Saturday, May 30, 2009

Late update

shaseskuteh( i guess this is the word for 'it's been a while' in japanese).. i guess not much update for this week for any gunpla stuff since i've been working streak from this Monday until next Monday and continue until next Sunday.. Damn tired..

went to the Bakuc in Malaysia held at Sungei Wang today.. sorry that i have no time to take any picture since i'm working in Low Yat.. the building that next to Sungei Wang.. but even i have time with a camera.. i don't think there are any special impressive mod for me to get some picture except few.. 1/100 Gundam oo seven sword.. i didn't look at it for detail but my friend told me that the job done on that kit was impressive.. there are three more kit that i feel it look nice which are the 1/100 tieren with soe mod of additional machine gun and paint, 1/100 full armor Cherudim (sound great huh) and 1/144 exia coming out from a broken GN Arm.. got myself a SD freedom and SD justice.. just for fun.. hope that i can get some special stuff after buying some kit.. haha.. (si kui).. and my friend told me another great deal for PG Astray Red Frame normal version which is free special part for any purchase of PG Astray Red Frame kit.. damn.. wish i have RM700 now without any debts now.. haha.. as usual there are a lot of SD Sangokuden kit as well.. some diorama with some fully furnish kit.. not interested on it since every time also got the same thing.. people are buying dozen of that those SD Sangokuden kit.. i'm just wondering why they bought so much this time since i can't find any great deal except the PG Astray Red Frame.. as for people at out station.. in my humble opinion.. don't waste your time to go for this year Bakuc since not much interesting thing there..

i guess this is the last post for this month.. have finish my MG Strike Freedom Full Burst.. will take some picture and share about the mistake i made this time soon.. XD

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MG Sword Strike photos update

just want to adding some new shots into my MG Sword Strike.. this all pictures will go into MG Sword Strike post which you can view it by clikcing the link (with Sword Strike picture) at the side..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

this month loot

actually this is the only extra post i may made today.. haha..

damn.. only gotta the March issue dengeki magazine from the newspapers and magazines stores near my house.. ergh!!! just thought want to collect those with January and February issue.. have wait for almost 2 month.. but of course it is not the original Japanese version which will cost almost RM 80 here.. this is the Hong Kong version i think.. quite cheap and it only cost RM 11.. haha..

got myself the Ma Chao at Times Square again.. the other Sd MK 2 in that sangokuden series was not able to get it yet since i paid for the MG Sword Impulse and got not enough money to get that.. gotta the wing unit.. the extra part for the sangokuden series.. they told me need to buy two sd sangokuden to get one part but i bargain with one MG sword impulse and one Ma Chao.. haha.. have not bring the MG sword impulse back home yet.. got no car that day.. only able to get it by thursday i think..

Monday, May 18, 2009

update for the MG Strike freedom part 3

argh!!! finally i got my wireless connection back .. i've been so suffered without internet.. this is crazy.. the wireless connection from the wireless router not function few times a day and need to be restart.. and it really annoying since the wireless router was not in my room but my brother room( not far away).. working for 5days streak (i guess this is the word right) and really exhausting till got no energy to think of this post.. finally made up my mind to finish as much post as i can today..

so this the update for my 3rd MG strike freedom..

so.. the most important part that you will need before paint.. get this kind of stick and put it together with the part that need to paint.. use it as a handle bar or .. to hold the part while painting..

this is the picture after painting.. luckily.. no mistake made herre this time.. maybe the paint work so well so i don't have to worry about it.. all this part was from the body.. i mean not with the back pack..

those back pack part that need to be paint is here which still stick with the runner.. lazy.. hehe

after painting.. after all the part dry.. not sure why but feels like the paint coming out little bit in the form like powder.. i quickly assemble all the part so i don't have to always touch it..

forget about the sprue marks ba.. i try to sand it.. maybe i didn't sand it properly.. i think i'm going to use putty next time if i paint another kit again..

i paint some of the part of the shoulder as well so when i view the inner frame.. the shoulder part will look like it have inner frame inside..

didn't notice that there is detail behind this armor as well.. i mean this part.. just got nothing to do with this.. so take some shots with it..

how does it look like here.. two face.. haha.. this could be my next project idea.. may work on my old extra freedom..

Monday, May 11, 2009

The right paint

so.. went to find all the paint that mention in the post i made in last weekend.. too bad that most of the shops are out of stock or not even order it.. but thanks for helping me and give me the information about the type of paint.. and i feel sorry that i didn't buy any of the paint that mentioned.. haha..

this is what i bought.. found it in Sunway Pyramid Ace hardware shop.. i guess the picture tell what is this paint like.. cost at RM 26.90.. even cheaper than tamiya which cost about RM 30 here.. found another one which i forget the name and cost about RM 34 something.. not buying that because the cover looks like the faded gold and the seller tell me that the color of the paint will follow the color from the cover.. sound silly right.. but it is true i guess.. he told me that they got another type which need hand paint called the "Rainbow Sparkle Gold (388) 916" which cost RM 7.90 for the small bottle and big bottle will cost about RM 20 something.. got not enough money that time.. so i only bought what is inside the picture..

yeo gata ne.. the result totally meet my satisfaction (my expectation is empty that time).. eventhough the surface may a little bit rough but the color is quite close to the part that chrome by Bandai.. it've been so hot this this few month.. after March i guess.. so.. the weather suitable for painting.. i gotta say.. god love me.. hahaha.. i will start paint other part by tomorrow..

this is the part i hate most.. why.. i have to applied panel on DRAGOON unit which have sixteen parts that exactly the same.. just want to show the comparison of with and without panel line..

will be continue..

Friday, May 8, 2009

MG Launch Strike

damn.. i forgot how to pose it with two holding the rifle.. i hate the agni.. why it can't pose like what i see in the anime..

mm.. brightness and contrast corrected this time.. look better.. with better angle of shots too.. but the agni still create a lot of problem..argh!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MG Strike Freedom full burst remake

so.. the main purpose of remake this thing was the inner frame color which is the major problem for me.. i don't know which type of paint should i go with.. i don't have the air brush and compressor.. so the only thing i think i can use now is the tamiya spray can.. but there are too many different gold color.. part of that.. i don't know how to make the gold look shiny by painting.. will that be the top coat's work.. i got too many question marks in my head now..

i take out all the frame part.. pre-assembled it.. means not connect all the part properly so i can separate it to paint easier later.. i worry that i will easily mess up the part thats why i pre-assembled it first..

plan for cutting armor at first but the plan cancel i guess.. which knife i should use and how to use another question for me.. as we all know.. a mistake make by cutting the armor will just spoil the entire kit.. even it can be recover but it will take a lot of time..

man.. can someone tell me how can i make the similar gold color..

been carefully working with the panel line on the head now.. last time i was screw up the panel line on the head.. so hard to recover and look so bad after recovery.. this time was a lot better but the nub mark was too hard to clean at the fin.. end up cutting too much and leave some space or hole there.. zzzz..

so.. this is all the part that pre-assebled.. need to set it in the stick later..


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