Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bakuc Malaysia 2009 November

so.. Bakuc Malaysia 2009 November at Sungei Wang plaza.. i went there for the first day and since i'm not free.. i took almost a week to upload all these photo.. total number of the photos was 124.. and i'm just went to and check out somebody has just post this too.. they said there are some event was held during the second last day which is yesterday and also the price presentation day.. damn.. i was working that day and miss everything.. i thought its just ok for me to skip that day for work since i know i'm not going to win anything.. there is a lot of pro modeler there.. on the last day which is today.. i went back to pick up my "Vanator".. and i saw some of the champion's work.. too bad i don't have any camera except my phone.. have a close up.. i mean close touch too.. for the PG OO Raiser gundam.. alright.. lets check out the pics..

first is the 1/60 repair Exia with led light on its left right eye.. a brilliant idea.. really look like terminator.. haha..
PG astray..

MG kampfer in the hangar.. well gloss painted work.. wonder how they craft crew..

nothing special here.. just a normal MG Exia..
XN raiser..
back of the PG astray i took just now..
the 1/60 astray again..

so.. i guess he only use 1/100 astray gold frame amatsu and 1/100 red frame to mix this up.. easy mod..

an impressive paint job on this zhuge kong ming..

this is one nice MG exia repair with diorama..

molded 1/100 OO gundam with O raiser ..

not sure what this gundam call..but look nice too..

this is another awesome work.. now they have made damage 1/144 OO raiser too.. battle with 1/144 reborn gundam diorama..

the work that next to mine..

shu ng hong!!!.. goku shiki.. mod from MG hyakushiki.. i'm not sure this win anot but i'm sure this is one big idea for Bandai to develop a whole new series of Sd which may cal.. "journey to the west" or the gensomaden saiyuki style.. the story of the journey of longevity monk to the west.. with applying chinese god warrior like goku, zhu bagai, three eye warrior, luizhanzhi the lighting strike warrior or something like that.. it will be fun..

this guy win some prize too..

another cool stuff done on this PG strike.. and as i heard some of the people say that the contestan is cheating by using his girlfriend name to get to some advatage category.. not sure how the story goes here.. whatever.. it is awesome work..

the price of the gunpla seeling there is quite attractive as well.. the MG blue frame second revise was selling at RM 166.. the normal price was about rm 185 after conversion from japanese yen..

one of the scene from gundam 00 series episode three.. done by two malay.. awesome work..

the stage for the price presentation ceremony and other event..

another awesome work.. guess what scale is this.. it is a 1/100 scale dendobrium that got damage.. OMG.. check out the detail..

MG GP03 head was pulled out..

the sales place..

didn't buy anything since my salary is not here yet.. but nor worry cause the wareouse sale of the Bandai distributor will start by tomorrow.. still have chance to enjoy the good prize..


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