Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exams Are OVER!!! (check the poll)

Finally, I'm "officially" back. Just finish my exam today, the fifth subject of this semester. I can fully focus on my undone project now.

It will be study over if all subject pass.

So, the title of this post come with "check the poll" is to remind those who follow this blog to vote which kit should i review for the coming month which is November. The model kit that choose to be vote is MG Physalis GP02 (How should I spell it?), MG Sazabi and MG Hyakushiki. Three of this can be said as the antagonist mobile suit or Char's use mobile suit.

Found this photo from google, I''m not sure did the owner did anything to the peg but i check many review which didn't show it can pose like this. The only MG Sazabi version that can post like this was Keita's version which the legs can spread widely but he didn't make this pose from his Sazabi.
GP02 and Sazabi was the mobile suit I always want to get during my secondary school. I remember I saw MG Sazabi when I was in Form 3 in a gundam shop near my school, i'm totally impress with its design but I have no idea is it a Gundam or other Mobile suit; all i know is the design look cool. As for the GP02, the long large nuke bazooka or launcher with its huge and bulk design legs capture my attention when i saw it in Mid Valley few years ago. I was never think of what we call as articulation that time as this two kit was not made for great articulation but accuracy to look as similar as the anime.
I want this kit long time ago. Should be the only MG that came with gold plated armor (my mistake, there are MG Shining gundam in berserk hyper mode come in gold plated as well if i'm not wrong). Its rare to get one of this (i order it from a shop last time but i haven't collect it until now, hope the seller still keep it, haha). Well, the HD version and the Balut System version offer the similar design but i prefer the gold plated version. Remember i mentioned that i want to collect Z series mobile suit before, i have MG Zeta ver.2, MG ZZ, MG FAZZ Sentinel version, MG Zeta Plus A1, MG Zeta Plus C1, MG Mk2 ver.2 A.E.U.G and if i able to get this together, i should have complete my list accept those MG Rick Dom and MG Hizack. I still need to get MG Mk2 Ver.2 Titan version soon. 

So, remember to vote on which kit you want me to review (choose the kit that i choose, haha). 

And there will be some great promotion coming soon, i promise you (greatest promotion ever). Stay tune!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New old toy (400)

After 6 years working as promoter for selling camera, finally i have my own DSLR but it is not something new. Canon EOS 400D, about 5 years old model with EF-S 18-55mm and EF-S 55-250mm and still in good condition since my brother seldom use it and keep it in proper way. Should be good enough for me to capture what I want. I was not intended to get it for this hobby actually because the main reason that I get this camera is I want be freelance photographer. I might not able to capture what i want from the job but i can earn what i need to get what i want, LOL. What am I?.. haha..

Well, from now one i should be able to capture the effect that I want to create from this camera easily. Why i need that zoom lens? Just in case. Stay tune for some of my sample photo with this camera.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

PG Strike Freedom 30% off is back again (in Ishop2go)

The PG Strike Freedom 30% off sales promotion is back again but this time is on As some of you might know that is an online gunpla webshop located in Hong Kong. So, if you interested on it then faster view the video and remember the code showed in the video for the promotion so you can use it to get 30% off for purchasing this PG Striker Freedom. So, how to get the promotion?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

HG Genoace (My opinion)

When it introduce together with some Gundam Age preview or promo, all I think about this kit was simply design just for an weak grunt unit to be slaughter by the UE. Shape, weapon and almost everything look quite negative for me. It even worse when the first episode show that it can't even make a scratch on the UE and defeated easily. I totally feel disappointed on this. But when.... (refer to the third picture)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

RG Aile Strike Review Part 2

Alright, Part 2 is here. As what I mentioned from the previous post, I will try to cover articulation, proportion, detail and other about this kit.

First, check out the photo, the description will come later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

RG Aile Strike Review Part 1

My turn. I notice that quite a lot of people starting to work or review this kit recently. I'm not sure is it coincident or its the trend, i pick this to review because I think this is something lighter for me to review during my exam month but I think i underestimate the awesomeness of this kit. I've been reading some of the review about this kit (oops, haven't read Dalong's version but i read his RG RX-78 and i think it should be similar) and the actual touch on this kit compare to reading the review from other source is completely different thing. I was very exciting when i saw the announcement of this kit come in RG but i was quite disappointed when i look at the actual product (I'm not sure why, maybe i prefer 1/100 scale model more than 1/144 scale) and that's why i hold my decision of getting this after it release ( that is also the time i found it sell only RM 83 in The Mines event).  Well, some of the intro about this kit must be made. (this is my official review, hehe). Lets see what i think on my first Real Grade.

The MS itself is come from the Gundam Seed series which released on 2003 and pilot by the main character Kira Yamato which later pass it to Mwu La Flaga after some serious damage with the Aegis gundam and acquire Freedom gundam after the battle. Since it is a main character's MS, the full potential of this kit was show with all its optional pack which are the Aile Striker (in this kit), Launch Striker pack and also Sword Striker pack (hope these will release in RG too). 2x Vulcan on head, Beam rifle, Shield, Armor Schneider (knife), beam saber and also Bazooka (only appear a while in the anime) are the optional hand carry weapon. Striker pack can be mounted on Skygrasper as support unit in the battle which allow Strike to change it striker pack for different weapon and also the battery of the MS. Lots of variation made from it from Seed to Seed Destiny, Stargazer, Astray series and other Astray series.
Lets talk about the model kit itself, it come in 1/144 scale in Real Grade (1/144 scale model with extremely well articulated inner frame).

(articulation/posability, proportion, inner frame and armor detail, potential customization and other will come in part 2 of the review)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rotating Display Stand

Another review for display stand or base but this time will be the rotating display stand or base with LED light.


Some brief description about this rotating stand or base:
-About 9 to 10 cm for the diameter
-Six LED lights
-Power by 3 x AA size batteries
-I think it can use power by direct electricity but i need to find a suitable power adapter for it
-It take about 1 minute plus to complete one rotation.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Actions base 3

I'm awake, I'm awake (Dota). Back to the business, display stand or action base third generation(?). And this is the review on it. Well, this is a very good design stand where it have the potential to be modify in to some kind hangar diorama (as the base) or a very sleek high class display stand with addition LED perhaps.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Updates.. Paint supply

So, i have decided what color scheme use for the MG FAZZ. All scribing process are done as mentioned from the last post. Had been thinking what should i use for the color scheme, somehow I'm confuse which are the best color that i want it in but everything is in my mind now. Gosh, writing this post while i'm quarterly drunk (just come back from old school gathering, drink like usual). The color scheme that i use this time might be a bit similar to the FAZZ saku-zion version but mine are without red and yellow if possible.

 these are some color that i will mix and use.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New review items and FAZZ updates

Its good to be back. Had been busy with assignments again and still got one more to go before exam. Its killing me but I'm tough ,XD. 

So, here are the new review item that will post in this month October.

-RG Aile Strike
-Action base 3
-Electrical base or display stand ( no more manual turn base, XD)

Since i'm have exam coming soon this month, I just can't review some heavy load kit (eg. MG) or something complicated (but i still prefer something complicated like this RG). The Action base is something extra which is very flexible, i can't wait to play with it with my HG kit and that electrical turning base, something i wish to have to long time ago.


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