Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/100 Destiny

just finish the pictures few days ago.. with my 1/100 chaos done as well.. i have left this kit in the box for sometime since i have mess this kit up and i get MG Destiny later.. still.. i feel happy about this kit.. it can be said the second kit i get after MG freedom which was my first kit.. so this kit have almost 2 years old..

i try to clean all the nub marks before taking the pic.. and most of the nub marks has change color from white to yellow.. not sure hy.. maybe the dust make it look dirty.. most of the joint are very loose now.. especially the ball joint.. didn't bother to fix it with glue but just use tape to cover the ball joint and make bigger.. only done it on back pack.. didn't apply this idea on palm joint which also ball type joint.. that is why i didn't get any pic that holding the big sword..

the articulation was very bad.. cant post much.. try to create some angle to come out some impressive shots.. using the stand which provided from my 1/100 legend gundam.. it come with a special joint from the stand for 1/100 Destiny the design for this kit was good enough.. quite accurate as compare to the one in the scene.. just the plasma beam cannon not that nice.. some problem happen on the beam rifle as well.. can't hold it normally due to the design from the back of the beam rifle..

quite enjoy when taking pics on this kit.. the colour that come out was so nice.. it was a great kit..


Blue-Destiny said...

Nicely done there. a very clean straight build. Any plans to get it colored?

seven6398 said...

mm.. i think no kua.. can't find any can spray yet.. the paint for industry use is totally a nightmare for me.. most of he joint are very loose now.. lazy to take all thing out ad put it back together for paint..

Derringer said...

I always found the design of the non MG Destiny a little more aesthetically pleasing than the thin legged MG version.

seven6398 said...

Derringer: i agree with you.. when i first assemble the MG Destiny.. i also found the leg was too thin and look weird.. it only look great after connect to the backpack and with some great angle..


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