Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1/100 Kyrios

OMG.. i love this kit so much.. it look a lot better than any other kit in oo series.. at first.. dynames is my favourite but after i build this kit.. it just change my mind.. almost got no flaw from the design of entire kit.. just the flexibility of the shield and the fragile joint after transform into MA mode cause some problem..

articulation of the whole kit was great.. turnable tight joint.. joint of the arm direct to shoulder instead of direct joint to the chest..

most problem occur from the shield.. the joint of the shield to the arm was weak and the flexibility of the shield always block by one of the plate armor which can move from the shoulder.. the idea of shield which can transform to some kind of hook was quite interesting.. but the beam weapon from it come out with white color.. quite disappointed..

sub-machine beam rifle.. my favourite.. it can either hold by the palm or attach to the side of the arm which looks like the gouf from seed destiny series when it holding the beam saber.. check the last few picture..

head design was one of the coolest thing.. it look even more handsome than exia and dyhnames.. haha.. virtue face.. not interested..

leg design was weird for me.. feel like the leg of aegis from seed series..

check the pic..

damn.. i'm just love this kit so much.. still thinking of buying virtue to complete the whole celestial being unit from season 1..


Q said...

Ooh nice photos there~ Really, really like the poses you've done, and the MA shots there. Do some pictures with Kyrios vs Overflag in a dogfight!

Blue-Destiny said...

Just as Q has mentioned, the action poses you did for Kyrios were great.

seven6398 said...

thx guys.. great idea.. will try to make it.. maybe will be done by tomorrow..

Anonymous said...

Technically, the sword in the shield is a Heat Sword, not a beam sword.


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