Friday, February 27, 2009

Sd Sangokuden Lu Xun

my favorite finally out.. i don't know his name was Lu Xun but when i first saw this character inside the Dengeki Hobby magazine i fall in love too.. never thought it can tranform at first until saw the post about this kit from mm.. i didn't follow the exact color scheme cause some if the red color part that need white color really hard to paint by white Gundam marker.. additional gold color to some white color part.. didn't bother about the weapon much since it quite hard to paint with marker.. just don't wan to use the industry spray color any more.. the result really a pain.. there are some problem with its articulation too.. the helm was too big and the chest armor was too small.. both part attach to the body.. the head seems can;t turn much.. mm.. i think thats all.. check the pics..


Anonymous said...

Litt Tak gonna do warehouse sale soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow. At first sight, I thought that was the Sword Impulse. The model looks very fancy ^^

seven6398 said...

shion963: nice to meet you.. warehouse sale.. damn.. no matter what.. from loan or anything i must get enough money to shopping there.. wuahaha..

Fudoshin: hey man.. really nice job on your shinanju.. the pose really inspired me a lot.. thx man


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