Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bakuc Malaysia 2008 in Sungei Wang Plaza

actually.. it was start yesterday.. but i'm not going out yesterday.. and have exam today.. so i went today after exam.. a lot of the picture spoil.. the place is just too crowded since it was Saturday.. even you have a tripod.. you just don't have the place to use it.. some more i'm using a 5 years old IXUS II (no money to afford a high end camera yet).. higher ISO just kill the picture.. light condition even worst.. and one more important thing is most of the kit had been framed and there is a display frame also.. it cause double reflection.. just make us hard to make some good shots with compact camera.. since the lighting condition is bad and we need to lower the exposure to overcome the reflection.. the picture become worse.. my only advise to take a good picture there is get a good camera like SLR with a macro lens, speedlight with defuser on top and a polarizing or neutral density filter.. or else add more contrast.. or make it easier la.. edit it with photoshop.. ok lets check about the pictures for further story..

one thing must add here.. the price quite attractive for those who live in Malaysia.. first time i saw gundam fair selling so cheap in Malaysia.. last time the price like 5 to 10 % higher from the japanese retail price for this kind of fair.. even after it discount..

i'm not usre is this the limited edition.. it just release here.. but only got display unit and got no new stock...

a big fake hand with some paint.. maybe it is a gunpla tutorial..

so.. this is where you can buy the kit.. some are very cheap but some are too expensive..look at the MG Strike.. it is still under old price

Rm4 each capsule..

these are the only gundam girl i saw.. haizz.. nothing special.. IMO..

just simple but great job.. very detail..

i'm not sure what is the size.. maybe 1/60 or 1/72.. this is totally crazy..

lego in as well

i guess somebody do not have enough time to done his or her job and leave it like this.. messy..

it was so hard to capture photo here.. one stupid thing is.. there are two level to for the to display in the display shelf.. and the lower level was not expose enough to the light.. so most of the lower level display kit was so hard to make a shots for them

the blade is like the Astrea type..

does it look familiar??? like the shield of calamity..

i guess this guy or gal trying to make some combination like what it show in Dengeki hobby magazine from June.. end up quite messy here.. and sacrificing three kit (1/100 exia, 1/100 virtue and MG GP02) for this???.. OMG..

as i said.. sazabi tend to be appear more.. in a lot of variation..

this was the greatest scene there.. look at the fire arrow.. remind me what i use to wipe my ears.. XD...

this is not a MG yet.. some one just mod it from.. er.. unknown..

i'm not sure where that gorilla come from.. feels like Shin Musha versus Optimus Prime in the Beastwar..

if i'm not wrong.. there are only two MG unicorn display.. and this is with the gold frame.. sorry for the reflection.. another was the normal ver.

this is something cool..

i wonder what is the scale for this.. simple and awesome work..

basically.. i feel lesser gundam kit display this time but more professional work.. and this time.. the old kit like sazabi tend to be appear more.. MG Destiny was the new MG last time.. but i can't see much work on Destiny work here.. even MG Shin Musha appear more.. seldom see some work that as creative and professional from Hong Kong and Japan.. again.. just my opinion..


Q said...

Is that clear Trans-Am Exia 1/60? If so it could be the Chara Hobby limited edition one?

Interesting coverage there. It's still cool to see that there are good work put into some of the gunpla. Those in Hong Kong and Japan took modelling to a whole new level, so they can a bit too extreme XD

On a sidenote I want a Magella Attack tank but it's really expensive and painting is a must T_T

seven6398 said...

ya.. thats the one.. i saw some pictures post by dannychoo and ngee khiong last time for modeler in Hong Kong and Japan.. totally awesome..

magella attack tank.. you mean the one that have half zaku body on top???

Q said...

Yea I posted pics on it as well:

The Magella is the tank itself, but it's possible to remove the turret and put the top half of Zaku on it (I think).

seven6398 said...

WOW.. yours is a lot better.. i wish i can be there also..


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