Monday, September 29, 2008

MG Shin Musha

never imagine that i will buy this kit so soon.. maybe inspired by the poster i get when i bought MG Zeta.. maybe i should describe it as an samurai gundam.. haha.. but it carry a classic rifle.. this gundam is not from any series if i'm not wrong but from some playstation game.. the design was base on RX-78.. at first.. i thought it is a RX-78 gundam with extra old classic samurai armor like MG Perfect Gundam.. in fact its not.. i have not own any RX-78 kit yet.. as for this kit i'm not sure that should i call it is one of the RX-78 machine or not.. it is because.. "it is not machine with a pilot but it is a machine with a soul".. why .. check the body later..

lets start with head.. basically it just same as the normal RX-78.. but the eye is green colour which the RX-78 is in yellow colour.. and it can attach some part to make it like wearing a helm..

it got no cockpit.. so.. it got no pilot on it..

wrist is the most annoying part.. it just like building the same thing and attach together but it quite complicated.. and a lot of small tiny parts need panel line..

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i heard that it hard to cut the frame from the runner.. in fact.. it really hard.. the whole inner frame of the leg is actually had combine together.. also the hydraulic pump..

some time it just hard to bend the leg cause every time i bend the leg.. the hydraulic pump will come off.. i'm not sure what is the problem..

nothing to complain here.. hehe

i'm just feel it look cool without the two shield but it just look like it miss something..

damn.. all the weapon is quite hard for it hold on it's palm..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sd Sangokuden ryubi on progress

i was wondering is this kit base on Rx-78??.. mm.. confuse.. the story line that provided with the building guide line was in japanese.. i was wondering that is it come in two version cause i get the guan ping and cao cao one was in english version.. mm..

it so simple.. at first time i thought the body and the wrist armor was molded together..

Sd guan ping have the same body as well

another simple part.. sticker provided so i don't need to use silver marker that much..

ok.. this is the place that my sticker all screw up.. :(

even it required less paint here but it hard to paint here.. because all the part that need to be paint was too small

preparing for top coat.. running out of top coat.. so.. the legs got nothing there..

basically it was an simple and do not required much paint kit.. but need to more on the sticker..

MG Aile Strike

Finally.. finally.. complete this album.. still have three more to go.. enjoy..

additional photo here..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sd sangokuden cao cao complete

it can pose a lot easier since it only carry a big blade which use single hand.. taking photo for Sd kit really required skill.. the creativity of the pose that need to be create.. mm.. gotta learn photoshop.. maybe it can help..


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