Saturday, November 22, 2008

MG Infinite Justice

So.. it took me one week to finish everything for this kit.. from the process to assemble it, applied decal and stickers, set up for photo and took pictures, reorganize and edit all the pictures and post it here..

did a little bit of review about this kit and combined the kotobukiya base for some "gundam maintenance" shot.. but what i gotta say about this kit.. the detail from every part was awesome.. check the pic and see what i mean

the first time i look at runner for inner frame.. i can see a lot of detail.. eventhough most of the hydraulic pump design inside the inner frame was fake " i mean it can't be move" but still it better than nothing..

nothing special about the inner frame for the body but quite similar to Strike Freedom..

so.. this is the part for head.. it will be a pain if it design like MG Strike which you need to paint the machine.. it got two machine gun for each side (left and right) at the head.. luckily every part was molded separately.. so don't need to border much about paint..

fatum 1 inner part.. the joint for the wing is a lot stronger than the 1/100 version.. the 1/100 version's wings was too heavy and most of the time.. everything may just break off easily.. i'm not sure will that happen to others.. but mine was like that.. :(

even the thruster design well.. we can see all the details of the engine for the thrusters there..

i was so impressed about the inner frame of the hand and leg.. when it bend.. we can see there are also hydraulic pump at the elbow..

the leg was the second part i impressed..

even the beam rifle have inner frame which is quite detail.. and every part with different colour of the beam rifle molded separately.. so.. do not need to worry to use stickers which will come off easily and don't need to paint.. thank god.. if compare to the seed MG.. just a sad story..

ok.. the structure of shied is quite simple and weak.. the beam boomerang just always come off when i pose it with shield.. the size was a lot smaller compare to 1/100 version..

above three pictures was m favourite pose in the anime scene..

try to create some fighting scene with destiny.. the IJ hand seems not bend enough and can't create the feel of impact (i mean like IJ crushing to Destiny).. but too lazy to correct the pose for this shots since i lost the connector for the wing of light when i try to make this fighting scene.. it took me one hour to find it.. but it just lost..

standard and always the favourite pose.. the beam saber holder or one of the plate armor for the wrist have new type of joint.. so no matter how wide the leg open.. it just won't easily come off like MG Destiny and MG Strike Freedom.. (also the old Seed MG)

alright.. the energy shield was look a lot nicer than the one that come with Strike Freedom.. the size will be not same with Strike freedom's energy shield.. this energy shield paint together some blink blink thing (i don't know how to call that)

the beam cannon from the fatum 1 was very flexible.. part of the joint is ball joint..

post with impulse is a lot easier..

another hard pose.. ( hard to create)

OMG.. i'm just realize most of the joint of my Strike Freedom Full Burst become loose when i pose it with IJ.. especially the shoulder armor.. :(

so thats all here.. just feel so happy about this kit.. for me.. it got no flaw..


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Been too lazy to build mine, but I think you've just inspired me.

madmoz said...

wow. you sure dowork fast.

seven6398 said...

acesan: hope to yours soon..

madmoz: ya.. i like this kit too much.. so i'm just want to made everthing done as soon as possible.. hehe

Drew said...

How do you build your kits? sand and snap built? or do you paint?

seven6398 said...

Drew: yeah.. i do use sand.. straight built.. what is snap build??? normally.. i won't paint my MG kit.. just use some color gundam marker for the nub..

Q said...

Isn't IJ's energy shield about the same size as Strike Freedom's? I would have thought it would be that way as Ngee Khiong has deduced (smaller shield) to keep it the same as SF and saving the cost.

Nevertheless really nice pictures of the maintainence shots and action poses. Like the one where it's posing and aiming with beam rifle one the most (think it's your fav too)~

seven6398 said...

q: the size of the energy shield is just slightly different in terms of its size.. and it using some kind of metalic clear paint on it i think.. those bling bling thing leh..

Christopher said...

Hey, what color gundam marker did u use to clear up the nub marks? and which sanding paper did you get?

BlackSun88 said...

awesome ^^. i have both unit too and i must say that MG IJ is big improvement from MG SF. to witness the evolution in gunpla technology, thats the fun of playing gunpla right? haha

i really like ur works with those great pose. i cant pose my gundam very well, and im too careless to put all those decals ><. i salute u comrade !!

seven6398 said...

Chris: sorry for the late reply.. i use the red color gundam marker and about grade 1000 (i can't remember the number) which must not the rough type..

BlackSun88: thx.. the first time i applied those decal was hard to me too.. as i saw the result.. it really encourage me to continue.. you should try too..

Anonymous said...

can i ask where you got your stand? thanks alot

seven6398 said...

anonymous: i'm using those normal multi purpose stand from Bandai.. you can get that from every where..


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