Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MG Strike IWSP

OMG.. i forgot to edit the picture before upload it to here.. and one more thing that i forgot is to clean all those nubs mark clearly..

so.. if i'm not wrong.. the IWSP stand for Intelligent Weapon Striker Pack which is the combination of Sword Striker, Launch Striker and Aile Striker.. not that intelligent actually.. why???

the back pack was too big.. maybe it can provide enough power to move fast with more thruster but the size just reduce the mobility.. and even the back pack size was big.. it just can't carry all weapon..

machine gun shield with boomerang.. i like this shield because of the machine gun.. but the boomerang.. the join is just very loose.. so i didn't put it on in all of the pics.. and the weight of this shield just too heavy..

as all the the Strike design.. the wrist with ball type joint always cause a lot of trouble when the kit attach with some heavy back pack like IWSP and Aile Striker.. it just can't turn nicely because of the back armor plate from the wrist.. and with IWSP machine gun shield.. the weight of that shield always pull the whole upper body down to left side due to the weak ball type joint wrist..

i've been having a lot of problem in terms of weight when posing this kit and i still have another Strike E with IWSP pack to go.. orgh!!!


beamknight87 said...

IWSP stands for "Integrated Weapon Striker Pack".
Looks nice. I also have this model but found the gray colors too boring for my liking and ended up making it red and white. I like how this configuration of the Strike screams "heavy artillery" ^^.

Q said...

Nice poses for the IWSP Strike. My sister really likes the IWSP and tempts me to buy either that or Strike E ver. for her once....

seven6398 said...

beam: oops.. paiseh.. i got the wrong word.. thx beam.. man.. i love your painting skill.. and your color scheme on your Strike IWSP really nice.. by air brush right..

Q: get the Strike E ver. .. more weapon and less problem.. feel so good that having a gundam fans so close to u.. i hope i have one too..

mike said...

ya, it's "intergrated" l. I also have the some problems like you regarding the kit. i tried to stuff in a small piece of erase in between the back skirt armor and the back thruster so hold it from the spine extensin. Now my Strike IWSP is in Standby mode, for about half a year already, :P

seven6398 said...

mike: haha.. stand by for half year and have not launch.. so.. the way you mod for the back skirt.. how is the result? you didn't say leh..

Anonymous said...

i like how you never used the stand that came with the model, that thing is so fragil


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