Friday, October 30, 2009

Vanator complete

Vanator.. "The rise of the Roman Hunter".. haha.. complete the whole thing now.. the kit.. the shots.. not create much shots since most of the part are using glue.. a lot of parts coming out when i try to pose it.. damn hard.. have to glue it later.. then continue shoot.. dynamic pose is almost impossible since most of the part keep on coming out..

as requested.. more close up photos.. but most of the close up photos will just show up all the flaw of the paint.. haha.. the paint job done here was pretty bad.. the only thing look good here is the color scheme i think.. so.. enjoy the pics..

hehe.. still can do full burst..

my favorite shots..

the end..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

D-Day (The Vanator)

finally.. after few weeks.. i mean almost two month i try to make this thing come true.. my first time modification.. glad that i have complete it and not give up yet.. just finish searching the name and.. i found one name.. and not sure it cool enough for it.. but just.. what ever.. i named it "Vanator" which mean hunter in romanian.. trying to use other language to make the name a bit more interesting.. but not at all right..

should i call this teaser.. XD.. hehe..

camera's battery still charging.. guess i can only upload or create my own album for it by tomorrow..

Litt Tak

so.. today went to Litt Tak Sdn Bhd.. wait a minute.. Litt Tak?.. folks who leave in Malaysia may not know what is it.. even some Malaysian modeler also don't know.. basically Litt Tak is one of the biggest distributor for Bandai especially gunpla in Malaysia.. i guess it is the only one also.. those Power Rangers toys, gundam, kamen rider are mainly import by them from Japan to Malaysia..

why i went there? looking for information regarding Bakuc 2009 Malaysia that will held in Sungei Wang on 24th November.. normally it will last for about one weeks.. i went there to ask about the competition stuff.. the staff there was so nice to me.. too bad the one that in-charge for all the gunpla stuff was not there but i met one staff called William which in charge for general toys which means a lot of toys.. XD.. guess i'm going there to submit my form at this Saturday when Arthur.. the guy who in-charge for gunpla is there.

where was the place?. if you know where is Taman Connaught then it will be easy to find.. it just locate at some industrial in Connaught under the highway bridge in between Kesas Highway and MRR 2.. for futher information.. our best partner google map can help you.. lazy to upload it here.. it very easy to find because at the side of the road can see the big yellow board of Litt Tak..

ok.. i guess this is the 1/12 rx-78 standing behind the box.. haha.. it really caught my attention when i entered the office.. not that high.. i mean the height of this rx-78.. shorter than me.. XD.. i only got one six something for my height.. XD
lhere tell you.. BOOTLEG SUCKS!!! hahaha

the whole building..

oh ya.. there is one warehouse sales coming soon at December 2009.. William told me.. so.. folks.. have fun..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny WIP 8

almost there again.. this post for weapon.. but still got two gun have not paint.. alright.. here are the main weapon.. i modify destiny plasma cannon combine with strike freedom beam rifle.. add some pla plate on it.. mm.. should i name it the should i call it "hybrid moon rifle".. and that anti-ship sword from destiny.. "moon caliber".. haha.. too bad i can't find a place to store these two weapon.. and the place that use to store it previously will use for the gun which i not paint it yet.


Monday, October 26, 2009

pla plate

so.. these are the pla plate i cut out few days ago.. using it for the weapon.. trying to build one big beam rifle or some kind of plasma cannon.. how to do it? first.. make some measurement.. create lines for vertical and horizontal.. then you got the boxes.. how big are the boxes? all depend.. i use 0.5 cm.. and the tools to cut it out.. unbelievable..

these are the tool i use to measure, draw and cut out.. i thought i need to buy some special cutter and knife but then i decided to use back my cutter since i'm really poor this month.. then i try use scissors and it even more easier and accurate.. damn.. i should use it earlier.. but still have buy the special knife for creating panel line.. that will depend on next month budger and not use in this project..

and what is these?.. these are from my friend.. otaku gunpla.. name called mark.. he make a lot of this kind of thing.. he is awesome guy.. he even make his own "metal" thruster.. but he said the quality is not satisfied him at all.. same to this.. a lot of scratches.. for me.. it just good enough cause i never had this kind of thing before.. only saw it from keita net.. btw.. these are the beam saber without the beam for impulse.. nice right..

just got some new idea on my old kit.. since this is my first modification.. i mean the combination of MG Strike Freedom and MG Destiny.. that is a completely failure to me but still a good try and i'm quite satisfy with it since it was my first time to mod and paint almost the entire kit.. sp.. my next plan on mod or changing color scheme?.. will reveal it soon..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

almost done

almost complete the whole thing just left weapon only.. painted the backpack today.. gosh.. almost the whole back pack was painted with industry spray can and no matter how i try.. it end up uneven surface.. guess it because i use abro silver chrome as the primer.. thought it can work since i try it on the shield and it turn out pretty well.. will try to upload all the flaw of this kit soon.. but i guess a lot of people have see it here.. i'm going to upload the flaw by close up photo..

made a conclusion.. never trust on industry spray can if don;t have a proper primer.. and uneven surface really cause a lot of trouble that making the paint look uneven too.. learn a lot from this kit.. so.. gotta remember all this if going to make another one:

1. measurement of cutting part
2. sand it
3. use proper primer
4. never paint the part of joint to avoid the joint become too tight for reassemble
5. handle the parts well after paint and no finger nails to avoid scratch
6. never put too much pressure on the part that painted to avoid finger print on the surfaces.

here is some interesting part.. the thruster.. a lot of detail and luckily.. not mess it much..

to be continue..

Friday, October 23, 2009

MG Strike Freedom and Destiny WIP 7

so.. have not upload anything for a week.. gosh.. rushing for assignment.. everything just got delay.. especially this.. and guess what.. the fluorescent green i'm using recently.. i found even greater paint.. the first picture.. some kind of fluorescent green also but.. it glow.. some thing like glow in the dark.. damn.. i should use this.. found this in ACE hardware shop again.. at mid valley outlet..

body part complete.. even the shield is complete.. using my abro paint as primer for the arm.. plan to use the same thing on the back pack too..

this is what happen if you don't handle well the parts after paint.. especially fingers nail!!!.. it will create scratch.. and too much pressure on some big surface while assemble the part.. finger print on that surface.. damn!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

dengeki magazine august issue

got this magazine yesterday.. it is an august issue.. most of the picture have post at somewhere before but here i want to share some of this photo in better quality.. it cover more on UC series unit like unicorn, jegan and bla bla bla..

and here it got a lot of full armor unicorn in MG form.. gosh.. this full armor unicorn got two bazooka, 3 shield, and three pairs of gatling gun.. really overkill look.. haha.. some picture show it can't even pose well with such heavy weight..

wait a minute.. the shield can move on its own like the shield bit from cherudim.. is that true?. really can't wait for the movie..

forgot the name of this MS.. but it got show in the picture.. not interested on this.. just want to share some of its picture..

sinanju with bazooka.. i guess this is nothing new too but the sinanju bazooka really.. argh!!! can i get it for less than rm 30? hehe.. if some one want to sell it to me..

nothing special about this MS too.. but some of the design of this kit was quite similar to unicorn.. especially the legs

guess i can make this since it just color variation from hi-zack zaku.. hehe.. but not interested on zaku either..

some line art of UC series unit.. mm.. jegan.. if it made into MG and transformable.. i may buy it..

what an interesting feature for bulk looking virtue leg.. a place for storing missile.. a lot of missile..

another interesting kit here.. it is my favourite too.. astray gold frame amatsu perfect form.. look at the gold color.. damn.. so nice..

with a little bit changes on this kit.. having both blitz arm on it.. it just look a lot better.. and again.. the bling bling gold color really awesome..

here is some extra weapon created on astray gold frame and how it transform from astray gold frame to astray gold frame amatsu..

so this the trick for this kind of gold color created? interesting.. but how does it work actually? mm..

have anyone kitbash this kit in MG yet?

here some real color reference for sou sou gundam in sangokuden series.. quite complicated for me.. gotta get him soon..

i was wondering should post some figure stuff from this magazine too.. mm.. maybe next time..


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