Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Relieve from duty (Sponsorship)

I'm not sure do i use the right word "relieve" for the title. 

Don't be afraid, the title of this post or the purpose of writing this post is not because i'm going to quit gunpla or this hobby soon, it actually refer to sponsorship. I'm not suppose to write this post as it can become quite sensitive to many parties but i still decided to write as an update for the writer of this blog which is me. 

For the past 2 years, i has reduce the purchase of gunpla a lot because i was able to get some sponsor from some online hobby shop and instead of getting money for advertising their banner, i chose using gunpla as the trade. Due to some sensitiveness, i couldn't review the value of this trade but it is not something extreme. And i'm really want to say thanks and appreciate for their support toward this blog. Recently, i took up another sponsor which is more challenging than the previous advertiser. They offer me some great offer but in return, i also have to sacrifice and contribute more than before. It was a good deal but i just don't have enough time to get the rewards mainly due to my current situation. At the end, i decided to cut this deal few weeks ago.

The reason i cut the sponsorship from this party is not because of something negative, we close the deal peacefully and we're still friend. I just started my full time job and most of my time, focus or energy had spend on my job. i just couldn't keep up on building and review model kit for my sponsor and instead of performing badly, i rather quit before anything get worse. Tough choice for giving up the opportunity to get something wanted without using money. 

From all of these, it made me realize few things. It is fun to get something without using money but it does require other efforts, instead performing badly better quit it before anything get worse and lastly, never overestimate yourself. Its really fun when i see the parcel arrive at my home and i'm getting those gunpla without paying money but it really feel uneasy when i saw the visit in my site dropping as the reason why some of my sponsor giving me free gunpla is because i have some readers (which is you) in the blog and could see their banner when they visit my blog. I'm really obsessed with the number of visits to my site that time because i'm afraid if it drop, my sponsor might not continue sponsoring me. In fact, some of my sponsor do not care about the visits on this blog much actually and i'm really don't know what should i worry about. As for now, my blog is actually free of sponsor although there are still a lot of advertisement banners. I don't need to worry anything anymore and everything goes back to normal like what i use to be, blog whenever i want to. As for 'visits', its just a number. My main purpose of this blog is to share what i feel its fun to do.

How should i continue this hobby without sponsor? well, like most of you guys did, pay on my on since now i'm working and i should be able to spend for my own hobby but.... but that doesn't mean i do not accept anymore sponsor, it depend on the deal. And... and.. i'm not blog for money, I BLOG FOR GUNPLA!!! So, anyone of you want to sponsor me?.... hahahaha....

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