Monday, January 31, 2011

PG OO raiser WIP 1

it going to be one hell of the longest post ever.. 124 photos not include the WIP for the O raiser yet.. WTF!!!.. had been busy this weekend.. no time to upload this post or continue the WIP on this kit.. work work work.. 

alright.. lets start a bit on my thought about this kit or the MS itself.. my question to myself is.. do i like this MS or this kit?.. i'm curious at first when i saw it in the first season where the head and chest showed.. but totally disappointed on the design after seeing the lower part of the body together with its legs.. i like the concept of having two core system or sources of power a.k.a GN drive in a single mobile suit.. sounds like it double up it power or performance but i just don't like the design where how the twin drive system mount and the thin carrot cut style legs.. lets talk about the leg design.. unlike those mobile like zaku (bulk and boot cut style looking leg), or those MS from Seed which are thin carrot cut style legs but with ankle armor which still not look that bad in my opinion.. alright.. after the leg design.. the GN drive.. i'm rather to have it attach on the shoulder with the same articulation direct stick and high the back thruster.. i mean that it just look a bit ridiculous to have  the main power source of the MS expose out in term on the design of the MS.. as for a model kit.. having those GN drive attach with joint to the back thruster.. it definitely look bad and having the weight issue after attaching the O raiser.. talking about the O raiser.. it actually change the entire look of this gundam.. well i will share that when posting the WIP for O raiser.. the thing i love most of this kit.. the head design.. the twin drive concept.. the look after attach with O raiser which transform it into OO raiser..

regarding to the kit itself.. i bet most of you have seen the 1/100 metal build OO seven sword version.. that is the best proportion made for this MS.. i can say that was perfect and even the proportion design so well till better than the proportion on this PG version.. i think most of you will also realize that this PG OO gundam actually having some proportion problem on the shoulders (too small) and not only that.. if you plan to paint this gundam.. remember that the GN drive can actually scratch off the paint of the shoulder.. other than the shoulders.. i think the waist is slightly too wide.. other was fine.. the most unique features of this kit is it come with lots of lock system for the joint to prevent the heavy frame for legs and arms falling.. one big improvement from Bandai to PG kit which always have the weight issue.. other than that.. LED light.. some turnable gimmick from the GN drive for extra.. most of the clear part are painted except the one on the GN Sword 2.. alright.. enough for that.. lets check the pics..

i thought it come with two manual which one for the gundam oo and the other for the o raiser.. actually the booklet with color is use to show all about OO raiser and some background information of the OO gundam series MS development..

see this before?.. hehe..

hope that reborn make to PG too.. haha.. i must have dream too much..

i lost count on the number of runners.. what can i said is there are a lot of large part..
i hate screw and spring..

and that is why i still haven't assemble all the lock for the joint yet.. battery provided.. good..

i never see 1/60 kit cockpit before but this definitely awesome.. the cockpit do have detail as well..

the arms and the body is the most complicated part to be assemble.. harder than legs..

look at the shoulders.. so simple.. no wonder the shoulders not look that good..

i took about a week to build this.. too busy.. hope you all enjoy..

see you on the next post which is about the WIP of O raiser..


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