Wednesday, September 29, 2010


the perfect tools will not always the tools from the same field.. haha..

went to stationary shop yesterday.. got some tools.. well.. its not for my study.. haha..
the best alternative tools for hobby will not always from the hardware tools.. sometimes stationary tools can help too..

so.. this is what i get

- graph paper
-compass( don't know what it called)

i forgot to take the picture of the new normal knife and ruler..

why graph paper and how is it help?

my free hand drawing's skill is totally sucks.. so every time i have to use ruler draw some line vertically and horizontally to create boxes.. then only sketch the part out.. this method is also more easy to re-cut the same parts out.. but it take a lot of time to measure and draw the line.. so i choose to use graph paper with ready boxer in right measurement.. draw it from there, cut the shape out and re-draw the shape into pla-plate.. more faster..
compass.. why need compass? to draw something in curve?.. maybe.. but the most important thing is the sharp "torn" that can use to sribe line easier..
erasers.. erm.. not that recommend to replace those epoxy putty.. i have try to cut it but its not easy..guess i'm really need to buy those epoxy putty..
i don't know what this call also.. i Mr.Nk use it a lot.. to hold the part for painting.. so i plan to get some..

that's all for the tools..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 4

alright.. sorry for the long wait guys.. but the wait is not over yet.. because it's not complete yet.. haha.. too busy with a lot of things recently.. so don't even have time to update this blog or work on this kit.. but i have made a real draft of the work on this kit.. the real draft?..  means some base work or the foundation of this modification.. so.. enjoy the pics..

the next post?.. i hope is the post of getting all the added part done with primer.. now.. searching some material to form some block to improve the connection on each plate armor.. i saw some of the people using resin to re-cast some part.. some using putty.. so.. any recommendation?.. my plan is cutting eraser.. but that sounds funny and impossible..

to be continue..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 3

first.. some update about the author of this blog first.. which is me.. fall sick on the birthday.. damn it.. but it can't stop me at the moment.. hope the med work soon..

second.. about this kit.. four days.. and not much i have done to this kit.. got it disassemble.. study about the armor type's picture.. thinking on what to add.. where to scribe.. and when is the time to get the material.. gosh.. so much to do..

alright.. first.. not going to do much on the chest.. but mostly will focus on the lower part and the shoulder.. what i do now.. cut cut cut..
and my partners that help me a lot..
some pieces that finish cutting.. but still have the sanding part to go on..

hope i can get well soon..

to be continue..

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 2

brain storming... of course.. the first two pictures.. is impossible for me to create.. my skill is still limited for the moment.. but the idea for these monsters are great.. i never know the commander unit (white color version) will have the same treatment too..

the only thing i can copy now is the gatling shield.. i mean the single gatling shield.. others?.. still have to study in detail.. the worse part of the first two picture is i can't get the view for the backpack..

so.. enough for the picture now.. back to the real thing.. from the study of two pictures above.. well.. i have made a summary..

-first.. all the original part remain
-additional armor added on the chest, arms, shoulders, side skirts, legs, and backpack.. almost everywhere
-most complicated modification will fall to the back pack..

so.. this is what i'm going to do..

first.. go on to the color scheme.. i have choosen.. black again.. as the base color.. second will be orange (for most of the line that will scrib out later).. joint will be in gray color.. some smaller part like the thruster or inner part will stay as gray too..

for all the additional part of armor will go on with pla-plate.. i don't know how to use putty.. so.. some of the part might replace by other material.. my reference for that.. eraser maybe.. haha..

first step.. draw and cut on for the pla-plate and surfacer will be apply all over the kit.. line scribing next.. might adding additional weapon..

sound ambitious right..

these are the picture that show the part that will be modify.. hope i can do it..
been busy with my assignment and final coming in soon.. and the next thing will be.. HOLIDAY!!!.. hurray.. hopefully i can complete this before holiday and do something big after that..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

work for others (gold paint)

it's a long undone job from my friend.. he knew i have the compressor so he ask me to paint his sd sangokuden sun quan that come with additional part.. the job is simple.. only paint the gold color area.. cause he said that the gold gundam marker that he used to paint his sd sangokuden always made him disappointed.. so he gave me those part from that kit that need to be painted.. he gave it to me two month ago.. OMG.. i am so bad.. now only i paint it for him.. so the topic here is not about the kit or those parts but about the paint..

the reason i have delay this job is.. first.. i don't have surfacer that time (run out of money).. second.. not enough gold paint (run out of money again).. so.. last month i purposely bought all these stuff for this job.. yet.. weather and timing was not right.. so.. back to the topic.. have you guys try out the gold paint from Mr.color?.. i'm not trying to say anything bad about this gold paint but i'm just don't like to handle the gold paint.. alright.. let me explain a bit about the gold paint from Mr.Color (not can spray type).. the paint was actually using some kind of gold powder (very very fine type) and mix with some kind of liquid (not that thick).. so.. here is the thing.. before start using the gold paint.. you have to re-mix it again with stick or whatever to make sure the powder and the liquid really mix together cause the powder usually stay below (too heavy)..

the next thing about the gold paint is the ratio.. i think i post about it before.. too much of thinner will disperse the the gold powder and can't cover the painted area properly.. like not enough gold powder on that area.. paint thicker than thinner will result airbrush stuck on the nozzle due to the gold powder.. so.. it is so hard to use this type paint.. and different ratio of thinner and the gold paint will have different types of outcome.. look at the picture..

if the ratio is right.. smooth surfaces can be achieve without having the some area unpainted due to not enough of gold color or powder or too much of thinner.. the bad part is not easy to paint as the airbrush can't stay too close to the part and sometime it may need few layer of paint to make it look fine..
thicker gold paint is also another easy way to paint the part with single or double layer paint.. but the problem is.. it may easily stuck the nozzle of the airbrush and make the airbrush release the paint slower.. close distance in between the paint and the airbrush needed.. and this method can't last long as the airbrush will stuck at last.. and the surfaces of the painted area will become a bit rough.. this part always remind me the "tunik" from the "night at the museum" when "ivan the terror" keep on asking why "kahmunrah" wearing a skirt.. haha..

just for your information.. in order solve the problem of airbrush's nozzle stuck.. at least.. use the hobby paint thinner or something stronger (if you plan to stop the painting progress).. never use low grade thinner because it is not strong enough to wear off those paint and the worse part was making the paint become dry..
job done.. will send it to him by tomorrow..

hope he like it..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Next project

So.. the next project?.. HG Mobile CGUE.. i'm just love the simple design of its weapons.. machine gun.. gatling gun.. some kind of metal steel sword.. thats it.. just another simple but nice grunt machine.. not like traditional single eye zeon machine even though it can be categorize into zeon family.. the design for CGUE is more aerodynamic.. upgrade version of the bulk GINN that close to the traditional Zaku..

even though it is an old seed design MS.. the articulation and the proportion stay quite accurate.. 

my plan?.. since i got three unit on it.. i'm going to customize it again.. how?.. the plan still in progress.. so.. not going to say much here.. details of the plan coming on next WIP of this kit.. 

stay tune.. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

HG Throne Eins complete

just some minor detailing and i need two weeks to complete it?.. yeah.. don't look down on those tiny detail.. it's hard to make it out especially on those small surface.. u can't sand it if you accidentally apply the surfacer or paint too much.. the paint or surfacer become too thick and uneven.. i'm having that problem when i paint the arms.. those white color area on arm.. that make me re-paint the arms few times and i finally give up on that.. leaving the right arm with hand paint result while the left arm air-brush result.. other than that.. re-painting all the joint and some area of the weapons with dark gray and dark purple gray.. some yellow paint on the knee and head unit.. painted the GN Launcher with dark purple on the upper area.. well.. i guess that's all i did on this kit..

so.. these are what i use:

-Mr.Surfacer 500 ( i hate it)
-Mr.Color black, Mr.Color blue gray, Mr.Color white (to mix the purple gray)
-Gaia red, Mr.Color gloss blue, Mr.Color black (to mix the dark purple)
-Mr.Color black, Mr.Color Metallic black steel, Mr.Color white (to mix the dark gray and the end result create rough surface)
-Gaia yellow
-Mr.Color white
-panel line
-foil stikers

well this time.. the color combination is a bit complicated.. it's actually due to most of my paint is running low.. so in order not to waste them.. i decided to mix them up and create some other color..

so.. what about the kit?.. the first thing that i want to talk about is.. this kit DOESN'T COME WITH BEAM PART for it's beam saber.. i don't know which one i can use for it.. so i left this kit with no photo on posing with beam saber.. most of the spare part already mix up in the box when i tidy up my room.. alright.. that was the first issue.. in terms of articulation and proportion of the kit.. well everything is fine here.. most of the part are molded separately but NOT THE ARMS!!! which give me a lot of trouble on masking the curve area before painting.. the default color was great.. the articulation is good.. and this kit can pose pretty well even though there is a large cannon on the back.. posing the cannon/launcher is not that hard too.. yeah.. i know.. the right beam saber and its holder obstructing the movement of the cannon but not that much.. in terms of balancing?.. not a problem.. the feet is large enough.. haha.. that's all for now.. lets check the pics..

it was my old kit.. 1/144 flag regular version..


alright.. that's all for this kit..

next kit?.. will show on the next pose.. forgot to take picture for that.. haha..

the end..


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