Saturday, May 12, 2012

Will be back soon.....

I thought everything still can be normal even though i start my full time job but things really not happen as what i expected. Office hour? off on weekend? that will only happen in dream. What really happen is, reach home around 8 pm every night and almost working every weekend, it's really tired to focus on building gunpla after work and only able to work on current project during off day. Catching up with updates from various sites most of the time. Hope everything will get stable and get back to this hobby as usual soon (gunpla life). So far, this is what i've been busying......

From previous update, i mentioned that i'm working on this MG Destiny EBM detail evolve AIF version. Well, it can be said complete but i haven't got the time for photo shooting yet. I prefer to review it after the shooting complete and guess what, i think i'm going to participate the coming BAKUC Malaysia again (with this). Well, it's not going to win or get anything back for me but sometime it just fun to display our work in real to other. Complete album for this kit should be out around next weekend. So..... will be back soon.

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