Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MG Strike E IWSP

alright.. this is the seventh strike to post here.. the Strike E with IWSP.. old photos and new pics together.. it got not much different from the Strike Noir.. just the color scheme and the pack.. but still i prefer Strike Noir.. the Strike Noir pack have the similar function to IWSP but it's design is more compact and aerodynamic.. and lighter.. the most important thing.. haha..

as i said.. the body is Strike E which same as the body from Strike Noir.. so it does come with all weapons from the Strike Noir.. and the grand slam for the IWSP.. no point right it can't carry so many weapon at the same time and as i remember.. the beam rifle that same as Duel doesn't exist in the Stargazer or the mange if i'm not wrong.. i do read some seed astray manga from Dengeki Hobby Magazine.. taiwan or Hong Kong version.. and i found the story was quite stupid and the action as well.. a lot of unnecessary actions inside the manga.. maybe it because i don't know how to read or understand chinese word.. japanese neither.. i'm a chinese but can't read chinese.. what a shame.. but i'm able to speak chinese.. hehe.. seems like i'm getting out of topic..

plenty of decals and small stickers for this kit but i feel it's not hard to apply for this kit after i go through quite number of seed/destiny MG.. i didn't take the picture for some of the weapon.. the duel beam rifle and the grand slam.. lazy.. hehe.. so.. enjoyed the pics.. no WIP part for this kit.. forgot to take photo that time.. i built this kit long time ago..


Suri yong said...

suri :
dude, thanks alot for the tips!!!!!!

seven6398 said...


Q said...

Oh yeah I remember that you have all the MG Strikes out there excluding the limited edition one (Aile Strike Phase Shift down ver).

I too prefer Strike Noir, though my sister likes Strike E IWSP more o_O She seems to like how the number of weapons attached on the shoulders and the gattling shield (i.e. cooler in her opinion). But it does look kinda back heavy right?

seven6398 said...

yeah.. the back pack is quite heavy.. but one thing that i curious is.. eventhough the back pack is heavier and bigger.. but the normal standing pose was not that hard to pose as compare to MG Freedom..

i like the weapon from the back pack too.. especially those big cannon.. feels like Guntank.. and the gattling shield.. gattling gun.. damn nice there.. but the shield was very heavy actually.. the joint for the arm can't support it for too long..

Q said...

IWSP backpack is not as heavy as Freedom's wings?! o_O

seven6398 said...

yeap.. haha

The Strike said...

do you use any painting job on it?..
or do you have any pics of it with paint job..
i'm looking for some ideas on my strike-e project...haha


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