Friday, November 7, 2008

MG Destiny Extreme Blast Mode

First post for this month.. T_T... haven't got my MG infinite justice yet.. so take this kit's pictures alone.. actually i have took and create a photo album a few days i finish this kit and post into but the photo was not satisfy so i decided to created another album with MG infinite justice.. mm.. since it still got long way for that kit.. and the influence from my friend (he said destiny gundam was cool and ask why i didn't take some shot for it).. i decided to make it on yesterday.. i make about 45 shots of this kit due to a lot of weapon to display..

lets hear some story before i bought this kit.. actually the story quite similar to my MG Strike Freedom.. a kit that i wish to have when i first heard the announcement that this gundam going to release in master grade.. wait for few month before getting it and before i get the Extreme Blast version which come with the pair of wing of light, silver chrome join and some extra clear colour part for special effect.. i actually bought the normal version from other low yat which i always visit but not buying anything.. XD.. it cost me RM 150 and most of the place are selling it at RM 175 for the normal version including the shop that i always visit in times square.. quite a good deal for the normal version actually {not every shop provide you the best deal, you just need to survey the price all the time).. like i said.. the story quite similar to MG Strike freedom full burst.. a few days later.. JEE (the owner of grafiti toys at times square which i visit and buy gundam from every month, almost la) contact me that the Extreme blast version is available.. why i have wait so long since everybody already own it.. due to the price.. i always wait for the gunpla that come by ship which cost lesser.. most of the gunpla that arrive ealier (same week or even day with the launching date) usually import by using air plane and cost 30% more than retail price.. lets enjoy some picture first..

the decal for extreme blast version was in gold colour while the normal version is silver colour.. cockpit.. something that i demand always for most of the kit..

wing of light.. cool huh.. give a lot of problem when i try to put it on.. the wing itself need to open to the maximum width so that the connector of the "wing of light" can slot in perfectly.. it still not perfectly slot in actually..

the standart and the coolest pose..

sliding shield.. similar to MG impulse.. it smaller but doesn't mean it not nice.. lol

it is a landing pose.. actually..

shall i called this "the leg".. ok.. nothing funny.. instead of using polycaps join for the legs to the wrist.. it using other type (sorry.. i don't know what is the name of that type of join, it just very flexible).. if you have 1/100 Astray model or MG Zeta may know what i mean.. does the decal looks like chant on the leg.. hehe.. actually.. it is a non-related decal..

and this is my favourite shot..

"ergh.. get out of Luna"

"Luna, be careful.. i can't always watch your back"..

actually the hand not reach to the boomerang.. it can reach but i'm just lazy to try it.. i scare it will break some other part at the shoulder..

so.. that is one of the extra part i'm talking about.. the clear colour part which connect the boomerang to the palm and create the effect like destiny throwing boomerang..

one more thing to add for the boomerang.. it come with two different length of the beam for the boomerang.. the short one was use when the boomerang throw off.. the long one maybe use as dagger for close combat.. using the beam boomerang as beam saber and guess what.. the long beam is as long as the beam from beam saber..

time for some big sword.. my favourite.. and it always is.. one big issue about this big sword is it can't be hold by the normal palm from MG.. it just feel like it can't grap it nicely.. it has to swap the MG palm to normal HG palm.. and one more thing about this sword.. it can bend and slide and keep it compact and store at the back pack.. what a efficient sword.. but it can be destroy in the fight.. i mean in the scene.. you will know what i mean after you watch GUNDAM SEED DESTINY..

another huge weapon.. plasma cannon.. longer is better.. please don't think others.. i'm talking about this plasma cannon.. the longer it is, it will be better for create a nice angle shots.. destiny just can't pose with this plasma cannon efficiently if the plasma cannon attach to the back pack.. learn it from Dannychoo when he pose his GFF destiny..

shoot here

shoot there

shoot here some more..

basically i have not much complain about this kit just some part have to swap for different pose.. it was a great kit.. a improvement and combination of all type of Impulse Gundam into one Destiny Gundam..

some other extra part from the clear colour will be show once i take photo for MG Infinite justice fight againts MG Destiny.. and i will use the normal version destiny that time..


Super Gentleman said...

Is the inner skeleton silver in colour, or did you repaint the whole thing?

beamknight87 said...

Oh nice, I also finished building that same kit around a week ago although I repainted it in a different color scheme. Gotta love the WoL but yeah, they are a pain in the ass to attach...

seven6398 said...

super gentleman: i didn't repaint anything.. the inner skeleton is grey colour.. just some of the part that expose come with silver chrome colour..

beamknight: hope to see your work soon.. haha.. you have the same problem too..

mike said...

dude, nice to see your improvement in taking shoots, not bad! Planning to get MG Sinanju? I have too many models from SEED series so now i'm more focused in UC already. thus MG IJ would only come after sinanju, for me. LOL.

seven6398 said...

thx mike.. MG Sinanju?? not sure yet.. but definitely going to get MG IJ.. i'm still thinking of my budget for the next two month.. so.. may get or may not.. haha.. if there will no Seed model coming out next two month..

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos there. Model looks very clean! Now I have some ideas on what I want to do with my Destiny whenever I get to it. I like that display base too; it adds a sense of realism to it.

Added your blog to my blogroll ^^;

seven6398 said...

thx.. z..

Anonymous said...

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Gabriel said...

Nice review simple and great!
i wonder what is the version of your mechanical chain base?THX!!

Junx said...

Like the position of the decals you applied. Totally having trouble attaching my wings of light too.

seven6398 said...

gabriel: thx.. the mechanical chain base is from kotobukiya.. i bought from some local store in Times Square call games arena..

Junx: thx.. it was a nightmare for us for the wing.. haha..

Anonymous said...

I also got this MG Destiny EBM. but it seems 'shy".....its legs cannot open widely.....any comment?


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