Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kitbash transformer figure

OMG.. just got this from my mail subscribed from Dannychoo.com .. these was post on figure.fm too.. and all the works is from here www.crefigz.com.. and guess what.. the guy who did all these was from Malaysia.. again.. OMG.. his works is awesome.. unbelievable..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

first attempt again

was working at sunway today.. one of the staff there use to be a figure collector and display some of his collection at the shop.. so got nothing to do today.. using the EOS 1000D with EFS 18-55mm IS lens to capture some picture of this figure.. i don't know who is this figure but someone who work there also told me now it have the value of RM 400 ++.. wow..

so.. who said the kit lens was useless.. so let me tell you all new rookies in DSLR.. this is not an ordinary kit lens guys.. this is the third generation 18-55mm IS lens.. got improvement from the normal EFS 18-55mm kit lens from those camera like EOS 400D, EOS 350D, etc.. don't think that the lens from EOS 450D, EOS 500D, EOS 40D, etc was useless.. from wide angle to portrait and even it got the lowest aperture of F3.5-5.6.. play with the angle and focusing distance.. this will be the effect can be done.. Btw.. the setting was using ISO 800.. shutter and aperture was depend and i try to make the combination of shutter and aperture to 2/3 on the exposure.. some of the picture was a bit out of focusing on the face due to the vertical and horizontal focus point (quite hard to explain here).. lastly.. i'm not a pro at all but these are my stupid experience..

Friday, September 25, 2009

just some update

i'm beginning to put most of the parts onto the stick for painting purpose.. and guess what.. i found that it look like some food on stick at the "fat boy steamboat truck".. damn.. what a stupid post.. but the " fat boy steamboat car" was one of my favourite food during "pasar malam" (some kind of night supermarket held on some street).. still waiting for my money to buy paint.. it really pain to wait.. zzz

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny modification WIP 2

progress quite slow here.. no money to buy paint.. and the most important thing is i don't know what type of gloss paint is good.. here is the post of my experiment on black paint.. i'm using two types of paint which is flat black and normal black.. both result was so bad.. can't find any gloss black so using this normal black to compare it to the flat black.. the flat black was look more even than the normal black.. the paint i'm using was DOA and Krystal.. both was the industry can spray.. guess i have to get some branded gloss black can spray.. any suggestion?

flat black..

normal black..

got myself a surfacer also.. a lot of uneven surface created from sanding.. a must to get this on..

to be continue..

Friday, September 18, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny modification WIP 1

hajimemasda.. (thats mean "start" right).. making both kit back into pieces and even cut some of the part into two pieces.. taking out the part took me less than an hour.. cutting the part take me few days and cleaning those cutting marks take me few days also.. forgot to take a picture of pre-complete of the whole kit using the MG destiny body but now have change to using MG Strike Freedom body.. just figure it out how to connect Destiny back pack to Strike Freedom body..

the main parts that i will use for the body, waist, legs and arms.. have no idea what to do on arms yet.. thats why still leave it in one piece.. maybe will just change some color scheme of the arms..

backpack still remain same.. tried figure it out to combine both of it.. but not success yet.. have to try cut and fit.. hope it won't fail..

the part that will go to store.. haha.. means most of the part here will not use..

still waiting for my money to get some paint so it can inspire me for the next step.. yosh!!! orewa ganbateh mas..

to be continue..

Monday, September 14, 2009

some interesting part for PG astray

currently planning to get an PG kit but not sure which one should i go.. quite interested on the new PG oo raiser that coming soon but it cost a LOT!!!.. just see how much can i save until november..

alright.. get back to the story of this post.. not sure this news have post anywhere before i remember NK do mention something about this before.. actually it is the Dengeki Hong Kong or Taiwan version i think.. mm.. i'm just want to share the topic here..

so.. this is the PG astray with flight pack..

some detail image about it..

mm.. guess it gonna be a new package for PG astray soon.. like what Bandai did on PG Strike Rouge..

my first attempt EDITED

look at this three kit.. it will become two and soon become one.. why? soon i'm going to try something else with the MG destiny and MG strike freedom.. as the MG freedom will sell off.. both MG destiny and MG strike freedom was the normal version.. of course i'm not going to crush my MG strike freedom full burst and MG destiny extreme blast.. and the MG freedom was the first MG which i bought almost 3 years ago and having a lot of spoil decal.. another new MG freedom was in the shelf nicely.. and of course i won't crush the new (2nd) MG freedom too..

Strike freedom and destiny still in experimental progress.. around 28% percent complete.. haha..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

present for my birthday

damn.. i was so happy and feel so exited yesterday.. and surprise too.. my friend from the canon team celebrate ah hung birthday and mine together.. and i didn't expect they bought this.. the MG crossbone full cloth version.. i was like.. OMG.. i love you guys so much..

bought lr44 myself for my MG exia too..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MG Exia

finally.. final stage.. the toughest stage also.. uploading 67 photos.. 5 photos each time and sometimes it take longer time to upload at peak hour.. ergh..

screw up a lot of decal.. and it still got plenty of extra decal..

talking about the photography part.. took me two days.. at first. no feel, inspiration or idea of what pose or angle to create even after re-watching few episode back.. the joint was s o loose and keep on falling down it self.. the hip joint keep on on falling down with the GN blade also.. really mad at this and almost one to step on the kit (not doing it because it expensive, haha).. the GN Sword was another problem.. anytime i want to switch the mode of GN sword to rifle mode, the holder keep on coming out from the palm clip.. zzz.. after knowing all that problem.. second day was a lot better on preventing all those problem and taking the shots was a lot smooth after warming up from first day.. decide to create some pose from last episode and my own fighting scene..

so.. free to comment and enjoy the pictures..

for the WIP post can refer to hear:

MG exia : weapon unit

MG exia : GN drive WIP

MG exia : waist unit

MG exia : feet and leg unit

MG exia : arm unit

MG exia : head unit

MG exia : chest or body unit

MG exia : runners and parts

MG exia : box art

the end..


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