Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MG ZZ gundam WIP 4

alright.. time to update about this kit again.. most of the panel line are done.. only some minor mistake left to fix.. some sample show in the photos.. 

well.. i use scriber to scribe the line out.. i'm not sure that i using the right tool.. but that is the only tool i got for it.. i bought the scriber and use it according to the manual back of the pla-plate package.. and follow some youtube tutorial by using surfacer as base and scribe the line on it.. but i still feel the line is not deep enough.. and gundam marker will not suit to fill this line.. so i'm planning to use enamel paint on it.. question is.. how to use enamel paint? mix the enamel paint with thinner or mix the paint with enamel fluid? i think i have to re-watch the hobbylink.tv again.. and will i easily get the line clean up if i paint it with glossy white before i paint the panel line?.. what should i do?.. 
this is the part that i made my mistake.. wrong measurement from it's twins.. so.. have to re-apply with surfacer and scribe again.. luckily i scribe only one line.. and quite deep for that line.. so.. should be easy to cover.. 

waiting for my money to buy paint.. most of my paint run out and i need a lot of white paint for my current project and future project.. anyone plan to sponsor me?.. hehe.. 

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