Friday, June 27, 2008

MG Nu RX-93 V gundam

my first gundam post.. MG Nu rx-93.. one of the big MG gundam.. not include the zeon series la.. a very very impressive kit.. especially the inner frame of the leg.. mesh pipe.. bazooka.. my favourite.. the reason i put this kit as the first gundam post.. it is the my first amuro ray MS.. i did not own any rx-78 yet.. and i heard a lot of it.. it sound very cool..

so.. here the bad things.. what are the things that make me feel disappointed about this kit.. compare to the look of HGUC series.. i feel this look too fat.. eventhough its legs inner frame is very nice as i mention but one thing.. it just cant make a lot of great pose at all.. as you see that some of the pose .. you can only see the pose for upper part of the this kit.. it because the legs not as posable as the kit like MG strike or other kit.. it got a bazooka.. but one thing.. the palm just hard to hold it.. even it's beam rifle.. so.. the most nicer pose for this kit.. just make a standing pose..

planning to get a hi-nu soon..

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