Friday, December 31, 2010

MG Zeta Plus C 1 (references)

alright.. before the painting process begin.. should check out some finish work done by others as reference.. preventing mistake.. i had been searching google for this kit in blue version.. well.. lot of crap coming out.. so luckily i have my own link in my blog that able to provide me sufficient information about the paint and  i got some unexpected source.. i mean info..

alright.. from the first post of this kit.. i was mentioning about the proportion of this kit.. well.. you can refer to this image which is a G.F.F version of Zeta plus C1 blue color.. i remember it was review by Z .. so i took this photo from his blog.. to show it.. my entire project is actually more on following this actually until i found..
TA DA!!!.. MG Zeta Plus C1 painted according to the G.F.F version if i'm not wrong.. i took this from playevolution .. awesome job.. so.. with the real finish project.. i think i got enough information to re-create my own version.. i didn't realize he actually done this kit when i was reading his blog regarding on his current project which was the black version MG Sinanju from him.. then i saw his header was display with this MG Zeta Plus C1 with blue color scheme.. so i check it out and found this is one hell of the great work..

with the comparison photo of the original kit and the custom paint job from playevolution and .. i can see how much different for the custom paint job and how cool it is..

i got some surprise on the next post.. good news for me.. 

stay tune..

erm.. i forgot to wish you all.. Happy New Year..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

MG Zeta Plus C 1 WIP 1

alright.. forget about the first photo.. always get this kind of problem.. no matter how i fix it unless i make another copy of the first photo but since it just in WIP so i'm going leave it like this..

So.. my next project.. same as what i told you guys in the poll's post.. MG Zeta plus C1.. since i have the A1 version before.. i think it should be easy for me to build it and paint it.. i painted the A1 version.. and i'm going to paint this now.. wait.. before i tell you what i'm going to do with this kit.. how bout my opinion on this kit..

here it go.. this is one hell of the.. not that awesome kit.. it is an old version MG with simple structure than the MG Zeta or the ver.2 .. so.. don't expect too much from this kit.. articulation?.. the age of this will tell you.. design and proportion.. i can't tell much of it as i haven't watch the Gundam Sentinel anime but.. if you want Zeta plus come in more dynamic (or sexy) look version.. check out the G.F.F version.. too bad.. it is a limited item and not producing anymore if i'm not wrong.. my complain about the proportion of this kit is the waist or the abdomen part should be longer or thinner since the shoulders width with the chest is too wide.. now it completely looks like the design being "compress".. that is why the G.F.F version look better.. the second thing i want to talk about is those screws that come together with this kit.. i was thinking the joints of the entire kit were so stiff (arms and legs).. why it still need screws? to lock the joint tighter so that the joint won't easily lose in the future? maybe that is the answer but i had lot of bad experience when dealing with those tiny fragile screws ( in the MG Strike projects).. so.. i'm not going to use any screws that come with it.. transformable kit are fragile especially Zeta type.. it is only applicable on the chest and abdomen part.. other.. stiff like hell.. XD..

alright.. regarding on what i'm going to do on this kit.. simple.. just paint it.. not going to add any pla plate or panel line.. just paint it.. in term of color scheme.. i chose the blue Zeta plus color scheme which means i will deal with a lot of white color paint soon.. and as i study the blue color Zeta plus in G.F.F version.. the blue will come in light blue and dark blue which one of this color is actually the stripe.. the biggest problem i will have on the painting.. panel line.. this kit come with lot of original panel line and doing panel line after painting with gundam marker or the 0.2 Mitsubishi pen can still be difficult.. that is why my A1 version didn't have all the panel line painted.. and white color paint is one hell color that hard to manage or paint.. why? too much thinner (thinner paint) will need more thin layer to make perfect (means look exactly white) or it will not cover the grey surfacer well.. less thinner and thicker paint.. nozzle of the AB stuck and it can easily create thick layer of paint which look not even and.. ugly.. tricky business huh.. and without a proper lighting.. it is quite hard to check whether the paint is done properly or not.. that is why i like to paint my kit with black or dark color.. the different in between the A1 and the C1.. will tell that in the next post.. now.. enjoy the pics.. not pic..

no inner frame for the arms..

simple leg structure right..

and the pre-assembled unit.. can't post it well cause most of the parts not attach properly..

painting progress coming soon..

stay tune..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

MG ZZ complete!!!

what am i waiting for?. shoot it up..
damn.. i took almost two months to fix this kit and finally it is done.. well.. like usual.. always think of adding stuff and end up with lot of failure.. have to learn from mistake right.. so.. far.. my satisfaction on this work.. i give myself 60 over 100.. it's not about the paint but the pla plate i add in and the sanding process make it look.. not that good..
first.. about this kit.. from the picture i guess you know well about the articulation of this kit.. not only that.. most of the part attach to the legs is actually quite loose and fragile.. luckily i didn't break any part.. the biggest problem of this kit?.. it got a lot of big heavy weapon that can't be hold by it's arms no matter how hard i try.. those clip that provided.. USELESS!!! unless you fix it.. make the clip more thicker by adding glu or what ever.. so.. i can't even pose it with weapon except the normal pose.. the waist can't be turn due to the old transformation structure.. not like the MG Impulse of course.. this is expected.. and one last thing that i feel bad about this kit.. most of the area doesn't support with inner frame such as the tights, upper arm and the rest of the inner part are thrusters for the mobile armor mode.. this kit can be said as frameless..

on the positive side of this kit.. even though it is a transformation unit upgraded from Zeta.. this kit is not as fragile as the Zeta.. except the weapon.. the overall weight is quite balance.. for an old MG.. it is pretty good that most of the parts are molded in different piece.. and lastly.. if you plan to modify this kit.. it got lot of large surface for you to add in pla plate, panel line and M.S.G part..

the paint list that i use.. i'm not going to split it out.. too much combination till i can't remember all.. sorry for that..

look at the chest.. the final mistake at the final stage of completion.. stupid dry decal stick the paint out.. GOD DAMN IT!!! now i know why it is better to use water slide decal..

don't ask why i didn't post it in MA mode.. i'm worry more mistake i will make if i keep on playing with it

thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy it..


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