Thursday, July 31, 2008

This month haul

RM165 for the MG zeta.. RM86 for 1/100 blaze zaku.. RM38 for the kotobukiya mechanical chain base.. and also red gundam marker.. total up RM299.. never imagine that can buy so much thing in RM300 (almost 10000yen)???.. this is it.. and also a free MG Shin Musha Gundam poster.. this is the only thing that i get from the bargain.. haizzz..

i was confusing whether i should get MG zeta or MG unicorn or MG shin musha since three of them come in almost the same price but at last i decided go up for the MG zeta.. if i got the MG shin musha.. for sure few month later.. my room will fill in by at least 3 to 4 MG Rx-78.. i don't think i have enough budget or space in my room yet.. MG unicorn??> bad articulation for the legs but for sure it will impressed my bro even he is not a gundam fan due to the detail of the inner frame which been expose out after transformed.. since i have Re-gz.. guess its better for me to start with all the Z series gundam.. and also need to continue for my Seed series as well.. as the rumor of MG for Authrun MS may release in Autumn..

Saturday, July 19, 2008

MG Force Impuse

85% completed.. stil got the anti-ship sword and decal have not complete yet.. what an interesting kit.. with all the new design for MG line from Bandai.. in term of the inner frame design to the plate armor and the articulation.. its totally awesome..

First.. the design of the inner frame.. especially.. for both leg and hand.. every craft or i dunno what should i call.. the design maybe.. look more deeper.. more real.. especially the hydraulic pump and some of it can be move..

The plate armor.. i don't think there is any need from design knife anymore.. it look more detail and even detailed than MG destiny which is also one of the SEED series latest MG but older than this..

In terms of the articulation.. as i said.. awesome.. i can see that it can make a lot of great pose..

Damn.. really cant wait to complete this thing and make some awesome pose for photo..

another thing that impressed me.. lets compare the Aile Striker and Force Silhouette.. the thruster to be exact.. what we can see here is the cover for the thruster for Force Silhouette is separated like the PG (perfect grade).. as for Aile Striker.. it combine into one part so it make the rookies or beginner hard for them to paint it..

Core Splendor.. if compare to the 1/100 non-grade version.. this will not look like a toy anymore.. come with landing gear.. which can make it stand alone and look nice.. but one thing i'm still confusing about it.. when it attach to the chest flyer.. the cockpit bend down and attach to the chest flyer vertically.. not like MG Crossbone which attach horizontally.. so.. is Shin Asuka going to handle this MS facing down???

quite disappointed with the cover from the chest flyer cockpit.. which it not like the normal MG.. once the cover of the cockpit open.. we can see the pilot.. as for this.. there is one piece of thing is blocking it..

the design for the hand.. almost same like MG Destiny or MG Strike Freedom.. but i found one thing.. when i bend the hand.. i can see hydraulic pump at the elbow.. but it cant be move.. just a fix design.. but quite impressed me..

Say Welcome to My Nephew

he called Lexus.. chinese name??? still searching for a good one.. haha.. finally.. he is the first fourth generation in my family if start from my Grandma which is still survive.. feel a little bit old for myself.. because he is going to call me uncle (kau fu) soon.. really cant wait that day..

feel like i'm as exited as i have my own son huh.. hahaha...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Want some Crappy Gundam or Figure

Found this in leisure mall.. it is an comic book shop actually.. next to a big video game shop.. that is how i got attract by it since i like to visit video game shop.. can found toys like transformer, spawn, gundam, figure, etc (some is original)... but most of the figure and gundam are not original which means it not manufacture by BANDAI but some other chinese company in China.. about the quality.. i think my title of this topic has told.. i'm just wondering why they want to imitate people and produce this kind of rubbish.. people always said things made in China is not reliable.. but most of it is reliable but why people still have that kind of thinking in their mind.. its all because of this kind of irresponsible imitation manufacturer who like to produce this kind of crappy thing la.. it affect much to the reputation of the original manufacturer but they just keep on spoil their own country reputation.. shall i say rubbish like to produce rubbish???

anyone know what is the meaning of "GODA" means??? if you are malay of course you will think that means obsess.. but actually it is a translation of chinese word and it should spell "GOU DAT" means gundam in chinese..

bigger and expensive than MG gundam and 1/100 size gundam.. interesting huh.. remind me of keita ( 1/100 sd strike freedom..

this is it.. all crappy figure and gundam.. but the transformer and spawn is original

another interesting thing.. 1/100 akatsuki.. chinese version.. come with silver coated version.. i feel its totally ridiculous..

Please.. somebody stop all this crappy production.. i'm really appreciate that..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

MG Impulse, another MG Aile Strike and HG Union Flag

Finally... i got these all.. July haul.. and my MG impulse together with MG aile strike able to sneak into my room.. haha.. another gundam panel line marker for both MG.. and a gold marker for my MG Strike Freedom (previous post is the effect from it).. just finish assemble my Union Flag.. will post more picture soon..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

MG Strike Freedom Inner Frame repaint

Just bought a new gundam marker.. gold colour.. so i planned to repaint some of the inner frame that expose from my strike freedom full burst.. the colour turn out quite nice and almost same like the gold colour that come with strike freedom full burst.. seems like i need to get more different colour gundam marker..

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shopping Day

So..these are the place i visit most.. especially at the begining of the month.. when i received my salary.. what can i say??? these are the most famous place in Malaysia.. the place where we can get the most cheapest stuff to the most expensive stuff.. from the lowest class ( not that low anymore but middle low) to the highest class.. food, services, jewellery, cloths, collection, electronic stuff or i can say anything you need.. you can get it from there.. and the name of these place??? KL (Kuala Lumpur) as general, Imbi, Bukit Bintang, Ampang to be exact.. if you're an otaku in Malaysia.. especially live in Selangor.. i think most of you will quite familiar to these places that i show below..

Toys, figures, gundam, transformer, starwars, marvel, lego, etc....... info maybe.. anyone interested on these stuff.. here is the place..

need any anime, key chain, toys or poster

card game.. model kit..

transformer or other in limited edition??? not a problem..

army suit.. freaking figures (horror type).. big starwars figure..


favoutite stuff.. GUNDAM.. WUAHAHA

Army of Starwars, Autobots.. Sexy figures..

this is what i wish to own..

LEGO WARs!!!!!!!!

Pirates of the Carr...???

i don't know what kind of shop is this.. but all the wears inside looks like the black metal punk.. cool huh.. and it stated "members only".. if you can find people wear like this in other countries.. they're so cool.. but most of the Malaysian that wear these kind of wears.. we call them the new generation of LALA.. you will know what i mean if you're chinese.. but some of them really look cool..

hey heY HEY.. wanna do some trick to attract girls.. make an survey to this shop.. it may help.. the magic shop.. in times square..


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