Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 5

this will be the longest WIP post.. it's all about the leg unit.. i separated few picture for all the parts and almost of the pictures of this WIP is same as the manual..the leg even bulkier than virtue gundam's leg which is the bulkier leg gundam i ever build.. lots of detail.. but this is not the most complicated part yet as everything goes well after assembling all parts..

start with the feet which is also the main engine's booster..
these for the knees..
all the main parts for the leg..

the structure inside the inner frame..
missile pods..

armor parts and more missile pods..

legs can bend well even with such huge and bulk armor..
bend in front for gerwalk gimmick..

the most annoying thing in this leg is it not easy to pull the feet out once everything attach on.. feels like very fragile and something going to broke when i try to pull the feets out.. damn.. i think i have to remove the armor for the feet..

next will be the chest on part two..

to be continue..

Monday, June 28, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 4

since the post for the head are so short.. i decided to combine it with the post for the arm unit..

the eye piece need to painted with clear green.. it does come with stickers.. but.. er..
as you can see.. the hand is pretty simple.. got inner frame in it but not much detail.. two part from the left are special for armor messiah..
this is the inner frame of the arm..
plenty of panel line needed..

well.. the articulation is not that bad..

the hint of the arm during the transformation.. i'm always curious that how the transformation of the fighter jet mode to gerwalk and battroid.. now i discover more..

to be continue..

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 3

complete!!!.. ???

no.. this is not the one.. haha.. i bought it from some grocery shop.. gashapoon.. look nice right.. better not addicted to it.. or i may get at least ten or twenty unit like what i did when i was a kid.. haha
so.. back to the story.. the chest unit.. well this post is consider as the first part of the chest.. there are second part of assembling process of the chest.. which complete the whole main body..

actually i have reach the process that assembling the armor booster unit.. gotta start it tonight.. and what i think from this kit is the cockpit or chest or the main body is the most fragile part.. the structure is complicated.. if not because of the proper lock.. it can't even support such heavy armor legs.. the clear color part from the cockpit need to be painted.. nightmare on painting clear color part..the pilot and the cockpit is not easy to paint as well. but 1/72 figure is easier to work with compare to 1/100 figure..

to be continue..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 2

building.. sounds like red alert isn't it.. my first strategy game.. XD.. alright. this part is for the runners..

total of 30 runners including the display stand.. runners are separate into two types.. runner for the Valkyrie is on one alphabet whereas the additional part such as armors will on the the runners that come in double alphabet. so.. that quite easy getting the parts needed even with so many runners..

that's all for the Valkyrie's runners.. the picture below are all runners for the armor parts and some additional weapon {michael's sniper) and the display stand..

there are some runners from the SD sangokuden series.. those PC ball type parts.. not sure where will it be use.. may be for the boosters..

well.. there are some metal rod needed... on the wings and below the cockpit..
display stand..

these are the most headache parts.. lot of decal and markings.. come in water decal form.. even worse than the MG sinanju i build before.. the number of the decals and markings are double up from the MG sinanju's decals and markings.. it gonna be fun.. well.. that's all here..

to be continue.

Friday, June 25, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 1

here it go.. my next project.. always want to work for this.. been facing the box when i'm studying for my final last sem.. and finally i have time to work on it.. since this is my first time work on MF kit.. not planning on some big stuff.. like re-paint or anything.. just some lining and coloring for tiny details.. so.. let check the boxart..

still feel the boxart for the VF-25S nicer.. but this not bad either..
detaill information can be found here..

this was the image that i always face when i'm studying.. haha..

to be continue..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June loot part 3

additional 2 more HG kit same kit.. HG CGUE..

so.. this is the summary of June loot from BANDAI..

all 1/144 HG:

1 x HGUC Stark Jegan
1 x HG Murasame (Andorew Waldfeld Custom)
3 x HG CGUE (Xist's unit)

total of 5 kits.. and one more additional kit from kotobukiya.. injection kit ARX-7 Arbalest..


remember my post about my compressor.. the one that i fixed few days ago.. well.. i'm here to announce that it have die.. certified.. die one day after i make the surgery.. zzz.. so.. i have decided to separate the part for this corpse (the dead compressor) to few parts and discover the compressor.. haha.. will make some photos for that later..

so.. because of the compressor is dead.. the painting process of my GN-X stop at the same time.. guess i need to delay the process for the GN-X until i get the new compressor.. so for now.. i will keep all the painted and un-painted parts back into the box..

i never had a job undone before start another job.. argh!!! too bad.. my holiday is limiter.. so i have to start another project before finish this project.. as you can see that my tower is building up in the picture below..
i still got 7 HG.. one MF and..
this PG to build..

usually i use to finish at least one MG or maybe additional one HG in one month.. without painting it.. but since now i use to paint my kit.. i may take one month for a kit.. any grade.. but sometimes MG may take about one month plus..

what kit will i build now? stay tune..


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