Monday, May 11, 2009

The right paint

so.. went to find all the paint that mention in the post i made in last weekend.. too bad that most of the shops are out of stock or not even order it.. but thanks for helping me and give me the information about the type of paint.. and i feel sorry that i didn't buy any of the paint that mentioned.. haha..

this is what i bought.. found it in Sunway Pyramid Ace hardware shop.. i guess the picture tell what is this paint like.. cost at RM 26.90.. even cheaper than tamiya which cost about RM 30 here.. found another one which i forget the name and cost about RM 34 something.. not buying that because the cover looks like the faded gold and the seller tell me that the color of the paint will follow the color from the cover.. sound silly right.. but it is true i guess.. he told me that they got another type which need hand paint called the "Rainbow Sparkle Gold (388) 916" which cost RM 7.90 for the small bottle and big bottle will cost about RM 20 something.. got not enough money that time.. so i only bought what is inside the picture..

yeo gata ne.. the result totally meet my satisfaction (my expectation is empty that time).. eventhough the surface may a little bit rough but the color is quite close to the part that chrome by Bandai.. it've been so hot this this few month.. after March i guess.. so.. the weather suitable for painting.. i gotta say.. god love me.. hahaha.. i will start paint other part by tomorrow..

this is the part i hate most.. why.. i have to applied panel on DRAGOON unit which have sixteen parts that exactly the same.. just want to show the comparison of with and without panel line..

will be continue..


symbiotes021 said...

Ganbatte neh...

The gold on the sprac cap looks good. Hope all turns good for ur Strike Freedom

seven6398 said...

thx.. i can't wait until tomorrow.. haha

Andrew said...

Nice!keep going!

Btw where u get this,How much?
Coz I am planning to get this when i go to KL this June

seven6398 said...

the paint is RM 26.90..


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