Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something for March


this is what i got for this month.. 1/100 Cherudim.. may get a MG unicorn soon.. maybe next week.. mm.. the upgrade ver. for my favorite kit from gundam double o series.. dynames.. too bad that it have the same design with 00 gundam which is waistless.. i don't like the beam rifle/ axe idea.. just like the 00 gundam weapon.. melee together with medium distance weapon ideal.. 00 gundam's beam rifle/ sword looks a lot better.. but the sniper beam rifle for this kit was better than dynames after i go through some review from the idea for that weapon also greater.. medium and long distance weapon.. last time dynames/lockon stratos was lose to fang(some kind of dispatch able programmed weapon from MS that use by Throne Zwei at the first gundam 00 series 1st season).. now this Cherudim equipped with GN shield bit which is also dispatch able from the MS and be the shield to defend or a beam weapon to attack.. another part upgraded for this MS.. luckily it does come with a stand for those shield to display into different shape.. mm.. gotta end here.. more things will be discuss on after complete assemble this kit..

to be continue..

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