Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom WIP 2

i try to finish it as soon as possible but the problem is.. my paint inventory doesn't allow me to.. running out of white color and thinner.. i try out some new thing actually..

 the first picture.. i'm using the industry use thinner (cheapest thinner which only cost RM 3 per-bottle with.. about 250ml if i'm not wrong).. this type of thinner is stronger than the normal thinner from Mr.Hobby and Gaia paint.. i will only use it for cleaning process normally (airbrush, empty bottle and other).. definitely not recommended to apply directly to the model kit without any mixtures (pure).. it can erode the plastic.. badly.. part of that.. the surface of the paint created by this type of thinner won't as smooth as the modeler thinner.. and it is not good for adding panel line.. it dry fast but since the surface become rough.. it might be good for matte surface.. (try at your own risk)..  
other than trying out the low cost thinner.. it had been long time i didn't use gundam marker in detailing process.. i won't paint most of the join since it already come in metallic black (it look grey in the picture).. there are lot of "hydraulic" pump come in this kit.. i'm not as good as NgeeKhiong.. i will try to make it simple.. 

the problem i don't have enough paint or modeler thinner is because of one reason.. running out of money.. and since i can't continue this project this two weeks.. i have to start or continue or revive some other project and it will be review soon.. guess what it is?..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MC Hi-Nu Gundoom WIP 1

the packaging is definitely amazing from the outside to inside.. even the manual.. something impress me but there are also some disappointment about this kit.. 

first.. lets talk about the packaging.. two sided boxart and some "english" description about this kit.. oh yeah.. i like that.. the box is as big as those MG Astray or MG rezel but as thick as Macross Frontier Armor Messiah plamo kit from Bandai.. lets go on with the pictures and i will tell you more from there..

inside the box.. there is an additional box inside it.. "inner box".. sounds like an PG packaging.. XD..
the manual is amazing.. i mean the quality of the paper it use.. thicker, better contrast and come in glossy type..
not only that.. there are tone of image and description or info about this kit in both Chinese and English language.. now you can know this model well.. and those photo can use as reference for posing.. part of that.. it also able to show the articulation of this kit.. but too bad.. there is some flaw.. i will talk about that later.. the manufacturer sure improve a lot from the "bootleg" manufacturers.. smarter in terms of packaging..

same as usual.. picture show the amount of runners but the artlines.. erm.. quite disappointed as compare to Bandai..

more photos showing the weapon and posing.. and some of the photo like showing it can mount two bazooka at the back and hold another two bazooka at the same time.. that means you have to get more of this kit and you can make some crazy heavy armor mod Hi-Nu like what other like to do with their Unicorn or OO mix with Qant with all kind of weapons..
another disappointment here is.. does it really need such big and thick box to store this amount of runners.. there are lot of empty space.. if it a MG.. the box might be fully fill.. alright.. lets check out the runners..

17 runners in total include one PC runner.. lot of foil stickers and markings.. and the wings effect..
i purposely take this picture is to show the plastic quality.. as you can see from here.. the plastic quality can only match Bandai Sd Sangokuden plastic quality level or slightly "worse".. this is something below my expectation and something i want to find out about this kit since it feels like come from a new manufacturers.. i lowered down my expectation on this actually but it still feel me after i saw those line.. hope the paint can help here.. but there are something need more attention to fix this thing.. scroll down..
look at it.. the structure of the body is very simple.. the abdomen part should be separated from the chest even though it is an HG.. and the chest vernier too.. easier for painting..

the extra thing have to concern for fixing will be the seamlines.. maybe their crafting machines is not good enough yet.. luckily it is still better than those "real" bootlegs that never get all the part in right shape and hardly assemble those part together.. as for this.. i feel it quite close to my Kotobukiya Alteisein.. male and female joint is slightly too tight.. other than that.. the PC runner.. the "strength" of it is slightly different.. not stiff enough but will easily change shape if too much preasure apply on it..

these are the part for the head unit.. the whole helmet come in one part.. i hope my new enamel panel line skill can help..

the sequence of assembling the kit is a bit different.. we will normally assemble the shoulders after we get the arms ready but this kit will have the shoulders come first.. one thing that we might not notice is the paint on those joint or "partial" inner frame color was actually metallic black.. just like the MG Astray Blue Frame.. it is less significant..
this is the place i worry a lot.. i always have nightmare about ball type peg joint cause it need a little bit of force or pressure to get it attach to the legs.. the MG Rezel peg joint that i broke previously is not the first case.. i broke several peg joint for other kit before.. as for this.. i try not using too much force on it and it still hold.. but i don't know what will happen after i apply the paint later.. one thing you won't like the waist is the ball joint of the front skirt too loose.. maybe i haven't put everything  properly since it is a pre-assemble process..   

manipulator.. haha.. and there are enough "cap" for each palms.. and the joint is not too tight so it can allow us to swap it easily but the problem will be the polycap.. not sure how long it can hold if i keep on swapping the palm since the shape can easily change..
beautiful isn't it..

i think most of you hate this part right.. it is easy to assemble but not for the paint.. those who have PG SF should suffer a lot from this.. haha.

the "fuel tank" unit.. should i call it this way?.. in gunpla.. we like it longer because it look better but in real.. we want it shorter.. who want their "fuel tank" expose out like that in battle.. one shot---->one blast and lot of damage.. other than that.. the quality of the plastic is clearly show from this parts..
that's all for the beam rifle?.. three parts only.. and the power cartridge.. feels like a air brush tank for me.. XD..

like Z said.. this kit really suffer back heavy.. i guess that explain why the Bandai MG version have it backpack smaller.. "i don't like the proportion of the back for the Bandai MG version".. and the large long fuel tanks is use as supporting the back..
when i look at this picture.. i laugh at myself.. what happen? i cut out this part from the runner wrongly.. after i cut it out.. i realize that there are no place for me the attach it.. luckily i cut only one side of it so i still can glue it back with Mr.Cement and some putty..

About the pose-ability of this kit.. i can't test it out cause most of the parts are loose to each other under this pre-assemble process but i can show it out later when i complete this kit.. wait.. another 11 hours is 25th of June.. feel so excited now..

so.. stay tune..


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