.. the surprise come in the next photo..


TA DA!!!.. i'm going to add the a flight pack on it.. although it is not the original flight pack.. but.. it will look great.. i promise you.. it will look great.. haha

so... whats next?.. i still owe you guys my gunpla thought for new gunpla series..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Non-grade 1/100 Astray red frame (the Resurrection project)

alright.. why i call this as resurrection project.. "it means it will come out from the box and back to display again with some of my custom touch" in my definition.. some might ask why i choose this project since i have MG Astray Red Frame Kai? the answer is here.. from my previous review.. this was the best Non-grade 1/100 kit i had in Seed/Destiny Series.. even though this kit do come with a lot of detail.. it still got lot of potential to modify it.. such as adding detail to some plate armor and fixing the proportion.. slightly improve the articulation.. 

since i have no money for buying paint now and i'm stuck in my MC Hi-Nu gundoom.. starting another project can cure my "plamo addiction".. the main reason i start this before the MG version is.. i prefer the proportion of non-grade version rather than the MG version which is more slim and sleek.. if you check the art line of this kit.. the non-grade version follow exactly the same from the artline design as we can find it from the assembling manual but of course.. it is not the best proportion design.. especially comparing to the PG version.. 

i'm not sure which one is the most accurate or the best proportion but the one that i prefer most will be the PG version.. bulkier and all the proportion design is well balance.. as for the MG version.. it inherit lot of detail from the PG but again.. the proportion design is too slim or sleek.. other than that.. the MG version doesn't come with the conventional shield, astray beam rifle and the astray backpack which carry two beam sabers..  as for the Non-grade 1/100 or the HG 1/144 version.. it is almost same or "same" as in anime.. the proportion designs are more similar to the PG version but it suffer some proportion problem at the same time.. the chest and the neck.. which i'm going to fix it.. i download lot of photo about this kit to study what i need to touch up.. 

first.. start with the box art.. i bought it before the release of the PG and MG version.. and i don't realize anything about the proportion problem.. the thing i have in my mind is.. this kit feels like missing something but i don't know what it is..

OOB version.. one of the best photo and poses to show this kit in detail.. 

the proportion looks better in some of the "CG or fan art" version.. if i'm not wrong.. the red color back ground version is made by sandrum and display in deviantart..

the next thing i need to study about this kit is the PG version since it is my favorite version for Astray.. best proportion "IMO" and lot of detail.. as i compare the PG version to the Non-grade version.. what i found out about the proportion is the chest and neck as i mentioned in the second para.. the neck is too short and should place further backward by few mm for the non-grade.. the chest size is the second proportion problem.. it is too small to fit with it bulky arms and legs.. that is why it look a bit weird.. it slightly too flat even compare the artline design.. the third problems fall to the feet which i don't have any idea to fix it yet.. the feet for non-grade version is too slim as compare to the PG version.. 
again.. i'm half way done before i made this post.. the first stage for the arms, head, shoulders, chest and waist.. the second stage will the touch up for sanding which will start after i complete the first stage for the legs.. 

one thing i like to mention about this kit is.. PG, MG, NG and HG of this kit.. always look great.. especially in standing pose.. and we still can get the bling bling sword in this version.. i will add some special thing for this project.. and it will review at the end of the project.. stay tune..

only the last picture is mine.. others are from Google..


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