Thursday, May 7, 2009

MG Strike Freedom full burst remake

so.. the main purpose of remake this thing was the inner frame color which is the major problem for me.. i don't know which type of paint should i go with.. i don't have the air brush and compressor.. so the only thing i think i can use now is the tamiya spray can.. but there are too many different gold color.. part of that.. i don't know how to make the gold look shiny by painting.. will that be the top coat's work.. i got too many question marks in my head now..

i take out all the frame part.. pre-assembled it.. means not connect all the part properly so i can separate it to paint easier later.. i worry that i will easily mess up the part thats why i pre-assembled it first..

plan for cutting armor at first but the plan cancel i guess.. which knife i should use and how to use another question for me.. as we all know.. a mistake make by cutting the armor will just spoil the entire kit.. even it can be recover but it will take a lot of time..

man.. can someone tell me how can i make the similar gold color..

been carefully working with the panel line on the head now.. last time i was screw up the panel line on the head.. so hard to recover and look so bad after recovery.. this time was a lot better but the nub mark was too hard to clean at the fin.. end up cutting too much and leave some space or hole there.. zzzz..

so.. this is all the part that pre-assebled.. need to set it in the stick later..

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