Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformer ROTF

awesome awesome awesome.. i'm just watch it.. it's totally extreme cool, sad and funny.. a lot of scene that make me have the extreme feeling.. the funny little big foot vehicle decepticons, the twins (mudflap and skid) and of course the bumblebee..

if you watch it then you will notice that there is one hot chicks trying to do someting with Sam and guess what.. that hot chicks was a DECEPTICONS!!! OMG!!!.. terminator T-X in Transformer???

what so sad about the movie is the dead of Optimus Prime.. i guess the whole cinema was griefing about that.. and our hope come true.. he's been ressurected at the last few scene and combine with one of the former decepticons plane and become extremyly strong.. even before Optimus killed in the scene.. he's been strong enough to fight three decepticons which is the Megatrons, Starscream and the Blackout??? (isn't blackout is dead)..

one more things that i notice is there are more than one same unit for each unit that use to form Devastator.. one funny scene is this Devastator actually have two big metal balls a.k.a testicle and guess what.. it killed by just a single shot from human cannon.. so slow, defenceless and stupid.. zzzZ..

Megatron.. flying tank???

as usual.. Megan Fox always the hottest no matter in which scene..

remote control big foot decepticons (transform from a remote control car).. the most funny transform ever.. step on rat traps and scream 'son of the bitch'.. then being control by mikaela like a cihuahua dog and want to change side to autobot.. OMG.. i'm just can'd describe how funny is that thing in the movie.. the face is like robot in 'short circuit' or 'wall E'.. the other funny one will be the twins which have the face looks like grimlin.. and almost kill by devastator..

OMG.. this is too awesome.. i'm just don't know how to end this writing but i think i have to end here too.. i'm gonna watch again soon..

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