Sunday, April 26, 2009

MG Freedom Part 2

so.. like the MG strike freedom on last few post.. this is the part two of my MG freedom.. the picture that i have for this kit last time was not good enough especially when i try to use the black mat back ground.. the contrast was not adjusted.. thing just look not satisfy enough as i found more interesting stuff in photography.. so i decided to re-create.. i wonder should i re-create everything if i have a DSLR.. too bad i'm not the person that will save money for few thousand dollar stuff.. you will know me well that how i spend my money on the previous post.. and i'm re-creating another MG Strike Freedom Full Burst.. this time was not because of the shots but the inner frame.. thinking of spraying it this time.. any advise? a lot of question about that.. will make a post for that.. comment it please..

get back to the picture.. this time i used the 1/100 figure from MG Strike Freedom which include Lacus and Kira.. then the mechanical chain base as well.. still learning photoshop stuff.. what learn about the adobe photoshop was the fourth edition and mine was 3.2 edition i guess.. it totally different.. i cant find what i want from fourth edition in 3.2 edition.. i'm trying to create the scene which inside Gundam Seed series when Lacus give Kira the freedom gundam..

ah!!! found some great angle for the full burst shot.. a lot better than last time.. the first time i made that pose was so hard in terms of balancing but now seems a lot better and faster.. i remember that i took few hour to figured it out how to make the pose better when i first bought this kit.. show off some extra decal as well but too bad a lot of sprue marks have not clean :(
i for got about that..

my old MG freedom still sitting in the box.. thinking of customizing the color scheme.. but gotta master the spray technique first.. enjoy the pics..

Friday, April 24, 2009

what a good question

so what is the question??? the link is over the dannychoo's site.. and the question is "Who funds your gunpla hobby, what does your parents say about it and what's your average number of gunpla bought in a year?".. so my answer is.. TA DA!!!

who sponsor me? the answer is me.. girls went shopping for cloths, accessory or handbag every month when their salary came out.. as for me.. i work as a part time promoter and the week i got my salary will most probably the week i bought new kit every month.. XD.. this hobby was started almost 3 years plus ago when after i get in to the part time promoter job.. which i was 17.. i do bought one FG astray and one HG wing zero custom when i was 15 which i save pocket money for it from my parents.. so.. i got two kit fun by my parents and the other about 50 kit which include MG, HG, 1/100 NG and Sd kit.. (the FG astray is dead because i broke the neck joint) XD.. mm i guess i got about 2 kit every month.. average a year.. i'm really not sure.. and i spent almost RM 5k until now..

so.. about my parents.. they object from the day i got my first MG freedom which was 3 year ago.. so do all my brother and sister.. i took up a lot of space in my room which i use to share wiht my brother but no for now anymore.. they made me to pay my own fuel, car installment, toll fees and parking fees in my college.. and even my own phone bill.. still i'm not stopping this hobby and this lead me owe my dad a lot of money.. XD.. as time goes by.. they not care about it anymore.. but sometimes they do complain that i'm spend on this hobby alot when they realize i bought new kit.. sorry about the lenght of my story

Sunday, April 19, 2009


remake actually.. am i crazy??? i guess yes.. i screw up my full burst and normal MG Strike Freedom.. decal on sprue marks.. wrong color for sprue mark and cover with industry top coat.. for both version.. the part inside the wing also screw up.. it just cant turn nicely and stuck.. so.. this time must take more patient to prevent all trouble.. planning to paint all inner frame with gold gundam marker this time.. but still worry that it will fade off when time goes by.. should i get gold color from tamiya.. which one. damn confusing.. i never use those tamiya paint before..

i've been thinking of buying the MG Strike Freedom extra finish version at first but after i saw the review from some parts of the inner wing are not come in coated gold.. and the price even higher than the full burst version.. i decided to go back to the full burst.. at least i get extra parts haha..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sd sangokuden Ryubi full set

i thought who would pay 2+++ yen for a sd kit.. i pay it and it really worth it.. total o four runner come together.. quite number of parts.. gold plated parts as well.. ok.. this is the easiest sangokuden sd kit i done.. just the shield of the horse there give a bit of trouble.. other than that.. everything looks fine..

the whole kit require a lot of panel line.. especially the leg and the horse.. if follow the original color.. nothing much have to paint exept the panel line.. but i like more gold part on it.. so i paint a lot of area like the chest, shoulder, back of the helmet and skirt to gold.. i follow the original color for the horse but not all.. some of the part of the horse was hard to paint.. lets check the pics..

man.. i like this part right here.. but too bad.. when it attach with the armor.. all the work here will be covered..

see that.. is it a statue or a dragon with another head on the back and look like a tail.. this is the most stupid part.. but this dragon really have a lot of part for other gundam.. those gundam head.. i think it not only can assemble to the shoulder of guan yu and chang fei but i think the normal ryubi also applicable.. some of the part also can put on the cao cao and one more gundam with horse also.. but i forgot the name.. anyway.. i will combine all the part to the gundam and the rest will leave inside the box..

TA DA!!!!! so it complete..

what do you think.. which one look better.. the original was GP03 and i think the other was base on gundam Alex.. any idea which gundam base on for this ryubi expansion version??? i'm just guess over there..

i think this is the first time i use sd gundam to create some fighting scene.. quite silly.. haha

yosh!!! transformed

TA DA!!!!!

my favourite picture..


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