Saturday, March 14, 2009

New photo coming soon

no photo here yet.. still charging my camera's battery.. just realized the battery almost dry up after taking cherudim box photo.. just finish applying all the decals on my MG Sinanju.. argh.. so tired.. it've been two night i sleep late (3 a.m.) for the decals.. normally i will sleep before 2 a.m. ... gotta finish up the photo for my MG Strike E IWSP too.. then re-display the shelf to fit in the big MG Sinanju.. together with MG unicorn soon.. quite headache since i only have one display shelf for all my gunpla collection.. i'm just don't have anymore space to put in a detolf in my room.. just hope i can own 5K so i can fully redecorate my room with customized cupboard and display shelf.. dream dream dream.. haizzz

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*~ Elisa ~* said...

post about something else le


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