Saturday, August 18, 2012

MG Strike Freedom review part 3 (Proportion, articulation and pose)

So, it can be said the final post for this blog before it move to the next one but this blog will still remain the same. Lets start the third part of MG Strike Freedom's review.

Start with proportion, this kit has a lot of improvement over its predecessor (MG freedom). Although it still suffer some weight issues when i try to pose on with display stand but it still can pose very well without giving me problem such as fall off parts. The proportion for this kit is just "good enough" but not perfect yet. There are lot of modification that make this kit look even sharper. This original proportion make it stable in terms for pose, weight distributions and articulations. Non of the parts neither too long, too fat nor too big. Therefore, this kit has a very well proportion but there is lot of room for proportion improvement. Of course the non-grade 1/100 version can't be compare to this even though it convert from MG Freedom frame because this MG Strike freedom is using its all new inner frame after all. 

Talking about the inner frame, it can be said it improve a lot. Except the neck joint, Xiphias 3 joints and ankle joints are still using the ball joint type, others are change to "i think i shall call it as multiple bar joint" which is more solid. This type of joint might be a bit too stiff and complicated but it is more sturdier and works better for most of the main parts such as legs, connecting lower and upper torso (MG Freedom using ball type joint for its waist joint which make the upper torso always come off due to the weight of its backpack when it display in normal standing pose for some time). But i'm not trying to said the ball type joint is bad because it also very flexible for some other series. Overall articulation for kit was very good compare to it predecessor MG Freedom which rely on ball type joint a lot. 

As for the poses, check out my photos. With sturdier and more flexible joint, it can lot of dynamic pose from shooting, slashing to.... flying. I don't take photos with lot of ground pose as what i know most of the action for this mobile suit was on the air ( i try to make one but i failed). Like usual, raise up the shoulders armor and spread the legs as wide as possible, pull the arms straight and use the widest angle of the camera... VOW LA!!!.. Here comes the dynamic pose.

I was trying to re-create the pose where Strike Freedom using it combined rifles and this is the best one i think. I try a similar one before which same as the pose it display in some hobby show before it release but that seems more like it shoot to the "side".

The connector from the stand provided is too weak. Whenever there is some unbalance pose, the kit seems to fall to one side but luckily it still can support the kit.

another tough pose for the stand to support with its connector.

If you purchase the full burst version, it will provide some clear light blue color stick to hold the Dragoon for this pose. (whenever kira show this post, it means you're in deep shit if you're in Earth Federation MS or ZAFT MS, LOL!!!)

Overall, the kit itself without any modification but just some minor detail touch up will make this kit look great. It also have a lot of room for improvement from what i said such as sharpen the edge as well as adding more detail like armor trimming to expose more golden inner frame (has done by lot of modelers).

So, this will be the last post for this blog and the blog following this blog "chapter 2" will come in soon... be.. prepare.. hohohoho!!!

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